my better idea (maybe)


This is the second card for the color challenge.  It’s an after-thought card.  I don’t know if it’s better, but it seemed better at the time.  Either way, I had to make it, otherwise I would always wonder “what if ?”  Just had to get the “what if” out, you know what I mean?

12 thoughts on “my better idea (maybe)

  1. Ooooo! Love it! And I NEED that sentiment sttamp. It would go perfect with MY card, especially since Mary Englebreit was the inspiration for the card. Too funny! LOVE the simple yet bold design.

  2. hmmm. i absolutely LOVE this card! You know I found your blog from the color challenge and now just have to visit you every day. hope you don’t mind! I love your modern style. keep the goods comin’!

  3. Anna was looking over my shoulder and said, “what are those?” I explained that you made them. She said, “Oh, I would kiss those if I could! They are so cute!” So, she is now a fan! I’m not sure why she would kiss a card…

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