happy cupcake day?


Made, what I thougth would be, a quick birthday card the other night.  When I finally got through with all my majorly overthought decisions about colors and sentiment placement and should I this and should I that, I add the crystal glaze on the heart, oooooh so heavenly!  Then, I got a little cocky and added some liquid pearls on the polka dot cupcake liner, I know, shut up, right?  While reveling in my overthought masterpiece, I smudged the whole stinkin’ thing.  I could have just puked, because it was already passed midnight, and my daughter needed it by morning.  I redid the entire card, and I bet you can just imagine the overwhelming appreciation that I recieved from my daughter.  “Uh, mom, what the the heck does happy cupcake day mean, anyway??”  Didn’t even notice my crystal glaze of all things!!!!!!  seriously!

5 thoughts on “happy cupcake day?

  1. LOL, ah, all the hard work lost on a child!! Just love the cupcake and the crystal effects 🙂 The aqua border punched strip with black ribbon is divine!! Gorgeous!!

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