Make It Monday #61: Creating Flowers

Make It Monday #61: Creating Flowers by L. Bassen
Playing along with the latest Make it Monday Challenge: creating flowers with leaf dies.  I don’t have any PTI leaf dies, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to play along. Then I saw some of the most creative cards for the challenge using all sorts of unexpected dies to make the most beautiful flowers, so I put my thinking cap on. I ended up trying out the PTI cloud die to make my flower. Here’s the basic steps to making the petals:
Now this is why the Make it Monday challenges are invaluable. I never would’ve thought to try this, but the random scallops on the cloud die makes for the most beautiful looking petals. I used some big clouds and a few small clouds for the center. I added a big pink gem in the center and some freehand leaves to fill up some of the empty space. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

42 thoughts on “Make It Monday #61: Creating Flowers

    Saw it immidiatly its was the cloud die…LOVE this flower..its so soft and I think its the best flower EVER…
    Will for sure try this too..Thanks……for this idea!

  2. Would love to know what company puts out that cloud die. First, it’s a great shaped cloud… but, it certainly makes a beautiful flower! How creative!! I’ve wished for cloud dies like this… the only ones I’ve seen have flat bottoms and I don’t care for them. I’ve been trying to look at my punches and dies in different ways to get more use out of them but you’ve just shown me that I have a long way to go to train my eyes to see more creatively. 🙂

  3. Amazing, that is beautiful.I’m afraid i would have let “not having the ‘correct die'” make me not even try.
    Thanks for showing us your ingenuity. Beautiful card.

  4. That is a great idea! I don’t have that cloud die but it sure makes some amazing petals. Great job!!!!

  5. Clever! It really makes a beautiful flower. Lots of possibilities with this for all sorts of uses. I love all your 3D flowers. Just for once, though, I’d like to know the dark, dirty secret no one ever seems to talk about. This won’t go into an envelope, so what do you do? You can’t mail it, unless you box it. I guess you only give this card to someone you see in person. Do you ever wrap a card like this? Or put it in a box? Eternally curious about the universal lack of envelopes in the blogosphere. Hey! I guess you can take a photo and email it to people! I’m so old-fashioned. I always think cards go in envelopes.

  6. Hi Jusa! Yes I would definitely hand deliver this card or put it on top of a gift, without an envelope. I rarely use envelopes when I put my cards on top of a present. Thanks for your nice comments! Have nice day! Laura

  7. OK. Jaw. Hit. The. Floor.
    You are totally ROCKING the whole flower thing right now! I can’t even begin to think of how a cloud ends up as this! Stunning!

  8. Laura, how on Earth did you think to use the cloud as a flower petal?? You totallly, totally amaze me and then when I think you can’t amaze me any more than I already am, you amaze me even further! Wow! 🙂

    I just saw myself listed in your “Crafty Inspiration” list. Thank-you!

  9. Another gorgeous bloom! TFS!!! I’m linking to your blog from mine today because I loved that scored flower from your Moxie Fab win so much that I made one myself! TFS again!

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