Clear & Simple Preview Day 1

Clear & Simple Preview Day 1 by L. Bassen
It’s the preview day with Clear & Simple Stamps! There are so many FANTASTIC new products coming out this month. You better just hold on tight, my friend, ’cause you’re gonna love every thing about it:) The card I made is featuring the new Shapes: Triangles die set.  Can I just say that this triangle set has fulfilled many of my lifelong crafty dreams? I have wanted a small triangle forever and now I have a set of several sizes!!! Do you realize the possibilities here, do you? They are endless, that is, if you’re a geometric lovin’ freak like me. Here’s a little peek at what I used to make this card:
I die cut some paint chips. I love the color gradation that you can achieve with these. I forgot to mention that the sentiment on my card is from All Occasions, which is also a new set coming out. There’s more from some of the design team so check it out!  Thanks so much for stopping by today! I’ll be back tomorrow with another preview:)

Kim Duran
Stephany Zerbe
Laurie Willison
Jaclyn Miller
Clear & Simple Stamps


39 thoughts on “Clear & Simple Preview Day 1

  1. Love this Laura! When I saw your card I thought, “how on Earth does she have that many variations of colored paper,” and then scrolled down to the paint chip photo. Ah-ha. Clever, verrrry clever.

  2. I fell in love with the card the first time I set my eyes on it…..but I almost fell off the chair after I saw how you did it!!!!! Can’t WAIT to see more!

  3. Laura, this is so funny as last time I was in Home Depot I picked up some paint strips to use in cardmaking. However, I chose solid color ones so will go back for the color gradation ones. Your card is just stunning and can only imagine the possibilities with the triangle dies. WOW!

  4. I think your the biggest geometric card lover around and ohh the geometric dreams you make all of us dream. No one can put it all together better then you!!! This card is the perfect example of just that!!!

  5. Oh, Laura, now I NEED a set of triangle dies! Love your card, and was excited to see you’d used paint chips (I couldn’t work out how I would get that many variations from my paper supply, LOL!).

  6. Paint chips? That is so clever. I often stalk the paint dept when my husband drags me to Lowe’s. LOVE the kaleidoscope of colors and the graphic layout! I am excited you are so pumped about these shapes. Can’t wait to see all the possibilities!!

  7. Wow Laura! This is awesome! I just walked by the paint chips the other day and it brought back memories of when it was popular to use them on your cards……after seeing this, I may need to dig mine out or visit the hardware store!

  8. Gorgeous card created with my favourite non-craft material! Scrolling down to find out your trick put a big smile on my face!

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  10. Oh my I’m in love with these dies too….. I’ve been looking for these basic geometric shapes as well :0)
    The paint chips are the perfect colour gradient for this stunning design :0)
    Jenny x

  11. Absolutely stunning! you are making a believer in me for the clean and simple cards! Thanks for sharing. Ciao db;)

  12. SMALL triangles!! I think I need dies for triangles, hexagons, circles and all those other geometric shapes!

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