circle punch celebration

Just sharing one of the cards that was recently published in the Card Creations Volume 10 editon.  This little number has a funny story behind it’s inspiration.
circle punch celebration by L. Bassen
 The punch pattern is one that I’ve done before here. But what I think you’ll find most interesting about this card is where the inspiration came from: my baby girl, Emma.
Well, she’s not so much a baby anymore, more like a stubborn toddler. Here she is now with our kitty, Bella, as she gently attempts to choke the cat, like she does on a daily basis. Bella just takes it, like a good kitty should.She has had some of the coolest looking pacifiers with the most fabulous designs on them. I couldn’t find hers right now. They’re probably all piled up under her crib or under the couch right now, but here’s a picture of what it looked like:

So it’s true that inspiration can come from anywhere:) You just never know when it might hit you, or spit up on you, too! Have a wonderful day!

17 thoughts on “circle punch celebration

  1. I am going to check under the couch for some inspiration RIGHT NOW! Oh before I go, your card is crazy great!

  2. You certainly do not disappoint when it comes to shapes!! This one is amazing! So true that you can find inspiration everywhere!! Thanks for sharing Bella’s sweet photos!

  3. I saw the card in the magazine. Love that you found inspiration from Bella’s pacifier – she has a great eye for fun graphic design pacifiers. And love the picture of Bella gentally chocking the good tempered cat.

  4. Loved this when I saw it in the mag, and it’s even more fun to hear how it came about! The design may have been inspired by the pacifier, but the colors you chose are brilliant.

  5. This is one of my favorite cards from the magazine, and *of course* I just loved hearing about how it was inspired. Moxie to the fab! 🙂

  6. I remember the first card done with this shape and was delighted to see this one AND the inspiration. I feel like I should get down on my hands and knees for a while-maybe there is some inspiration hiding under something in my house, too! Happy Weekend!

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