a little hut freebie

a little hut freebie by L. Bassen
Hi there! Just sharing a card I made using a freebie file from A Little Hut. Since I don’t have a digital die cutter, I had to go old school with my exacto knife and ruler. I am such a huge fan of Patricia’s designs. I used some PTI pattern paper behind my sentiment and a Martha Stewart butterfly punch. Thanks for peeking!

19 thoughts on “a little hut freebie

  1. Pretty cool! My friend just got a silhouette and it’s amazing. I have a cricut, it gets the job done. Wish it would cut SVGs

  2. You never cease to amaze me, Laura. Can’t believe you hand cut this (well, I can, but still …) I wouldn’t have thought to put yellow on this, but it looks great!

  3. Lovely card, Laura! You posses such skill with the exacto knife. I could never do that. Love that pp. I just ordered some, but in other colors. RF is my next color to order.

  4. Laura, you have much more patience than me! I don’t think I would even consider cutting with a knife, I have a hard enough time with scissors, LOL! This is beautiful and well worth the extra effort!

  5. Gorgeous card! I canNOT believe you cut that with an exacto knife and a ruler! What on earth leads you to attempt these things?! haha! But I’m glad you do!

  6. OMG – you are amazing with a craft knife – I wouldn’t even think of attempting that! This card is amazing even without all the handcutting!

  7. w.o.w
    I don’t have a digital cutter either and I’m pretty sure I’d slice myself with an exacto…this is magnificent.

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