a little hut leaf tag

a little hut leaf tag by L. Bassen
Hi there! Just playing with the latest freebie image- it’s a leaf tag from a little hut. And yes, I hand cut them again with my exacto knife, but I have to admit, this week I’ve been pricing the silhouette machines. Man, are the pricey, but they do make some marvelous things, don’t they? Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


20 thoughts on “a little hut leaf tag

  1. Wow – this is pure LB style! Great colours (as a fellow rainblow lover) and I do love those die cuts – are you hand cutting them? I have no idea what an svg file is. What a fun peacock you could make with these, too! Love the rounded silver brad in the centre.

  2. I can’t begin to Maine what fun you would have with a silhouette…….there would be no boundary to your creativity!!!!
    Love the fan of leaves, so impressed you cut them yourself :0)

  3. Who needs a Silhouette when you can cut them with Exacto knife? But then again, I know you will make magic with the Silhouette. Love this intricate-looking card!

  4. Beautiful! Your knife obviously loves you. 🙂 I’m not a fan of the electronic cutting machines, but I would take a Silhouette over cutting by knife any day, LOL!

    I have to say more about your card! It’s so beautiful! I love the way you put shapes together, and use a rainbow of colours, and yet keep all that nice clean white space. I aspire to be able to create cards like this!

  5. Wowza!! You are a whiz with that x-acto knife! I don’t even know how you decide to attempt something like that! Love it!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the layering of the leaves and of course, the rainbow.

    Have to admit that I have a Cricut….but it collects a lot of dust! Mainly used for school projects!

  7. Yes the silhouette is amazing and wow what a price but I don’t think you need it. Still can’t believe the things you do with that exacto knife!!!

  8. Laura, love your rainbow leaves, and that you cut them out yourself! I’ve been eying the silhouette too, just wondering if I need another category of things. You can do such cool things with it though. If you find a good deal, let us know : )

  9. I bought my Silhouette Cameo using Swagbucks through Amazon. It was a guilt-free way to justify an expensive purchase.

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