Runway Inspired Challenge #17

Time for the next Runway Challenge! Isn’t the dress on the inspiration photo gorgeous? It took me a while to find a technique that would capture the feel of those vibrant but fluid colors. So here’s what I came up with:
Runway Inspired Challenge #17 by L. Bassen
I love how this emboss resist flower turned out. I thought I’d show you my process. I used some ink blenders, Stampin’ Up inks and the In Bloom set from PTI.To start, you emboss the flower image in clear embossing powder.Next, begin blending the colors in.So, while I was at it, I took a picture of my “not so exciting” craft space. I have everything packed into this small section of my dining room. Sometimes, I think I need more space, but I would NEVER give up this location. I can see what everyone is doing, watch the pot of pasta cooking and still be working on my cards.I’ve had several people ask me about my photography set up, so here’s my “really not so exciting” photography set up. I just prop some 12 x 12″ papers against my clock and use some big woodblock stamps to set my camera on. Aren’t I fancy dancy? Pretty simple, but it works like a charm. I love all the natural light not only for creating but also for the photography. That’s another reason why I’d never leave this location.I usually have lots of entertainment while I craft. On this particular day, I had my very own personal DJ. So there you have it! Hope I didn’t loose you in my unending post! Make sure you check out what the rest of the DT came up with:

                                                        Tasnim & Wida (our talented guest designers)


38 thoughts on “Runway Inspired Challenge #17

  1. Your flower turned out amazing, Laura! Such beautiful colors and blending! Love seeing where you craft – fabulous, natural light! I received my Paper Crafts magazine today and it was so fun to see your “Enjoy the Journey” card in there! Your map flower is gorgeous! Congrats on the pub! 🙂

  2. That is gorgeous! The colors are so beautiful and crisp, even with the blending. Love that you took the step-by-step for us. Great natural light in your studio.

  3. Always a treat to see your creations. This card is no exception! The color blending is impeccable! Love this card! I also love your VERY exciting craft area ( whatever/wherever works, right?!) and VERY exciting photo setup (mine is similar)! And who can resist the endless free “entertainment”!? Craft on, Laura!

  4. This is impeccable and stunning, Laura! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. You listed all the undeniable reasons for crafting where you do, but you forgot to add the beautiful parklike surroundings outside your window, whether people are there (so you can see what everyone is doing) or not! How you get anything done other than staring at that view and playing with that awesome and cute little boy is beyond me!!

  5. Beautiful! Love the subtle effect of the clear embossing, and your craft space too. What a treat to be able to create with so much natural light! 😀

  6. Laura, your card is so beautiful! The colors are so vibrant and looks so much like the dress. Now that I see the inks you have used, I am thinking to myself why on Earth did I not use Rich Razzelberry! It is just the perfect color! Anyways, I love your cozy craft corner, quite a spacious table top to work on and all those windows around you! Oh, and I couldn’t help looking closely at your washi tapes 🙂 such a pretty collection.

  7. Gorgeous! thanks so much for showing us how you created your card. And…love the pictures of your craft space and your little guy. I’m in the basement with no natural light…love all the gorgeous windows.

  8. OMG, Laura, I think I just fainted! Your dining room windows are beyond fantastic (and your DJ is cute as can be)! I would LOVE to craft in a space with so much light, no wonder you don’t want to leave from your spot you have staked out! I just moved from my dining room (next to BIG windows) into my rumpus room where I have to use a daylight OTT light to see what I’m doing. I’m thinking of moving in with you instead, LOL!

    Your card is also awesome! So rich and luscious with colour. Yum!

  9. Awesome, awesome post. I am envious of your location. It’s cool to see that that not every amazing crafter has dedicated craft room. Your card is really gorgesous.

  10. Thank you for sharing your (very exciting) workspace! I can see why you don’t want to give it up! It is proof that one does not need a fancy craft room to turn out amazing cards like you do! You just made another beautiful one!

  11. gorgeous colors on the flowers. love your CAS take of the distress technique. Thanks for the step by step instrucitions. You got the cutest personal DJ.

  12. Another GORGEOUS card! I really love all the light you get in your craft space…how wonderful that you’re located in such a great spot in your home…thanks for the tips on your card and photography set up!

  13. You already know how much I love your card! It is truly incredible. It was also fun getting a glimpse of your space! I’ve been meaning to post mine, but haven’t gotten around to it yet…

  14. The card and technique is so cool!!! Thanks for showing how you did it because I would have never guess. Love your “craft space” Looks a lot like mines…I got a whole craft desk in the living room. Must be a mom-of-lots-of-kids thing 🙂

  15. Waou laura !!!! Its so beautiful…..
    I love it
    It make me feel that life steel sooooooooooooo beautiful……
    Thanks for sharing

  16. What a pretty card and thanks for the detailed pics on how you did it. Also thanks for putting up pics of the way you photograph your I can see exactly what you meant when you answered my email about that very same issue! Thanks.

  17. Simply stunning, Laura! Your card is much prettier than the dress. Great inspiration though. Thanks for sharing your technique ~ I’ll have to try that as always forget about the emboss resist and love the results.

  18. Laura that colouring is utterly fantastic! Its a brilliant take on that gorgeous dress. And I love seeing your workspace too – especially your photo spot. I’m still roaming round my tiny house looking for that perfect spot!

  19. That flower is STUNNING!! The In Bloom flower is my favourite flower out there and you’ve mede me love it even more! And that room with all the windows is fabulous – such a perfect crafting spot. 🙂

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