enjoy the journey by L. BassenHello all! Just sharing a card that was published in the September/October issue of Paper Crafts Magazine. This was part of the “maptastic” section. I actually tore out a sheet from an older atlas and used a rose template from Ellinee. I do seem to have a “thing” for massive paper flowers. This template is absolutely beautiful!  Thanks so much for stopping by!
mini alphabet stickers: my little shoebox
pattern paper: dots & stripes-echo park

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  1. Stop. This is just too awesome. Have mercy on my brain! Super, super cool, Laura. I’ve been buying old atlases from garage sales for a buck or two … fantastic deal when you consider you’re getting a hundred pages of patterned paper!

  2. I think that Ellinee rose may be my favorite paper flower – and I’ve been thinking I really want to make some.

    I’ve seen some paper flowers made from maps, and I’ve thought I’d love to try that.

    Now I’m seeing this stunning Ellinee rose made from a map, and I’m fumbling for the words to describe how fabulous I think it is. I’m a bit surprised to realize that I don’t have any maps of any size – that changes tomorrow. Thank you so much for the visual treat. Delicious!

  3. Amazing. I never would have thought of that. My son absolutely loves to pull out the atlas and see where things are. The one he had for several years was actually falling apart so last year for his birthday I actually bought him a new one. He is homeschooling his little ones and they have a map of the US on their wall and their 4 and 5 year old are learning about the states already. Also we live in NW Washington and my Mom and Dad live in FL. and visit frequently, and they talk to them several times a week so it is fun for them to see where they are calling from and just how far away it really is. Sorry–didn’t mean to write a book.

  4. Stunning! You totally rock flowers y’know! If I ever see a card with a stunning flower with fabulous dimension, I know it’s yours! 🙂

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