with sympathy

Hello all! Slowly coming out of my holiday hibernation mode. Can I just say that December blows me out. It really does. Three of my kids have birthdays in December, too. Poor, poor, very poor planning, I know. with sympathyI’ve been wanting to try that gorgeous collage stamping I’ve seen using the Reflections set. I masked off a circle on some pattern paper by Studio Calico before stamping.
This card was inspired by Wida’s creation below. (gorgeous soft color combo)
DSC_3089and she was inspired by Angeline’s card. (beautiful generation stamping)
Thanks-1Thanks so much for stopping by, and thank you Wida and Angeline for your inspiration that brought me out of my holiday stamping slump:)


31 thoughts on “with sympathy

  1. Oh wow, three birthdays in December?!? How do you do it? I’m exhausted after my two kid’s birthdays and they are spaced 6 months apart, far away from major holidays. Recognized Wida’s and Angeline’s card right away, and love what you did with your card (stamping on the patterned paper). Great effect! Welcome back : )

  2. As always, you take it to the next level and make me wonder why I never thought of it (stamping on the neutral dp), but I never did! Great card! As for 3 birthdays in December, I can’t believe you have 3 kids (do I recall that you actually have more?) – my husband and I stopped at two – before they outnumbered us! LOL!

  3. Wow Laura! Three birthdays! I only have two and one of those is the hubs ;0) You have my sympathies for sure! I just love love, love this card. Awesome stamping, as always and on that patterned paper, awesome!! I sure do love how you were inspired.

  4. Well you are the Emeral Agassi of card making. You took it up a notch indeed. I love what you did. It gave such a cool effect! I am flattered that I inspired you to do anything! thank you for the honor 🙂 Pinning!

  5. It is so good to see a post from you, Laura – been missin’ ya! Sounds like your December is just like my March! LOVE your beautiful card – fabulous stamping! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  6. Oh my Laura your card is absolutely gorgeous! That stamp set has been on my wish list for so long and now i think i need to get it. Amazing collage stamping and I am definitely pinning this. Both Wida and Angeline’s cards are gorgeous too!

  7. Yes, hon, you can say that December blows you out. I’m stealing that expression by the way! With all your adorable kids and running a household, I would be blown out every month, so my hat is off to you that you do all that you do and only admit exhaustion one month out of twelve!!

    Your card is brilliant, Laura. Thank you for sharing the inspiration on inspiration layers by Wida and Angeline, too. Genius, all.

    Sending you best wishes for a happy and healthy new year for your whole delightful family! Darnell

  8. Laura, I’ve been inspired by Angeline’s use of this set also! Reflections has been on my wishlist forever! Your card is so beautiful, I might need to take it off the wishlist and put it in my supplies. 😉 I love how you’ve stamped on patterned paper, it works perfectly.

  9. I can’t imagine having 3 birthdays in December, that would really make for a hectic month! Your card is perfectly executed, the colors are stunning together. I’ll have to remember to stamp on subtle patterned paper, the look is spectacular! Happy New Year to you and your family Laura!!!

  10. It’s hard to get out of that mode at this time of the year. I’m still stuck there. 😉 your card is so pretty…. I love how everything just blends perfectly. I really thought it was DP at first. Awesome stamping!

  11. Hi there!Thanks for your kind comment!i used PTI ink on this in aqua mist, summer sunrise, simply charteuse and berry sorbet.-Laura

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