75 Creative Card Challenges Blog Hop

75ccc coverToday I have the honor of joining Paper Crafts Magazine in a designer blog hop to promote the new 75 Creative Card Challenges issue.
For the blog hop, we were challenged to create a project using song lyrics. This first card was created using my Silhouette and some Eclipse masking paper. I cut the letters out, adhered them to the card and then blended in the ink.

75 Creative Card Challenges Blog HopDoes anyone else ever find themselves busting out in songs from Annie? As you can see below, Annie holds a special place in my heart:)scan0001 (2)I’m the one in the middle. It’s ok. Go ahead and chuckle. I make a great olive skinned Italian Annie, don’t I? This was one of my many dance recitals. Needless to say, I have the original Annie movie memorized.
I’ve got one more card, just for fun:

75 Creative Card Challenges Blog HopAm I showing my age or what? Who doesn’t love Blonde?
For this last card, I printed out the lyrics and then stamped the arrows from the Oh Snap set by Hero Arts/Studio Calico.
Here’s the full list of designers in the hop:
Heather Campbell
Chan Vuong
Lorena Cantó Lavería
Julia Stainton
Kim Hughes
Sarah J. Moerman
Amber Kemp-Gerstel
Emily Branch
Vera Wirianta Yates
Paper Crafts Magazine is giving away a free copy of the new 75 Creative Card Challenges on each designer’s blog, so leave a comment for your chance to win! Deadline for comments is January 15th.
Your next stop on the hop is the lovely and talented Julia Stainton.
Thanks so much for hopping by:)



143 thoughts on “75 Creative Card Challenges Blog Hop

  1. I cannot tell you how much I loved this post, Laura! First, let’s talk about that Annie card – your masking is perfect and those colors look amazing! Now, about that photo – sooo darn cute! I’ll bet that is such a fun memory! Then there’s the Blonde card – how clever and creative to use the colorful arrows – and that happened to be one of my all time fave songs in college – now I’m showing MY age! 🙂

  2. Wonderful ~ a little bit of Annie, on the top; a little bit of Blondie, in the middle; and a lots bit of Laura, throughout! Great cards; great lyric/song selections! Thank you for sharing! Day brightening!!

  3. Very creative use of colour and both amazingly creative and yet deceptively simple in a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ kind of way!

  4. You’re cards are great! I would have never thought of creating a card using that Blondie song – but yes, I do remember it. 🙂

  5. Too cute – they’re both great! I’ve got Seussical songs going through my head courtesy of my youngest who’d rehearsing for the play right now. 🙂

  6. Sing “The sun will come out tomorrow” on a regular basis! Love your card! Thanks for sharing!

    ptucker6 at cox dot net

  7. OK, so was that picture taken a couple years ago, because you look EXACTLY THE SAME!?! Well, minus the orange afro, of course. How cool that you used arrows with “one way or another” … brilliant!! And I LOVE that you have “getcha” on a card. That just makes me giggle.

  8. How stinky cute is this post, Laura! I love the assorted bright colors (your specialty) of these two cards! I can single you out from the Annie photo!! You were just as cute as now…HA!

  9. What fun cards, Laura, and so nicely done! You were an adorable Annie and haven’t changed escept for your hair. : ) Love your style and appreciate the chance to win a copy of 74 Challenges!

  10. Hi Laura,
    Firstly, I want to say how much I LOVE both of your cards…you are always so inspiring!
    So glad you chose this song…I took my daughter to see the play on Broadway (twice), played the movie on our old VCR (remember those?) every day for what seemed like years, and now when I visit her, she is playing the movie for her daughter (and singing, and dancing around the house)! Thanks for the memories!
    I also wanted to acknowledge that you are the “Best looking”, olive skinned, Italian, Annie….evah!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for a chance to win a copy of this special issue!

  11. Once a song from Annie gets stuck in my head, it is hard to let it go! Although I have a son and a daughter, “Little Girls” gets stuck in my head when they are acting up. 🙂 Your masking is impeccable! I will have to give that technique a try!

  12. Both of these are so much fun. My husband and I just saw a local theatre production of Annie and I loved it. Your Blondie card is perfect!

  13. I was in “Annie” – I wasn’t Annie, but 20 years later, my son was Daddy Warbucks in his School Musical – He was awesome (he even shaved his head) and yes I too know every word and have a special place in my heart for “Annie” Your card made me smile (you know you’re never fully dressed without one – haha)! I also loved your second card – thanks for the memories!

  14. Thanks for sharing your two fabulous lyric cards today. Love those Annie’s and it looks like you had a great time for your dance recital!

  15. I love the Blondie card! She was part of my teenage and college days!! 🙂 Loved the Annie card as well. And those are some awesome Annie wigs!!!

  16. As soon as I saw the first card I started hearing that song in my mind! I’ve seen the play on numerous occasions and even directed it once.
    The Blondie card though really made me giggle!
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Laura–your cards are incredible–sooooooooooo fun and bright and HAPPY. You are one creative chick. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win.

  18. OMH! Your cards are SO stinkin’ cute! Thanks for the inspiration AND a chance to win this great new mag. 😀

  19. Ha, ha, ha! Who wouldn’t burst out in song when they see your card! I took my daughter to see a local production a couple of years ago – we sat in the front row and had so much fun! I was a big Blonde fan too! I love the technique you’ve used for the second card -very clever!

  20. Super cute post today!!! I chuckled all the way through it! Thanks for sharing your story AND your great cards!!! I love them both!

  21. Cute Annie! Yes, I did chuckle…a bit. Love the ‘gotcha’ card. I don’t know why but that song always makes me happy.

  22. Too cute–both the cards and the picture. The color gradients are very effective. Your card featured on the PCC post today made with a drinking glass is also a winner. Nicely done, all around, as always.

  23. Both cards are great. I love the bright colors and I must say I also love the pic of you gorls performing here too ha ha ha

  24. I loved both of your cards, but I have to confess I loved your picture of Annie the best. Thanks for sharing

  25. I don’t know the songs, but your cards look just awesome! Love the blending of colors in the first one and placement of arrows in the second! Oh and you look way too cute into that picture! Such rosy cheeks!!

  26. It’s fun to look back at old pictures and think “what was I doing”. Great cards. Love the “gonna getcha….”

  27. I just LOVE your cards, and the photos are awesome. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!
    Karen L

  28. Both of your cards have great song choices, and the colors evoke a sense of bright joy. Thanks for sharing them, and for the chance to win!

  29. Oh my gosh, both of your cards are great, but the Blondie one!! I love that sentiment, what a fantastical idea, I would’ve never thought of that!!

  30. Love both your cards! I too can sing all the Annie lyrics (though I never had to wear the wig, lol!). Thanks for always being inspiring!

  31. Your Annie card is so pretty! I also love the Blondie card – one of my favorite crafting songs when I’m working for a while to rev me up. 🙂

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