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SpreadtheLoveGraphicHello there! Today I am joining with Clear & Simple Stamps and their Spread the Love Campaign. We’re celebrating blogs that inspire us and spark our creativity. My blog crush: oh so beautiful paper. Have you ever been to this blog? It’s a daily design, wedding and lifestyle blog, and it’s bursting with inspiration. Here’s my project:
Spread the Love~CSSBelow are a couple of  images from the post that I took my inspiration from. Look at these drop dead gorgeous patterns and mixtures of fonts!
Green-Turquoise-Garden-Party-Wedding-Invitations-Mountain-Paper13-550x365Green-Turquoise-Garden-Party-Wedding-Invitations-Mountain-Paper10-550x365I immediately thought of the Background Basics 1 stamp set. I chose to work with the bold springtime blooms color scheme from the Spread the Love campaign:
BoldBLOOMSCompleteSpread the Love~CSSI used the Cake Decorating Extras set for the sentiments. This set has a fabulous mixture of fonts that mimic the inspiration invitations. Lots of white embossing going on here.
Spread the Love~CSSAre you interested in joining in the fun and spreading the love??? Be sure to check out Clear & Simple Stamp’s campaign! Did I mention there’s prizes? Thanks so much for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “Spread the Love

  1. I prefer your cards. The end.


    But if you want me to rave I can most certainly very easily do that! Your colour choices – so daring! Your composition – perfect! Your designs? Out of this world!!

  2. I love how you played with the bold colors and patterns and how you mixed the fonts on your cards! Really pretty! Thank you so much for the link to your “Blog Crush”…very cool site!

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