Paper Smooches & a giveaway

Hello all! I’ve got a Paper Smooches card to share today using the new Green Thumb set. I did some masking and Copic coloring. That’s a turnip in the middle, right? Never cooked with one of those. Anyone got a good recipe for turnips…one that kids will actually eat.Paper SmoochesIt’s one of those days today. One of those days where you either just want to hide in a closet or pack your bags and leave the city OR eat an  entire bag of oreos. Yeah, one of those days. So, I thought a giveaway might cheer you up or me or whoever. I love you so mulch, in case you didn’t know that. snippetsI’ve got an extra Snippets 6×6. Are you interested? Leave me a comment about what cheers you up…or a good turnip recipe:)


73 thoughts on “Paper Smooches & a giveaway

  1. Teehee – very cute sentiment! Love turnip…all I do is cook in water and then mash it with some butter and season 🙂

  2. I have never had turnips before. Seen them in supermarkets, never tried them.

    And oreos were never my thing… too sweet 😛 Oreo mcflurry on the other hand is awesome. I want to pack my bag and visit you 😀

  3. The colorings are wickedly cool!! Love the mirrored images,too! (ps: I have MANY of those days…my choice of sin snack would be chips!! and oh I would vegetate in front of the TV rather than hiding in the closet!).

  4. Girl, chocolate and manhattans cheer me up. So, dice up your turnip, sauté in some butter until golden, then stir in some peas and some dill. (and s&p, of course) It’s so yummy…..
    Your card is so wonderfully rich in color. MUST be good for you!

  5. Well, oops! I thought it was a radish! What makes me happy is getting a new technique down. You guys make your end results look so easy!

  6. Your card is so beautifully colored and is so gosh darn cute!! Spending some time with my grandchildren always cheers me up. Especially with one certain little girl who always calls and says gandma I’m staying at your house tonight . Right? So I can spend time with you and we can color and play. Makes me want to say yes to her all the time even when I am in a lot of pain.

  7. Skittles are my cheer-me-up of choice lately, only the berry ones…those are the best! Your card is adorable…hope your day gets better!

  8. It looks like a beet to me. If it is a beet, roast it. If it is a turnip, peel it and eat it raw. Very cute card😄

  9. Darling card. Those veggies, and the way you’ve colored them are just a delight. Turnips…I used to dice them and toss them into soup and the kids always thought they were potatoes. Very good nutritionally. Not the greatest things, but better than liver in my world.

  10. I don’t think there is such a thing as a good turnip recipe. I’m with all the rest, let them eat beets. But I do think you can roast turnips with a bunch of other veggies and you can sneak them by me.
    Chocolate or tortilla chips and salsa are my go to snacks. Sometimes I do both, just not together.
    Your card is so cute. I like Copics, I’m just not always very good with them. Your veggies look great.
    The user name looks good at the moment. I’ll see what happens when I post. Thanks for doing all of that.

  11. Always up for a giveaway…but back to the card. SWEET! I personally like turnips, but they’re hard on kids…try cleaning (cut off root bottom and top), peel ’em with veggie peeler, cut them in quarters, toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast them at 375-400 (depending on the oven) for 40-45 minutes (stick a fork in it, if it comes out easily, they’re done). Kind of like a potato.

  12. Hi There

    I’m home too with the kids and I succumbed to a gigantic chocolate chip muffin. Right now a pedi & manicure and a Nap outside would cheer me up! Hang in there!!! Your work is lovely! I may need to email you for tips on how you manage to get everything done 🙂

  13. Saw your card on the PS blog… love the combo of veggies and the vivid colour. What cheers me up is when my kids behave (ha) but also clear blue skies and quiet peaceful mornings.

  14. No turnip recipes, but the one thing that always cheers me up is a baby’s laughter. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Ah, turnips……..all they need is sugar, no matter how you cook them. I’ll be trying Richard’s recipe next, still adding about a tablespoon of sugar. AND what would cheer me up is his Manhattan. Shaken with 3 cubes of ice, then poured into a martini glass. UmmmHummmm,fixes most anything.

    Yours is the only puny card I’ve ever liked. Your coloring is awesome. Thanks for sharing your great talent. I just discovered your blog a few days ago and have really learned alot.

    Hope your day gets much better,

  16. I was raised on t.v. dinners, so have never experienced turnips. ADORE your sweet card creation … great coloring! What cheers me up? My mom’s lemon meringue pie, cool evening breezes, a baby’s smile, unexpected guests, and snow days off work!

  17. love the saying on your cute card! turnips wouldn’t do it for me, it would have to be CHOCOLATE! thanks for a chance to win!

  18. Don’t have a turnip recipe but Oreos dipped in cold applesauce always cheers me up. It’s what my mother gave me when I was home sick.

  19. love pun-y cards! yours is super simple too. 🙂 what cheers me up? extra dirty martini and online lists of epic fails.

  20. Turnips are great in any kind of stew or casserole, but best boiled and mashed with lots of butter. And served preferably with mashed potato. Add some haggis (vegetarian for me) and I could eat that meal every day!

  21. Too cute! You can cut the turnip in small pieces and boil with cut up carrots. When done mash the two together with some butter, salt and pepper. Mmmm, mmmm good!!!

  22. Cute card! We call rutabagas ‘turnips’ here. I think the real turnips are small and white-fleshed, while rutabagas are large and yellow-fleshed.
    My mother always cooked and then mashed the rutabaga with cooked carrots. Then add butter and salt & pepper plus a little maple syrup. Yum!!! We kids ate them up. LOL

  23. What a cute card!

    I think a little retail therapy is just what you need. Or, take a good book outside and soak up some rays. Either one works for me.

    Feel better….hugs.

  24. Geesh – must be the karma today. I ate nearly a whole chocolate bar – and you know how big those puppies are here in Deutschland! Yikes. BTW, I like you very mulch too 😉 Hope your weekend is wunderbar.

  25. Love this card…the mirrored images and the way they frame the sentiment is just perfect. One of those days….so sorry! I can totally relate. That’s probably one of the reasons I don’t ever keep chips in our house because when one of those days rolls around, I’d eat the entire family size bag by myself in one sitting (and that isn’t a hypothesis….sadly, it’s a proven fact). HOping sunshine and happy days come your way soon. P.S. Thanks for asking for turnip recipes…I’m taking note of several of them. I might actually make them for the first time. 🙂

  26. Love your adorable card but I wouldn’t eat a turnip if ya paid me to! 🙂

    To cheer myself up, I usually get out a couple of my fave magazines to read, or watch a good, old movie on TV. If that fails, I call a friend. I hope the rest of your day has gone better, Laura – and hopefully tomorrow will be brighter for you! Sending happy hugs and thanks for the chance to win that fun paper pad!

  27. Good turnip recipe, it is. Peel turnip and dice into small 1 inch cubes. Boil till soft. Mash turnips. Add butter and brown sugar to taste. A Thanksgiving staple in our house.
    Seriously, thanks for the chance to win. I love your work and always look forward to your posts.

  28. What is turnip? hm… (now I know after google..)
    And thanks for the chance to win. Paper smooches stamps are always very cute 🙂

  29. Well I call my kids “turnip” when they do something …undesirable, so I think I need that stamp set!
    What makes me happy? Thinking of that video you did for OCC where you said “did you see tht?! My gut totally got in the way!” (Or something similar) and I seriously laugh out loud.
    Love you and your crazily creative self!

  30. I thought it was a beetroot, no clues on how to cook a turnip… in a casserole is my tip. Beetroots on the other hand are fabulous, roasted or raw.

  31. As always, your design and Copic coloring are truly amazing, Laura! I love the bright, rich colors of your veggies and how you placed them on your card…so fun!

    Turnips have a unique flavor…I happened to love them, but many people don’t. Buy one small one (to test the kids) cook it like potatoes (they take longer, though) and drain. I also cook potatoes in another pot, and add some to the turnips and mash. Add butter (no milk), S&P and you’re all set!

    *** Oh, by the way, you should always buy them when they’re small…if allowed to grow too big, they become bitter 😦 Good luck, Chica!

  32. OMGosh, I got so caught up in your card and the turnip recipe, I didn’t ‘read’ your post all the way! I hope you’re feeling better by now! It can’t be easy to raise 5 children…honestly! I hope all the love everyone is sending you helps…you are such a special and creative person, and I always, always LOVE visiting your blog 🙂
    (((HUGS))) to you!!!

  33. I hope your day got better, and that tomorrow is much better than today! The way you’ve coloured it, the vege looks like a beetroot (turnips are usually cream/white coloured). I’m being picky… but I do LOVE beetroot! Baked, grated, pickled, or even made into dip, yum! For turnip (which I don’t like quite as much, I bake or put it into soup). Don’t put me in the draw for Snippets (I already have it). I just wanted to let you know that I love your cute card, and that I hope you have a great week-end. 😉

  34. Sorry you were having a rough day. It happens, I know. Hope things are looking up. Things that cheer me up, A Good Book, A Hug, A Soft, purring Cat, Cookies fresh from the Oven, Music, Smiles and spending time with those I love. Thanks for the chance to win this cute paper pack.

  35. Add boiled and smashed turnips to mashed potatoes for a jazzed up spicier version of the faithful staple!
    Perusing blogs of talented artist cheers me up – – and inspires . . .

  36. Turnips make a great addition to soup. Just peel and cut into cubes and put it in when you wold add the potatoes so that it doesn’t dissolve. What cheers me up since I am an empty nester is time spent with my family. I also love to make things for other people and watch thier faces as I give what I made to them.

  37. Pretty paper cheers me up!! And Starbucks and Target and good grits and a great movie!! I’m afraid I’ve never eaten a turnip but I think you can fix them either the same as or with mashed potatoes. Good luck!!

  38. When you get to go out with your friends and buy some expensive purses, then go out to lunch and head to the craft store and don’t home till midnight 🙂 Ok maybe just winning the paper would work!

  39. Oh…we just slice them real thin (in circles), then add salt and lemon to it. So yum!!! And usually, a walk on a warm (yet breezy day) will cheer me up:) Or just eating chocolates:p

  40. Too cute! Can’t think of stand alone recipe (you’re sure it’s a turnip and not a radish or beet?), but when added to minestrone soup recipe, they provide just the right kick. Chocolate chip cookie dough w/o ice cream is my choice, or if desperate, just the chips! Happy “escape”.

  41. gorgeous card Laura as always 🙂 thanks for chance to win this lovely paper pad 🙂 have a lovely weekend x

  42. I think that’s a beet, just like you colored it…..cute card! When I need cheering up, a call to my grandchildren [who live 5 hours away – I think that should be illegal!] will have me smiling and up-beat in no time! Winning would also make me happy!

  43. So sorry your day hasn’t been a good one. Spending time in my flower garden always cheers me up!

  44. What cheers me up is having time to create. I hope today has been a better day! Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Turnips are fantastic, and so is your card! We tend to see more rutabagas here, which are just bigger turnips with yellower flesh. Beef stew just wouldn’t be right with out them. They also work well on top of shepherd’s pie in place of the mashed potatoes. As a side dish, I mostly like to bombine them with carrots and steam them. Add a bit of butter and brown sugar or maple syrup and serve! I think your turnip is more beet sized, and the dark color is more beet-like too. I’m calling it a beet. Hope your having a lovely week!

  46. My two cats can ALWAYS make me smile. Especially my Siamese Milkshake (he’s 19 years old and I’ve had him since I was 5) If I’m upset or even crying he always knows and comes over to cuddle with me. :]

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