you brighten my day

Jane's Doodles bannerJane's DoodlesHello! Today I’ve got a Jane’s Doodles card to share. I stamped the butterflies from the Life is Good set (with PTI ink) and then partially cut the wings to make them pop up a little. The sentiment is from the Daffodils set.

EmmaToday is Emma’s 3rd birthday!

EmmaWhere did those three years go? Can’t believe how much she’s changed.

IMG_8357Her favorite things to do: tea parties, watching Dora, singing, eating chips and making huge messes all over the house:)

perfect bow hair clipsThere’s a birthday party in the works today. You know I’ve waited ’till the last minute on every detail, ha! Wish me luck!


33 thoughts on “you brighten my day

  1. Wow congrats to Emma on three!! That means the Terrible Two phase is *hopefully* gone 🙂

    And pretty pretty partial cutting ♥

  2. Can comiserate…was always a last minute part planner…but just look at her adorableness. Your card reminds me a little of how fast the time goes. Beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday to adorable Emma! She is a living doll! And a living example of “life is too short,” when you see how quickly she is three! Bless your family, Laura, dear! If you made a card, I forgot all about it once you showed your Gerber Baby!!

  4. Super cute card…love the popped up wings. Even cuter daughter! Hope Emma’s birthday went well and that you were able to pull it out together AND enjoy the party yourself. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday to Emma! I so agree about the time going fast! My son turned 9 on July 10th and I still am thinking where did the time go!

    Adorable card! Love how you created dimension with the butterfly wings!

  6. What beautiful photographs! Hope all goes well with the party 🙂
    Gorgeous card, love the butterfly trail!

  7. AWWWW! Happy Birthday to Emma! I love her sweet face and beautiful smile! That photo of the two of you is priceless! Hope the party was lots of fun – I have a feeling everything worked out perfectly!

    Love your gorgeous card too, Laura – so awesome with the partial die-cutting! The flow and movement from the butterflies is fabulous! 🙂

  8. You really know how to make me smile, Laura…and heaven knows, I needed it today! Thank you 🙂
    I just LOVE your card so much! So clever of you to use your partial die cutting technique to create movement and dimension on this gorgeous card!!! I love all the soft PTI colors, too!

    I’m sure you created the “Best Birthday” EVAH for Emma! I love the pic of her having a tea party with her friends…so CUTE! Love seeing a pic of her as a newborn, too…gosh, they do grow fast! I know she sometimes drives you crazy, but one would never know it by her dazzling smile! Please tell her Barb from Jersey said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Emma! My daughter turned 3 in February and I just don’t know where the time went either 😦 Absolutely love your card!!

  10. The card is so pretty, the partially cut butterflies packs a lot of punch! But your baby really stole the show on this post! She is super duper adorable! Love that first picture of you with her 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday, Emma!! You’re such a cutie! Oh yeah, and the card is pretty too, but just can’t compete with your daughter 😉

  12. Your card is beautiful, but your daughter is even more so! Happy Birthday little Miss! They grow so fast…my youngest, and I swear I just turned around for a minute, turns 34 in December! Enjoy the little years. Children are true blessings.

  13. Love this, (lovely kids, love the snaggle tooth comment, my boy that is 11 just last night popped a tooth out…) I am somewhat new to die cutting….May I ask how did you partially pop the butterflies, with masking?


  14. Happy belated birthday to Emma! They grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday my kids were that age.
    The movement of the butterflies along with how you lightened the color intensity really is BEAUTIFUL!

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