10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash

CD_23Hi there! Today I’m really excited to be joining the 10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash! If you’re following the hop, then you should have arrived here from Caryn Davies blog. Here’s my super simple birthday themed card:
10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash

It kinda looks like confetti or bubbles, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was birthday-ish enough. Since I was down to the wire, because I re-did the dang card three time…(I’m insane) I decided to see what it looked like with some balloon tails. I definitely like it better without the tails, but the pressure of the timer made me do crazy things.
10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash

10 seconds to spare…phew! What a mess I made. You can’t see the mass of ink pads, but I must have tried every color combo known to man.
10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday BashThere’s some fabulous prizes to celebrate the Craft Dash’s birthday. There’s FIVE prizes for random comments left along the blog hop. 
birthdaybash_bloghop (1)A $50 Ellen Hutson gift certificate + a prize pack for the winning creation.
birthdaybash_grandprizeYou’re next stop on the hop is Catherine Pooler. If you have any trouble with links or want to start at the beginning, head over to Pretty Pink Posh’s blog.
Thanks so much for joining me!


178 thoughts on “10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash

  1. WOW – fabulous card, and the fact you created this beauty in under 10 minutes amps up my ‘awe’ response! Deciding what to create alone would have taken me 10 X 10 minutes! Stunning! And yes, definitely “birthdayday enough!”

  2. You are so funny! Pressure definitely makes us do crazy things! I love the card – with or without the tails! 🙂

  3. Hi laura – I love the card – both with and without the tails, lol!! I know what you mean about the pressure – it gets me every time!!
    Caryn xxx

  4. Your card made me smile! I so like it better without the balloon tails and I think it looks plenty birthday’ish’!

  5. You may be insane *wink*, but you are so talented! Love this sweet card and all of the fun colors and how you created balloons out of the circles- such a great idea!

    I am so blessed that you and all the other special guests were willing to join in the 10 Minute Craft Dash Birthday Bash. Thank you for making it so special! ❤

  6. Wonderful card, Laura! I can totally understand about the pressure of the timer making you do funny things! LOL!
    So fun to have you play along with the 10 Minute Craft Dash!

  7. I love it! I am insane too….there is often a lot of muttering under my breath, and flinging of pieces of cardstock across the room when I craft….good thing it is usually when the kids are asleep so they don’t see me!

  8. Love love love simple one layer cards. Simple because you worked out the best color combination for us. Great card.

  9. Just tried this challenge. Quit at 10:30 minutes. You think your space is a mess you should see mine. Gonna try again though, Loved your results, strings or not.

  10. I think your card turned out great and I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the experience. Isn’t it funny how just setting a timer makes everything nuts?

  11. Super Cute card! I love BOTH of them! Great color combos! Thanks so much for sharing on this FAB Hop! HB 10 Minute Craft Dash!!

  12. I love the colors and simplicity of your card. I’m also thrilled to know that I’m not the only one left with a mess when my project is complete!

  13. Love, love, love this card…………so clean and simple (after you choose the colors you want LOL)
    Would have loved to seen a video of you choosing your colors. It would have been fun.

  14. I love this beautifully simple card, geometric circles on crisp white – a great way to play with colors!

  15. Isn’t that just the joy of cardmaking – trying everything in the book before you like it! Nice simple job, but us cardmakers know that simple doesn’t mean easy and quick!

  16. I do like it without, but when you did draw them on, you did a good job! I *love* this design – I love this stamp set, and just know I could never do it justice. But it’s so perfect for you! Oh, and I also really love your new blog header!!

  17. I like it without the balloon strings too! Can just imagine how panicked I would get if someone timed me making a card, would have stuff everywhere!! The card is beautiful, simple and perfect!!

  18. Another CAS masterpiece! Love the simplicity of your card, Laura. It’s so much fun to play along with the TMCD, isn’t it?…and a little crazy too…but in a really fun way! Great design, great card!

  19. Hmmm, yep I like it without the string tails too! Thanks for doing all the color combos and showing us what looks best!

  20. Beautiful card. Thought it looked great without the string tail, but it really wasn’t so bad with them either.

  21. Giggling that you redid the card…that is me too! But you still made it in time! Colors are great! A nice simple card!

  22. So much fun! Love it! I agree with the without tails version, but I can totally see me doing the same with the timer on, LOL! Pressure can do crazy things to a person! Thanks so much for sharing and for making me smile with your card as well as your post;-)!

  23. I just laughed out loud when I saw your comments about the mess you made – you should see my table after a few cards have been made… lovely without balloon strings – agreed!

  24. ” the pressure of the timer made me do crazy things.” Um, yep. But what a fabby result. That truly is an amazing challenge. I’ve only dared do it a few times. And I’ve failed a couple times too.

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