Hey Pumpkin!

I’ve been meaning to make something with this cutie patootie pumpkin stamp from Simon Says Stamp. I figured I better do it before Halloween is over, ha! I’m like a total last minute Halloween person. Actually, I’m like a totally last minute everything person. Anyways, I made a little pumpkin gift for my Emma.
SSS~Hey PumpkinI trimmed a piece of card stock to create a pouch-thingy to house a T-shirt.
SSS~Hey PumpkinI just punched holes in the top to thread an orange ribbon and held the whole thing together with some orange washi tape.
SSS~Hey PumpkinHere’s what the T-shirt looks like. I pre-washed the shirt and just used a Memento ink pad and some Copics to color it. Then I heat set it on high with an iron.
SSS~Hey PumpkinFrom what I’ve read, the color should last. I haven’t washed it yet to see. I’m sure after Halloween it will be covered in chocolate stains anyways, so who cares, right?
SSS~Hey PumpkinAnd my little pumpkin loves it!
SSS~Hey PumpkinThanks so much for stopping by today! Hey, have a good one♥


48 thoughts on “Hey Pumpkin!

  1. Totally adorable!!! I will be curious to see what it looks like after stains and washing….I’ve never tried stamping/coloring on clothes yet, but I am assuming it would be a big hit. I’m such a mess I would be afraid to color outside the lines on the shirt….

  2. So cute, your two little pumpkins. I’m surprised to know that Copics didn’t smear, especially after pre-washing the T-shirt… this opens a lot of possibilities :). Thanks for sharing.

  3. These look great (including daughter!) & thank you for sharing the copic colors you used. I was just coloring a gray cat myself last night and your shading looks amazing. I am still trying to get the hang of it. I use C0, C2 & C4. You should upload a pic of T after washing; your work on the fabric looks so good I hope it holds!

  4. No way, you can color with Copics on fabric?! That’s so awesome! What a great idea! I just made a bunch of Godzilla shirts for a birthday party coming up … waaaay less adorable than your little pumpkin. Love your packaging!!

  5. What an adorable project – both items! I love it SO much, Laura! You’l have to let us know what happens after you wash it, and then again after a few more washes; I’m really curious to see how it holds up!

  6. OMGoodness, what a cutie Patootie ! Your little pumpkin is precious ( your daughter)!!
    What a great idea for a tshirt! She looks like she loves it! Good job, Mom!!!!

  7. You are not only talented, you are brilliant! By the looks of the photos, Emma LOVES her gift! (She is so cute!)

  8. Awwww….!! How sweet is this??!!! Oh, and your T-shirt, and pouchy-thing too! What a sweet and funny little one you have…I’m guessing she’s an awful lot like her mom!!! Really like your brilliant creations.

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