An interview you don’t wanna miss:)

Hi all! The lovely Paulina from Pretty Pink Posh is featuring me today over on her blog.1459147_351922234952296_146646207_nIf you need a laugh, or maybe to split your pants open, then head over there and watch Bobby Clobber at his finest. Bobby Clobber happens to be my husband, Mark. He interviewed me for Paulina, but I had a hard time getting a word in edgewise. Bobby Clobber also happens to be a ham.


34 thoughts on “An interview you don’t wanna miss:)

  1. I am so amazed at how well you held it together with your husband being so silly! I have a friend who is JUST like your husband, we are always rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter around him. Loved it! I think Bobby Clobber needs to continue his interviewing, he is great! I want to see more!!!

  2. Oh my word Laura. What was that all about. I know it was suppose to be funny but I found it quite disturbing. (Just kidding!). You two are a riot. I think Bobby Clubber should do Paulina’s interviews from this point on. Sign him up but he has to wear that helmet while chatting. Carol

  3. OMGreat! What a blast you two are! Bobby Clobber is too much fun; I agree: he should do interviews more often! Love the helmet! You made my day!!

  4. Your husband was hilarious, but your child made me laugh the most. I can see your family has a great sense of humor!

  5. What fun it must be to be part of your family. The interview was a riot but I’d like to see your husband in his normalcy – that wasn’t his normal self, was it?

  6. You two are the most charismatic stamping couple of all time!! Thanks for this super cute and fun video! PS: Bobby Clubber is such a hilarious interviewer. It will be cool see him stamp, too!

  7. So much fun! And I would love to meet YOU as one of my really-want-to-meet crafters. Your hubby is hilarious. Thanks so much for being so real and making me LOL!

  8. Laura…Laura…. that was hilarious….! You both r so funny. That was the fun, simple & most honest interview i have ever seen.

  9. That was absolutely gorgeous!! You must have a lot of fun in your household. I wondered if your husband worked in television at all? He certainly is a very ‘watchable’ character.

  10. OMG, I just got a chance to watch your video! SO. AWESOME. I love how you kept a straight face, but not too straight of a face. You two have such charisma together! And it’s so charming how “bobby” knows so much about what you do. Like Dr. John knowing everyone’s last names.

    Next time we need to do a couples get-together downtown!! The kids can just watch themselves, right?!?

  11. oh wow! I just watched the video, it is so AWESOME Laura! It was really fun hearing your husband mention all those other crafters and then at the end how he was trying to help you out with your favorite food! You did very well! πŸ™‚

  12. That video was pure joy! You two cracked me up. Laura, I’ve never posted here before so I just want to say that I love your style. I check your blog often for inspiration and am never disappointed πŸ™‚

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