Simon Says Stamp Valentine’s hop

SSS_Val14BlogHopHi there! I’m so happy to be joining with Simon Says Stamp to promote their new Valentine’s release. You should have arrived here from Nichol Magouirk’s blog. If you’d like to start the hop from the beginning, head over to the Simon Says Stamp blog. To create my card, I used the new Labeled with Love stamp set and Labeled with Love coordinating dies.
SSS Labeled with LoveI also used the brand new Simon Says Stamp black ink, which I must add, stamps beautifully. It gave a crisp impression, even with fine, detailed images.
SSS Labeled with LoveHere’s a close up of the what the new Falling Hearts stencil looks like. It’s absolutely gorgeous!
SSS Falling Hearts stencilI made a video to show how I used the falling hearts stencil to create these ombre hearts.

Simon Says Stamp is giving away a $25 gift voucher for each stop along the hop, so leave me a comment for your chance to win! Your next stop on the hop is the lovely Stephanie Klauck.
25dollar_voucher_600px In other news…the winner of my Kelly Purkey washi tape giveaway is Kristie!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!

What I used:

New stamp sets:

New dies:

New Stencils:

New Inks & Cardstock:

521 thoughts on “Simon Says Stamp Valentine’s hop

  1. Laura you are so cute and I just love everything you do!! Thanks for the video!! Can’t wait to get some of these great products.

  2. You are as sweet as your card you crack me up in the video. I adore red, pink, hearts, and the ombré look so you hit on all points thanks

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS card, Laura! I was wondering if we could mix paints with modeling clay…thanks for trying it out and showing us how beautiful it is! Of course, now I want all of the goodies in this new release 🙂

  4. Beautiful card! Love the modeling paste, the effect you got and how easy it is to color. I also love your use of things we all have laying around as tools. I try to do that as much as possible so then I have more money to spend on stamps and dies.

  5. LOVE it all those tiny hearts I first thought you had glue them all on the card……would have been so a big job…

  6. Laura, love this card. I think the modeling paste technique will also be very addicting for me as well. The heart stencil is great!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Always beautiful work Lauren! and I always smile listening to you on your videos!
    I have really curly hair and I often say I have a “Bob Ross” thing going on with my hair when it gets long and people look at me like I’m crazy like “Who’s Bob Ross?” How the heck do you NOT know Bob Ross??? Happy little trees, with a nice little happy puffy cloud right there, and a happy little mountain in the Background ?????
    Thanks Lauren! I’m glad SOMEONE remembers Bob! 😀

  8. I always love your cards! This one is no exception! Thanks for showing this “new to me” technique, too. I’m gonna try it!

  9. Love your ombre hearts. I’m new at using embossing paste with a stencil and I can see that using an old gift card is a way better way of evenly spreading the paste — thanks for the tip!

  10. Your card is adorable. WoW love how you used all the new goodies. I’m so in love with it all.
    Hope I win the lotto (LOL) I heart it.

  11. Oh I love, love, love the ombre hearts! That little bit of color and texture is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us!

  12. This is such a pretty Valentine, Laura! Your ombre heart background looks fantastic – it reminds me of heart shaped confetti or sprinkles! Love your design too! Thanks for the great video!

  13. Love the ombré hearts! I am always in trouble when I see your projects and videos. I want to buy and try everything you make!!!

  14. Okay, you have got me hooked on embossing paste and stencils. Your ombre hearts look like those little candies (dots?) that I loved as a child. Stunning card Laura.

  15. OK so I’m going through the blog hop and I see the embossing paste being used and of course, I want!…Then I come across this! I think I like the modeling paste better if you can color it!! Thanks for the awesome tip. P.S. Your cards are always beautiful.

  16. Gotta get me some paste and give it a try…you make it look easy and lots of fun. Thanks. Missed your sidekick Emma!

  17. Love it Laura! i am ready to break out my modeling paste; I have never used it and Now I am feeling enabled! Thanks Laura. PS I missed Emma:)

  18. This is so pretty. Love that falling hearts stencil and I really want to try the embossing paste. The ombre effect is wonderful!

  19. I adore these ombré hearts. Do you think you could use reinkers to colour the paste, or does it need to be paint? I’ve been hesitant to try the embossing paste, but after seeing a couple of cards on this hop, it may have convinced me 🙂

  20. Always love your videos and now I really want to try that stencil out…gee, I just ordered last week. What should I do?

  21. very fun – I too was wondering about the modeling paste, so thanks for demoing it!
    thanks for the tips!
    Sandra ltb

  22. I just love love love your card Laura! The pink and black are a beautiful combination. Thanks for your video as well. I’d love to see more!

  23. What a cool substitute for the paste that you have come up with! I think I have some of that stuff–awesome! Loved the video–thanks!

  24. Laura Bassen ROCKS!!! This card is AWESOME!!!! Now I’m wondering if acrylic paint can be added to embossing paste.

  25. Just adorable. I can see I need some paste; I love the look, esp. with the paint added. And your videos are such fun, Laura.

  26. I’m trying to get through Christmas and SSS is focused on Valentine’s Day already! Very cute card! Love the new products!

  27. Love your card! That falling hears stencil is gorgeous! And I can’t wait to try the new SSS inks! They do look like they stamp crisp images! Thanks for sharing!!

  28. Great card and great technique video! The Falling Stars stencil is on my wishlist, but I may just have to add the Falling Hearts, too. 😉

  29. I am loving this stencil and those tiny hearts. Really like that you showed how easy it is to color and what a great dimensional effect you have for you card. Darling card TFS.

  30. I just love the heart stencil and the video. Thank you for showing us how to make pink. What a beautiful dimensional background for cards.

  31. Love the card — I need to try the embossing paste! At first I thought you had glued all those little tiny hearts on!!!

  32. Lovely Valentine’s Day card, Laura. The new SSS Falling Hearts stencil is definitely on my wish list. Thank you for sharing and thanks to SSS for the chance to win some mad money! =^..^=

  33. Wow Laura, love your video’s. The way you talk always put a smile on my face. So thank you for taking the time to make them. Love love the new stencils. ANd the stamps off course, but the stencils are super.

  34. always enjoy your videos! =) i use modeling paste, too! but i think i may just have to get a jar of embossing paste to try. i use gelatos to color my paste, so will have to try acrylic paint sometime. love love the ombre look! gorgeous work as always, Laura!

  35. The pretty pink hearts remind me of sweet sugar candy 🙂 Thats how a valentine should be, your card says that clearly.

  36. Love this card – really pretty! I have to get that heart stencil and the dies too! Thanks so much Laura!

  37. Glad to see the Liquitex used; been wondering if that would work with the stencils. Nothing says Valentine quite like pink, white and black. You really nailed it with this card!

  38. O I cannot wait to try your technique with the paste, I did something similar on a Christmas card but used HA ink dauber. Now I wish I had used paint. The card is spot on gorgeous. TFS

  39. I love your use of the modeling paste. It creates the same effect right?!?! And the redneck tool joke was so funny. Hey you have to use what you have to get the results you want right?!?! Lol awesome card

  40. Happy to see you using the modeling paste as an alternative to the embossing paste! The possibilities are endless with the acrylic paints! Love the card!

  41. So pretty I love it – have seen a few of you talented peeps using the falling hearts stencil it is gorgeous, that is a must have – my list is growing, thank you so much.

  42. ombre hearts?! I could not love this card any more than I do. Can’t wait to get my hands on this stencil. I especially love the stamp set you used, the frame is adorable.

  43. Such a beautiful card, it looks stunning!
    Love how U mad it with the Background hearts — Thanks for the video
    Thanks for always sharing such inspiring creations!
    CU hellerlittle

  44. Why invest in a palette knife if what you used works…right? I think everyone is in love with the falling hearts stencil, me included. Beautiful card Laura.

  45. Love the ombre effect with the hearts. Great idea to mix the paint with the embossing paste. The card is beautiful. Love the thread too. Thanks for the video!

  46. Laura: Beautiful effect with the Falling hearts die. Perhaps, with a little luck, I can be on time for Valentine’s cards! Cheers

  47. Laura I had no idea you could color modeling paste with acrylic paints! I love a day that I learn something new! Thank you so much for the video and inspiration!

  48. Oh my! I love how you created the ombre heart background with the embossing paste. Looks so fun to mix that up–I like messes! Your thread behind the sentiment is just such a nice touch! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques!

  49. Love the ombre effect on your card and the string behind the sentiment is such a great feature. The falling hearts stencil is so amazing — it is going to be a huge hit! Love the video – so glad to see that you use a card to spread the embossing paste, as I do not have the proper tool either and I do have a card that I can use.

  50. Pretty card! Good idea to color the paste, you are so clever. I like the string around the label too makes it feel very lacy.

  51. Laura: you’re a HUGE inspiration to me, LOVE all your creations! already ordered the stencil heart along w/ some of the new releases, i’m in love w/ all of them, THANK YOU for share your creativity w/ us! BLESSINGS!

  52. i rather use this paste because you can change the color easily with what we already have in our stash!!! awesome

  53. I just LOVE the use of loose thread on your cards. They are so adorable! Also, how darling is that falling hearts stencil?

  54. I have a couple of jars of embossing paste but i’m so glad you mentioned using the liquitex modeling paste to mix with acrylic paint! and I too loved watching Bob Ross. lol “and we’ll put a happy little tree right here”.

  55. Absolutely great card!!! I LOVE the color of the falling hearts and the contrast with the black and white label!!! It is just perfect! (and yes, I find that the modeling paste with acrylic color is very very addictive too! It always gives such a beautiful result!) Thank you for sharing this beautie with us!!!

  56. Thanks for sharing how you made the awesome card in your video. I really want the stencil and the embossing paste. Heck I really want it all! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays.

  57. Love the falling stars stencils and so happy you shared your ombre technique! Pink + black = cute and elegant all at the same time!

  58. I think I’m falling for the Falling Hearts die! The teeny-weeny hearts are so adorable! I really like how you made yours 2 different colors!

  59. Oh, how I loved your ombre falling hearts–I’m glad you said you did it a “few” extra times prior to filming it–it makes me feel good to know the experts have to mess up too from time to time! I’m excited for the new products!!

  60. Love! Love! Love! I, too, use modeling paste on my cards because I had some already in my crafty stash. But I haven’t mixed it with acrylic paint yet! Something new to try!

  61. LOVE the brightness of these new inks.. gorgeous and all the fun new products.. Guess I better get my 2 page list of November and December products ordered so I can focus on all these EEK!

  62. Oh and one more thing, LOVED Bob Ross, every Saturday morning, I would watch his happy little trees and listen to his admiration for his pet squirrels! Thanks for the video, the step by step tutorials are such a help.

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