Cure For The Monday Blues Challenge #4

Cure For The Monday Blues #4Have y’all seen the new challenge that Taheerah is hosting every Monday? Look’s like a lot of fun, so I thought I’d play along. I used to live for challenges and now I can’t remember the last time I participated in one. This week’s inspiration photo is right up my alley…colors, sugar, colors, happiness.
Simon Says Stamp~Drawn Hearts BackgroundI clear embossed the Drawn Hearts Background stamp from SSS and then used my watercolors to add the wash of color. I didn’t have a heart die in the size I wanted, so I traced the heart from the Chalkboard Love set and freehand cut it. Sometimes you just gotta improvise. I used those delicious sequins from Pretty Pink Posh again, too. You know what I realized about them. They aren’t just clear, they’re a cross between metallic and clear, like a bit mirror, but a bit clear, guess that’s why they’re called sparkling clear. I’m glad we figured this thing out. Don’t you feel better? I do, LOL!
Simon Says Stamp~Drawn Hearts BackgroundI actually need a cure for the Monday blues. This week has been a doozie and it’s only Tuesday. The awful stomach bug has hit our house and it’s making it’s way through the family. Lots of puke bowls and bedding to be washed…was that more info than you needed? Probably. Anyways, I hope you get a chance to play along with Taheerah’s fun challenge…it’s a fun one:) Thanks for stopping by!


29 thoughts on “Cure For The Monday Blues Challenge #4

  1. ❤ I hope everyone feels better soon, that bug sounds nasty. 😦 ❤ ❤ Your card is sugary deliciousness Laura!!! Love the wash of watercolour in all those happy colours, and that vellum heart with the banner sentiment, thread and sequins is so you! *So* happy you played along, you completely made my day!! Thanks so much for playing to Cure The Monday Blues!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry you are all sick, Laura! I remember those days of cleaning the bedding and also feeling so helpless with my kids – such a bummer! Hope it passes quickly!

    I love your card! Beautiful watercolor technique! And now I’m gonna have to get those sequins! 🙂

  3. Amazing card for the inspiration picture, or just amazing card… and I love the sentiment! I know I don’t have a chance when big names in the business enter the challenges, but I’m loving the inspiration Taheerah finds on Pinterest, so I guess I want to be razed again :).
    I hope all of you feel better soon.

  4. Perfect fusion of whimsy and happy right here folks! Taheerah’s been posting some great challenges … this one was completely calling you : ) If it makes you feel any better, puke bows to be washed are a MILLION times better than NO puke bowls to be washed, if ya know what I mean : )

  5. Awww…I’m so sorry the bug has hit you guys, Laura! I sure hope it moves on very quickly! When it’s all over, please check your email from me 🙂 No rush!

    I LOVE your card!!! Your background is so fun, and your vellum heart is fabulous! Love all those sparkly clear sequins, too (I have them, and LOVE them, and now I know why)! I also love the scripty font on your sentiment…it looks so pretty embossed on blue!

  6. So fresh and fun! Love the watercolors, perfect with those not quite perfect hearts from the stencil and I love the sentiment!

  7. Boy oh boy, what a sweet card…(pun, most certainly intended). Love what you do with that watercolor set. Clever too, finding just the right size of heart. So sorry your stuck between sickies and the washing machine. Hope you all get better real soon.

  8. Delightful card!! Loving the other cards you are making with the happy birthday die!! I was taken down by the virus you are experiencing– it was terrible. Think it was norovirus and it attacked my legs and joints in addition to its other nastiness! So craving spring and the end of cold/flu season!!! Speedy recovery! xo

  9. Love your rainbow card and that vellum heart is just the perfect touch. I also love how you write the way you talk. After having watched several of your videos, I can hear your voice while reading your blog post. how awesome is that?! I hope the nasty bug will move away soon.

  10. I just LOVE everything you do! This is one super happy trendy card with the Laura signature! Hope the bug leaves you guys alone! It sure is no fun to clean up the mess ( I had been there too many times!!)! HUGS!

  11. I am very impressed that you were able to make such a pretty card with a stomach bug circulating through your house! I love the colors you chose and the layout is great.

  12. Beautiful card! Love the color wash!
    Oh the good old stomach bug…hope everyone feels better and you can keep up with all the laundry and sanitizing!!

  13. Oh, dear! You poor thing…and with such a busy week for PTI, too. Hoping the bug passes quickly and that maybe some of you remain untouched. On a happier note, your card is awesome. 🙂

  14. Fabulous card, Laura! I love the colors! The Sparkling Clear Sequins from PPP are just so gorgeous! They’re my favorites! I’m sorry to hear that you’re family is sick! I hope you’ll get better soon! Hugs!

  15. Hi Laura, I love your cards and your blog and your videos, etc. This is a wonderful and happy card! So sorry you are all sick – yuck! I remember that with my four boys and my seven siblings – never any fun for sure! Hugs!

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