Simon Says Stamp March card kit

Hello there! I had the great pleasure of playing with the awesome new Simon Says Stamp March card kit. Here it is in all it’s glory!SSS_cardkit_march14_web Hello awesome rainbow of color and Lawn Fawn pattern papers!! But look at the stamp set included…
SSS101399_ColorAndSunshineI couldn’t wait to play with that crayon image. I have always loved crayons, and most especially when they’re new. It makes me want to cry when I see a kid break a crayon in half. There’s something just so wrong about that, isn’t there? We have about 500 boxes of crayons around here, and I just keep buying new ones, because they’re just better when they’re new. I have issues, clearly, but here’s what I came up with.

SSS~ March card kitI masked off the crayons as I stamped them so that I could layer them. Then I colored them with my Copics.
SSS~ March card kitCheck out the Simon Says Stamp blog for more information on the March card kit!. Thanks so much for looking!

63 thoughts on “Simon Says Stamp March card kit

  1. Absolutely stunning, Laura; I was pondering about whether to get this kit or not because I really like it. I just won the Lawn Fawn Challenge yesterday (YAY!! YIPPEE!! HAPPY DANCE!!), so I get to do some SSS shopping now! I think you finally cinched my decision for me, to get this kit with it!

  2. LOVE the card 🙂 I totally get it.. new crayons smell nice.. and there’s definitely a cringe factor here when that delicate paper covered wax is grasped by an unknowing chubby little fist.. its like pigment and paper meet and make the saddest little muffled cry when it breaks 😦

  3. Your colouring is second to none Laura, not a single speck of ink over the line! I’m very impressed, your card is gorgeous. I love crayons also! Have you ever tried melting them? There are some great tutorials on YouTube. My fave technique is too put them onto a canvas and use a heat gun.

  4. I agree with having to have new crayons! We, too have hundreds of boxes here! I love buying them for “back to school” BUT my kids don’t need them for school anymore….so sad! Anyway, I love your card…you are just fabulous with masking images!! I can’t wait to get my card kit!!

  5. Beauteous! I would LOVE a video. You see, it is all about me and my needs!! LOL. I, too, was debating on whether I was going to get the kit or not. Now I know. It’s a yes!!

  6. I love crayons, too, and am constantly buying new ones..Clearly I also have issues–but that’s ok! we’ll have issues and play with our crayons together! 😀 Great card!

  7. I completely agree with you when it comes to new crayons! My kids are grown and gone, and I have still have a few sets just for me – crazy, I know, and of course the new ones are my faves!

    Your Copic coloring on these crayons is just amazing, Laura! I also love how you masked them off and layered them across the card…like little soldiers – at ease 🙂 As always, your CAS style just takes my breath away…such a fabulous card!!!

  8. Laura – can you do a video on how you mask? You so rock at it!! Awesome card every time! You are a real inspiration.

  9. Oh my goodness your coloring and masking is so perfect. I always, always get confused on the layering/masking/stamping order and get frustrated and give up…LOL. I tried it for some cute balloon stamps and was completely frustrated. Anyway, just beautiful Laura!

  10. nice card… there is something special about crayons….. hours and hours of coloring as a kid….. that is why I love this craft…….thanks for sharing.

  11. Laura! How did you colour like that?! Seriously! We need a video tutorial for that! Amazing!! I had a great big Crayola set when I was a child, it made me so happy seeing all those colours neatly in order in their grooves. And of course I treated mine with respect, putting them back in order and never breaking any. But yes, they are always best when new. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

  12. I love that they have the Canadian spelling for colour!!! I just love the bright colours of the crayons!!! Adorable!!

  13. This card is fun, happy, and bright I can almost smell the crayons which I loved doing when I would get a new box to start school every year call me weird but there is nothing like the smell of a brand new box of crayons don’t believe next time you are at the craft store open a box big or small and take a big whiff…I was right huh have a great day

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