SSS March blog feature

Hi there! Today I’m up on the Simon Says Stamp blog sharing this fun Easter project using some of the new Spring release products.Simon Says StampI used the Balloon dies to create these cute Easter eggs, and the Medium Polka Dot stencil for the background.
Simon Says StampHere’s a video to show you how I did it.
Make sure and head over to the Simon Says Stamp blog and comment for a chance to win a special blog candy. Thanks so much for looking!

35 thoughts on “SSS March blog feature

  1. What a genius idea with the balloon. The card is, as usual, awesome. Love the colors and the embossing on the eggs. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. By the way, no dying of eggs unless my 50 year old girls want to and standing rib roasts for Easter dinner. Just sayin’.

  2. Love this, Laura! What a fun and clever idea to use the balloon die for eggs! Your colors are so perfect for Easter! And you go tell your husband, it’s definitely HAM for Easter – duh!! Lol! 🙂

  3. Only ‘you’ would see Easter eggs when looking at balloons…Genius idea, Laura! I love the soft pastels on your eggs and the pretty stenciled background…such a beautiful card, as always!
    We have ham on Easter Sunday. Maybe your hubby just loves turkey, and he’s hoping to con you into making one…with all the trimmings too, I’ll bet!
    Thanks so much for another great video ~ I always enjoy them so much!!!

  4. Cool card, Laura. I just knew those balloon dies were a must when I bought them. We like ham on Easter. . . and Christmas. . .and Thanksgiving. . .and Labor Day. . .

  5. Awesome – I wouldn’t have thought to use balloons for eggs – genius! We do ham for Easter. Probably won’t color eggs as I have no little people. 🙂

  6. Love your card! I’ve gotta get those balloon dies! My family just this past Thanksgiving finally admitted that we really don’t love turkey so it’s ham from now on! And as far as the egg dying, we skipped last year (I mean, my kids were 18 and 15 last year) and they were devastated. We’re going to do it this year, just for the sake of tradition. One day, when their kids make them boil 100 eggs and they are stuck cleaning up the kitchen, I will be able to smile and revenge will be sweet, HA!

  7. Laura, you are just hilarious. Your thought process is so like mine I always get a kick out of your food commentary. We do turkey and ham for Easter because only half of us like Ham LOL. We like everyone to be happy and since my dad is the oldest he gets his turkey every year. Sonority you know has its privileges… Ps the egg thing we solved many years ago when my kids were little. We do plastic eggs for hunting and then they can have like 3 eggs to color. This way we can fill the plastic ones with different goodies, coins, candy little toys whatever fits and then I don’t have to make sure I have kept track of all of the eggs. If they find more later cool they won’t be smelling 2 weeks later!!!! We have also don’t the put clues in the eggs to lead them to their Easter basket. As they have gotten older we do a Geo Cash kinda thing so we can really make the hiding places creative and different. We make them really work for those baskets!!! LOL

  8. I just love your videos…they totally make me laugh! yes my kids love to colour eggs but Mommy doesnt like the bickering. I found some cute “paper” eggs that look like real eggs at Walmart that we are going to try this year. Love your card and thanks for the embossing tip.

  9. Laura you funny girl, I never want to miss any of your videos! Awesome technique and card for Easter, brilliant to use the balloon die. One year when my kiddies were little we used a Martha Stewart idea to dye eggs using vegetables–beets, red cabbage, Turmeric, onion skin. Holy smokes my kitchen was NEVER the same. The dye was everywhere, I am sure there was still dye in the kitchen when we sold the house. Great memories, have fun with the kids!

  10. What a adorable card!!! We all get together to watch my grandchildren hunt for Easter Eggs and we each bring a different type of dessert! Talk about weight gain! Or is there no calories on Easter? Just kinda want to know what every one else things?

  11. I love ham for Easter because it’s so much easier than turkey. Plus it’s usually hot here in Texas by the time Easter rolls around, so I don’t want to leave the oven on long enough to cook a big dang turkey.

  12. Laura, Laura, you don’t have me fooled! You love every minute(well almost every minute) of this parenting gig! Your family is very lucky to have you! And so are we, love your cards and adore your videos! Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!

  13. What a clever job on your cute card and a super video. Fabulous job. For Easter we usually have ham but I have made lasagna also. No cooking Chinese sounds good too 😉
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  14. Such a pretty card, Laura. Love the soft pastels. I cannot remember I ever coloured Easter eggs when I was little and since I don’t have any children, I don’t do it now. Here in Greece, people do colour eggs but normally they all have the same dark red colour. Why is it that both the English and the Americans are so traditional when it comes to holiday foods? I don’t eat pork and I don’t like turkey, except for the sliced variety on my sandwich, so it’s a good thing I’m not bound by any traditions LOL. As for the Greeks, they always have lamb on the spit for Greek Easter (which coincides with Catholic Easter this year), with roast potatoes, a Greek salad and pastitio. We have enjoyed several Greek Easter meals since we started visiting our island (Crete) as tourists, but for the past couple of years, we have been celebrating Greek Easter with a barbecue with some Dutch and English friends.

  15. Lovely Easter card! Thanks for the ideas, tips & tricks.

    P.S. We usually have ham for Easter, but sometimes we have turkey. It’s not an unusual choice here. Maybe it is a Canadian thing for your husband. I’m a fellow Canuck. 😉

  16. Love your gorgeous easter card and your video is fantastic too – I love it when the talk gets to food LOL – have a great day – hugs xx

  17. Hi Laura, i just love your video’s. You are so much fun to listen to. And in the meanwhile you are just making a card and talking about food. Just love that.

  18. Hey Laura, a while ago I unmounted all my wood mount stamps. I use a few of the wood mounts with my blending foam – just add velcro (you may have to staple it – even the store bought one needed a staple on each end after a while). I was able to find blocks about the same size as the foam so it works really well! I also made a sanding block by buying the sand paper grit I wanted (Home Depot or local hardware store), cutting it down, and using super sticky tape to adhere it to the block. When the paper wears out, just rip it off and replace it.

  19. Such a great idea to turn balloons into eggs – and I have that die, too, which makes it even better. Love your quirky videos. They always make me smile. Since ham and sweet potatoes is my favorite meal, I think it will be ham for us this Easter.

  20. LOL…loved the video and awesome MacGyver move on the balloon…that’s genius.
    I LOVE the easter card…soooo sweet! The household is equally divided on turkey vs ham, figures. Can I tell you a secret, I’ve always been huge on arts and crafts in my household but have never dyed eggs with my kids…I always would have them do that with their grandmother or my friend..

  21. Eggs from a balloon die? Brilliant! And Costco’s spiral cut honey glazed ham is a must for us at Easter….or any time.

  22. I love this card! You are so talented! And keep going off topic! It is hilarious! My kids are grown up but I loathed coloring Easter eggs. They loved it. So much so that my oldest who is 27 bought white plastic eggs, decorated them with washi tape and made a wreath!!! And ham is choice here!

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