Mama Elephant~Everyday Greetings

Hello there! Today I’m up on the Mama Elephant blog sharing a fun card featuring the new Everyday Greetings stamp set. I really love this new set with it’s fabulous combination of handwritten and vintage looking typewriter fonts.Mama Elephant~Everyday GreetingsI also used the critters from the Up and Away stamp set as well as the balloons from the Good Times set.
Mama Elephant~Everyday GreetingsI have a VERY special video for you today. You are gonna bust your pants right open when you listen…enjoy:)
Thanks so much for stopping by!


110 thoughts on “Mama Elephant~Everyday Greetings

  1. Laura, this is the BEST video editing I’ve ever seen/heard! Thanks so much for including the kids. Their laughter is contagious and your card is beautiful (both versions). Btw, I think the vids are great especially when you change the card. It makes you as human as the rest of us.

    Blessings and giggles,

  2. I always have two or three versions of the same card too. I would never be able to do videos for the same reason. I loved getting to hear the kids! Your family is so much fun!!

  3. Ohh, that was brilliant. I nearly did bust my pants listening to your lovely family!! Oh, and cute card. I love everything Mama Elephant too!!

  4. Thanks for including the kids in this video. It was fun to hear their voices and laughter and so sweet that they wanted to help. Also thanks for sharing that you may make several cards while deciding what to do. It makes me feel so much better. I just took the CAS class and just couldn’t get several of those cards right. I will try again when I have more time and I’m not stressing about it. I loved the class and love your videos and your sense of humor!

  5. Oh, was that ever fun! I was sitting here, all by myself, with a grin on my face, then at one point, I was laughing out loud! Charlie did amazing – such a sweet voice! And Emma always makes me smile! Thanks for making my morning a whole lot brighter! Love the darling card! ♥

  6. OH, MY GOSH! This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your family, please tell both children they did an awesome job and I hope they help narrate again sometime!

  7. Love, love this video! Your kids’ voices are just adorable. They made me smile and laugh. Thanks for taking the time to make your videos. I look forward to them.. Also, awesome card! Love your colorings.

  8. Loved this video…the kids made it super precious….BTW the card is great looking…thanks!!! Put a smile on my face!!!

  9. Great looking card Laura .. Charlie did a great job and , as always , Emma was very entertaining . Thank you for brightening up my morning ( blizzard on the go … sigh ) .

  10. Bust a gut!! I can only imagine how hard it would be to videotape card making. You make it delightful always. Today was a special treat. Thanks!

  11. Your children are so cute!! What a great video!! Great card and of course you have to eat chocolate everyday!! =) That is definitely the good life.

  12. Just crying here – they remind me of my own kids (I have 5 too). They would LOVE to narrate one of my videos – although my 14 year old, Daniel would just be calling me “lame” all the way through!! I don’t hink he “gets” my hobby to be honest! My little 6 year old Pippa totally does though – she’d be awesome at describing!!!! Gorgeous card too Laura – love the finished article!

  13. That video was just excellent! You should always use your kids to provide the commentary. What a hoot! Oh yeah, loved both cards!!

  14. I seriously LOVE this video! Makes my day that you include your kids…I have little “helpers” here, too! 🙂

  15. Best video EVAH!!!!! I actually had tears from laughing so hard! It didn’t matter what your card ended up looking like, the kids were priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. First I am glad to hear you say that you remake cards after finishing one even if you did video that one! I appreciate your honesty and your diligence! But most importantly Charlie did a magnificent job. His voice was so clear. He knew exactly what he was talking about! I think that kid has a future in communications! Emma too cute as always!

  17. You have no idea how much this Great Grandmother enjoyed your video. The children’s voices were so sweet and when they all were laughing I was too. You know if you ever decide not to do cards anymore I think you could be a great stand up comedian. I also like the video you did a while back with the shaker card when you involved your husband in the video. So much fun. I bet your household is a hoot. I really liked the card too.

  18. I know where your kids get their sense of joy and playfulness! Your card was fabulous and the video was so much fun to watch!

  19. Awww Laura! I’m still giggling! That was so sweet! I hope you have your helpers more often, because I always love your videos, but today you went far beyond, this is the best video ever!!! Thanks so much for brighten my morning. Hugs!

  20. How sweet!!!! I love hearing your kids giving the description of the card design and their cute laughs!! Beautiful card!! 

  21. Absolutely loved this video. Charlie did a GREAT job and your daughter………….well what can I say, she is so darling! You should do more videos with Charlie again. And, the card, well I do the same thing. Make a card…..stare at it……..then decide I don’t like it and change it or I completely start over! Oh well, that’s creativity in action 🙂 Have a great day. Ciao 🙂

  22. The video is a hoot, a real smash in the cardmaking world! It’s nice to ‘see’ the kids so involved in the process. Great card btw… Love that UaA set…will have to pull it out more.

  23. OMG!!! Your children are sooooo cute 🙂 Charlie did such a good job and Emma as well, even if she did call the monkey a donkey! It’s fun to watch you make cards Laura, even if they don’t work out for you.

  24. Best. Video. Ever. It’s so awesome that you don’t take it too serious and just have fun with it… I love your videos!!

  25. Get them started young! Yes!! Loving the glimpses into your sweet and fun family. And I absolutely MUST have those ME Everyday greetings.

  26. I am so glad you do make videos. I love watching you create, even if the end product isn’t the same. Your kids are adorable I love that you let them help makes the video that much more cute!!!! Thanks for the great card!!!

  27. hahahaa! Laura! This is great! My kiddos have been known to pop in a video or two from time to time with me as well. It’s fun to include them and something they will look back on when they are older and appreciate. Thanks for sharing, love it!

  28. Just SUCH a treat!!!!!! Made me cry, I was loving it so much, knowing how really hard it is to live your life of meeting daily deadlines while still keeping the kids well and happy. I just love every video you make but of course this was the best of them all. Thanks for being you….I wanna be one of your kids and live in your fun house. 🙂


  29. Consider my pants busted off. Charlie really did a terrific job explaining the process, bless him. Especially about your consumption of M&Ms. Believe me, you’re not the only one who makes several cards before you get one the way you want it to look. Back to the card…as always, FABULOUS.

  30. Yup, my pants are busted! 🙂
    Can Charlie come to my house and help me with commentating? He is so cool. And so is your card!

  31. Love the card. There’s not enough masking in the card world, glad you used it. Your masking is so perfect. Love the your little commentators, it’s cute how they know the terms.

  32. OMG….that was hilarious ! The kids were a delight and that is so you to use them in that lighthearted way. I love how honest you are about your process with card making. It’s refreshing, Laura. Thanks .

  33. So fun. Love your videos and I don’t care if you mess up! The kids were great so cute… They both did a great job.

  34. Oh my word!! Your children have such sweet, angelic voices! Thank you so much for including them. Your cards are amazing as usual.

  35. I really LOVED watching your video, Laura! The kids did such an amazing job commentating…I love their sweet little voices so much!
    Love your cards, too! Beautiful Copic coloring, and the sentiment is perfect! Thanks so much for making my day!!!

  36. OMG…what a funny video. I am going to bookmark it and play it when I need a good belly laugh! Emma and Charlie are just too cute!!! Great job in commentating! Thanks for letting them do that. Your card as usual just makes me sigh with delight…so pretty and cute! Love ME!

  37. That was an adorable video with your kids commentating! You are such a hoot and even though the card you made in the video wasn’t the card you ended up posting pictures of, it was still awesome to see your process. Your videos are always so much fun! Thanks.

  38. donkeys!!! Your kids are so cute. I would pay to see you collaborate with Julie Ebersole – You seemed to have similar personalities. Love BOTH your cards.

  39. the laughter – full on giggle – so wonderful. Of course the card is great but the narration was so fun. I think your kids need to be a regular feature 🙂 thank you for sharing them today

  40. That was the cutest tutorial ,I have ever seen .,he should do voiceovers for commercials that was really good .. And I think your fine if you switch it out or not .. We get this drift .. Please do more with kids .. That was so fun .. I have twelve grand kids.. I know the sound of good fun .. Thanks for including me in your fun … Yours in ink Anne

  41. What a treat! This was the cutest ever! Loved hearing your children…they did an awesome job and the laughter was infectious! Great looking card, too!


  42. You cannot imagine how big my smile was after hearing your kids describing your card making and hearing the laughs in the background! Made my day. PS The card is really darn cute, too.

  43. Your kids did a fabulous job! They were absolutely adorable. I needed this little smile today. Oh, BTW, your card is fantastic! Love both of them (I did not see anything wrong with the first one!)

  44. Hahahahahaha…I LOVE this voice over of your two sweet kiddos! I laughed at your reasoning behind not making videos…I would totally agree…it’s too much pressure! I usually never like the first card I make!! Good to know someone as talented as you goes for the second try!! 🙂
    love your kids:)

  45. So made my night, after a very long and stressful day at work! Charlie and Emma were amazing, fabulous, fabulous editing!.

    Oh, and your card ………ADORABLE ;OP

  46. Loved your kids doing the voice over, I even had my hubby listening to Charlie talking about the balloons looking like parachutes and how he wanted to do that one day . . . my husband skydives every week, and Charlie made his day! Your videos are awesome.and it does my heart good to know that I am not alone in my perfection. I look to you designers for inspiration, ideas, tips and techniques. . . so far, I’ve never been disappointed. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Great video! Your kids commentary made me laugh so hard–they did a great job. Love your card too! Fun:-)

  48. I was watching your video while making dinner and my 3 year old daughter heard that sweet little voice and raced over to see what it was. Thanks for the video! I love them, even when the final card is different. 🙂

  49. Hands down, one of the best videos ever! Just THE best! So enjoyed your kids commentary…and of course the laughing fit after Emma’s bit, put me over the top too. Hope you can convince them to participate again….your son had me at “Tuxedo Black”! Just ridiculously cute! So glad you captured and shared 🙂

  50. That was another amazingly entertaining video – your kidlets did a great job!! … and once again I just want to come play at your house 😉 …hopefully that does not come across creepy… I just mean that you all seem to have a lot of fun! 🙂

  51. I love these little guys. Sadly this set is not available now and I have to wait until forever. Thanks for having such fun with the little guys.

  52. This is my first time to your blog and I really enjoyed the video where your children took part! They were adorable and spoke very well. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Cutest video ever. So fun to hear your darling children’s voices. Hope you get your share of chocolate today. Sweet, sweet card too. Have a happy day!

  54. Laura, I keep telling you that I’m your fans!!! This cards is so fantastic!! I love it so much!! and your kids are so adorable…I love to hear their voice 🙂 You must do this again! That voice made me happy 😀

  55. Your kids are so cute I love it when you let them in the videos, Charlie was great what a cute voice, and Emma what a hoot. thank you for posting the video even though the card was not the one you posted on your blog. Love all that you do! Thank you!

  56. You’ve read it over 100 times, but thanks for putting a smile and laugh into our day! Such a cute card, made even more fun by the commentary in the kid’s sweet voices.

    I’d give away my stamp and stash- the whole kit and kaboodle – to have better memories of my son’s little voices,
    (videos disappeared in a divorce)
    so be sure to capture them talking often!

  57. I LOVE your videos, I love how honest you are about your process, and THIS video is the first one ever that made me laugh out loud, and think “what a wonderful family!” Charlie did a great job, and I’m not sure where the donkeys came from, but what a lovely, lovely surprise! MORE VIDEOS!!! Please?

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