Little Tangles Challenge 34: Masking

34 graphicHello! Today I’m joining the Little Tangles challenge blog for their 34th challenge…has there been that many already? The theme for this challenge is one of my favorite techniques…masking!
Neat & TangledI used the Just for You stamp set and lots and lots of masking to create my stripes.
Neat & TangledHere’s a quick little video to show you how I created my card.

Make sure and check out the Little Tangles blog and play along with some fun masking techniques! Thanks so much for stopping by!

37 thoughts on “Little Tangles Challenge 34: Masking

  1. Great card – perfect for a birthday! Great video on masking technique. I love the loose threads – it is like putting your own touch to the card. I agree with your comment about organizing – I do have my own craft room and I like it to be neat and organized, but with all the new product coming, ie inks and inks and more inks… is hard to know what to buy and how to organize it efficiently.

  2. Laura, this may be my favorite use of masking yet. Love this card! Love your videos!

    And yes, organizing never ends, at least as long as you are still creating. New products, new techniques, and continual creativity all demand that we move things around, shuffle shelf space, and rearrange. The things I needed within reach of my desk 20 years ago (or even 20 weeks ago) aren’t the things I continually reach for now. Generally I do a major rearrange about once a year.

  3. Love how you cut around the ‘y’ and I too have realised that organising is pretty much an ongoing process. Systems work really well until suddenly they don’t and then it is time to re-think, refresh and reorganise. If only my other areas of storage (i.e. closets) got this much attention!!

  4. Beautiful card, Laura! No one uses masking as perfectly as you! Love the colors! ♥

    I feel the same way – revamping, moving stuff around, etc in my craft space. Definitely need to purge more often!

  5. What a cute card this is. I love how you made the bottom by cutting around the birthday. It made a fun showcase for the stripes you masked off. Pretty color choices too.

  6. Such a pretty card, Laura! I love the color combo and fabulous sentiment details!
    I need to re-organize everything right now…I think it’s just so hard to resist all the fun new products, too! I got the new mini ink blending tool yesterday, and I can’t wait to play with it 🙂
    Thanks so much for another great video!

  7. Love, love, love your videos! They’re the perfect short length and you really pack them full of good stuff. I don’t completely relate to you on the organizational revamping all the time … I never truly feel like I have it under control to begin with! Hahaha.

  8. Such a lovely card Laura. Your card and masking is excellent. Thanks for the video. Yeah, decided to give Jennifer McGuires storage techniques a go and just can’t seem to catch up. Let alone put everything away after i use them. I’ve always seem to have crap around my work surface that I keep just pushing aside. Keep telling myself that I’ll clean up but rarely get a chance. One day. Glad it’s not just me.

  9. Awesome masking techniques! Loved your video and glad it’s not just me who feels that they’re constantly reorganising their crafty stuff! 🙂

  10. I love watching your videos. Your commentary always makes me laugh and your cards designs always make me sigh in awe! I too feel like I am always reorganizing, I guess it’s just part of the process.

  11. Laura you are just a delight. And YES….I feel like I’m re-organizing my studio every month!! I’m actually declaring a moratorium on buying anything “new” for the month of April because it’s exhausting trying to keep up with all the new releases and all the new stuff. Enough stuff already!

  12. Awesome twofer masking! As for craft reorganisation – that would involve having some ‘organisation’ to begin with, right? lol. My approach is more an ‘organised chaos’ kinda vibe. 😉

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