PTI~May Release in Review

Hello lovelies! I’m back today with the rest of my May release projects for Papertrey Ink. Let’s dive right in, shall we?
PTI~Ballerina BeautyUp first is the cutie-patootie Ballerina Beauty(say that three times fast:) I stamped and embossed the background using Background Basics: Venice and then blending some ink in. I used the coordinating dies for the sweet Ballerina and her flowers. When Emma saw this card she said, “Oh, is that for me? Can I have it?” It’s princess approved.
PTI~Ballerina BeautyI combined Summer Sweetness and Birthday Classics: June on this next card. I used the Rock n’ Roll technique on the popsicles.
PTI~Summer SweetnessFor this next card I stamped the background using the butterfly from Monthly Moments: May Collection. I did some generation stamping to give the butterflies some movement.
PTI~Phrase Play #4Then I used the die cuts and sentiment from Phrase Play #4.
PTI~Phrase Play #4Up next is a subtle sympathy card featuring Oopsie Daisy and Keep It Simple: Sympathy. I was inspired by Angeline Yong Jeet Leen. I pretty much drop my jaw over everything she makes.
PTI~Oopsy DaisyMoving right along. Hope I haven’t lost ya. I know these posts are overwhelming. Think of the hair I’ve lost in the making and mostly the photographing. That’s what really chaps my khakis is trying to get a good shot of each one. I’m like a mad scientist on a mission. My family just stays out of my way when I’m in the zone.
PTI~Background Basics: VeniceThis card features Background Basics: Venice and Wet Paint III. I embossed the background in white and blended in the ink. These Wet Paint sets are some of my most favorite sentiment sets of all time of ever.
PTI~Background Basics: VeniceAnd lastly, my favorite project. You’ll see why in a jiffy. I used Sweet Cheeks and Clip Tips to crate these adorable bookmarks. I lined the insides of both the clips and the animal faces with coasters to give them sturdiness.
PTI~Sweet CheeksHere’s why this project is my fave. Charlie my boy, oh, Charlie my boy. He loved the bookmarks. He wants me to make a card like this for his teacher. He said she’d love them. And yes, he’s reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. And yes, that book is so dumb, but it’s either that or Captain Underpants, so I pick my battles.
PTI~Sweet Cheeks & Memory Clips diesThanks so much for hangin’ in there with me! Make sure and check out what the rest of the team created.
Nichole • Betsy • Dawn • Heather • Melissa • Laurie • Maile • Erin • Danielle • Ashley

47 thoughts on “PTI~May Release in Review

  1. Such a fun set of cards Laura! I wrote another set on my list for tonight after seeing your post. Your Charlie is a such a cutie…and oh, those eyes!!

  2. Don’t you just love it when your kids get excited about your crafting items as much as you do? Wonderful cards and cute bookmarks.

  3. AMAZING cards, Laura -every single one! Your posts are never overwhelming, more like disappointing when they are at the end 🙂

  4. Great cards! Especially LOVE the bookmark one!! You are so hilarious!! I love reading the extra narratives you add into your commentary. Always make me smile!

  5. Love the bookmark card!! And it could be worse, as Charlie could prefer to watch the boob tube, rather than read a goofy book! I love all the little side notes you add to your postings! The ombre effect on the ballerina card is so pretty!

  6. Love all your projects! I totally get the photography part. Those little bookmarks are precious. My teenage daughter read all the Whimpy Kid books, too — several times over. Reading = enjoyment (and less time on the computer), so I’m all for it!

  7. All of today’s cards are just spectacular. I would say that you saved the best for last. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  8. SWOON!! You make this release another success! Gosh….how did you make everything look so GOOD!? PS: any types of book (silly or not) are fine as long it gets the boys reading!

  9. I always look forward to your PTI projects roundup! And I think the bookmarks are my fave, probably because you shared the pic of cute lil’ Charlie using them! Great teacher gift, indeed!

  10. Good Lord girl…you’re such a hoot. I’d read your blog just for your wit. But then, as the cherry on top, the cards POP out at you & you’re so enamored of all of them. How can one human being be as blessed as you?

  11. You are amazing! These are all so wonderful! Neither the ballerina card nor the bookmarks would last long around this house either…snatched up RIGHT away!

  12. Your cards are amazing–always. You have so much talent and a great eye! I did want to weigh in on the books–I read some Captain Underpants to my son when he was in first grade, to get him interested in a series that he could then start on his own. We laughed out loud together. And there is some sophisticated stuff happening in those books as well–they are clever. So let him read those, too!

  13. Laura, you continually inspire me and make me want to head straight to my craft room! Everything about your style thrills me.

  14. Laura Laura Laura, your projects are all so fabulous! I love the Wet Paint series too. That last card is my favourite too, I love how you reinforced the sturdiness of the clips. My son at that age would only read Diary of Wimpy Kit, Captain Underpants and Geronimo Stilton. lol

  15. Gorgeous cards, especially your venice backgrounds, and the enjoy card which is soooo pretty it makes me want to burst!

  16. Oh, Laura…you have totally taken my breath away with every one of these GORGEOUS CARDS!!! From the cutie-patootie, to the ‘Rock n’ Roll’ popsicles, to the book marks and everything in between, I am in awe over here! And, I love that you shared this precious photo of Charlie…thank you for making my day with that beautiful face! And, you’re right…picking your battles is what it’s all about, girl!

  17. Laura, I love your videos with your humorous adlibs. Your writing also reveals your sweet sense of humor. I love it. The talent in your beautiful cards is overwhelming. Thanks for giving me so much.

  18. Great projects, Laura! Love that background under the ballerina. So cute that your daughter was all, can I have that? What more can you hope for after you finish a card? Love the ice pops and your bookmarks are so adorable — as is your son!

    Good stuff! But knowing how long it takes me to do one barely passable card, I can’t help wondering: how long does it take you to produce these release-in-review projects?

  19. Your creations, Laura, are wonderful, as usual! I always love seeing what you come up with! You are on so many Design Teams… Really don’t know how you do it with five kids, a husband, and a house to take care of. Your energy level must be super high! Please know that you are appreciated and so is your photography… Not to worry! You are doing great!

  20. I love your look Laura. SO clean, fresh, and non-fussy! Don’t sweat the Captain Underpants. Interest in reading is the most important part. Anything to get them to WANT to read. Most of my boys read Captain Underpants and they are all college graduates now. Not to worry!

  21. I just can’t get over how none of these projects look similar to each other, yet they are all still true to your clean style. AND they are absolutely gorgeous! And there’s a million of them! How do you do it?! Great post, Laura!

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