Lawn Fawn fun

Hello there! Today I’m just sharing a couple of fun Lawn Fawn cards. I fell in love with these cute robot images, and couldn’t wait to color them.Lawn Fawn~Beep Boop BirthdayAfter many, and I mean many attempts at getting the look I was wanting with various mediums, I found the one that I loved the most for these images. I scribbled distress markers on an acrylic block and used my water brush to loosely paint in the images. I ended up using a sharpie pen to draw my own balloon and string. The set comes with a solid balloon, but I wanted a balloon that I could color in and stay consistent with the other images. I’m weird, I know.
Lawn Fawn~Beep Boop BirthdayAnd then, with a little bit of masking, I stamped a pair of “love bears”.
Lawn Fawn~Love You SmoreAren’t they so cute? I love the word bubble sentiments from the Chit Chat set.
Lawn Fawn~Love You SmoreThat’s all for me today! Summer break has officially started, and every year, I have a slight panic attack about the kids being home They eat me out of the house, and then they get bored, and then they start fighting, and I just want to make cards, people! Thanks so much for stopping by!


39 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn fun

  1. I remember well the summer panic, Laura! My advice is just to go with it… all too soon, you will be at the stage I am now, the “do you think the kids will call today?” stage. They grow too fast, and they go off to college and get married and have kids of their own and it isn’t ever quite the same. Enjoy them while you can. (Although grandkids are a blast!)

  2. First of all, I love your cards and I totally know what you mean, when you are talking about panic attacks with the children being home all day long.

  3. They are so cute! I don’t blame for wanting the balloon style to match. I would’ve done the same. I’m with you too on the panic attack! First full day with the boys, and I was more than ready to head out for girls night when my hubby came home! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Adorable!! I love the light coloring with Distress Inks! And I can see why you want to the balloon to match! It’s good have this kind of obsession (LOL)! Enjoy the kids at home and get them to make cards and do a video or two…(wink!)!

  5. Two adorable cards! I think Distress inks and markers are the best way to get that watercolor look–so easy. You did a beautiful job with it on these.

  6. Really cute cards, Laura! I love your coloring…it’s really perfect with your CAS designs! I hope things go smoothly for you having the kids home…thank heaven summer break goes by quickly 😉

  7. So darn ca-ute. Love how you masked those bears. It looks like I’ll have to go buy some robots. You’re right the colored balloon is perfect. Find a place to hide if the kids get too obstreperous.

  8. I can only imagine what it’s like with 5 kids home for the summer! (I think you’re amazing, by the way.) Love your darling cards – both colored so perfectly! ♥

  9. Love these cards! You need a ‘bored list’ for your kids. Things that are so bad that they will always find something to do if the list comes out. I did this for my teenagers. Things like cleaning the baseboards, bathroom fans, scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush. They didn’t tell me they were bored any more!! Good luck!

  10. LOL, so funny! Deep breath – drug the children, hide them in the basement and then make cards – easy ;oP

    Love our sweet and totally adorable “duo” cards, such lovely colouring 🙂

  11. OMGosh these are both so adorable! I have to be honest, I was really hoping for a video, especially when I saw the bears card!!!!!! I’m sorry! I just love your videos LOL

  12. Oh, now I read about the kids being out of school! I don’t blame you for not having a video now!! LOL. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have a tiny window of card making time in the mornings when mine goes off to school. Don’t know what I’ll do all summer with no away time 😉 !

  13. I love the loose watercolor effect of the coloring combined with the dead on perfection of staying inside the lines. skills. So cute.
    Had a nursery school teacher tell me once that 70% of parenting is distraction. Read a blog post once by a work at home mother/journalist who absolutely had to have quiet on the spur of the moment when someone called to be interviewed by her. She said she kept a jar of candies on her desk. When the phone rang she’d grab a handful and throw it as far down the hallway as she could. It kept her kids quiet till the phone call was over. Do whatever it takes. But also take time to enjoy the summer with them, and we’ll wait patiently for cards.
    You could, of course, turn them into a video production company/card business.

  14. Well I don’t think you’re weird at all. That hand-drawn and colored balloon looks great! The bears are Adorable!

  15. Both cards are beautiful but I love love the bear card! I want that stamp set now…enabler! 🙂

  16. Love the watercoloring on both cards, Laura – they are just adorable!
    Enjoy the summer (I can’t even imagine to have 5 kids at home!) and I hope your kids will let you make a card or two, otherwise your followers/readers may suffer withdrawal ;o)

    Hugs, Anja

  17. These cards are so cute, Laura. Love how you colored the images. Enjoy the Summer break. Mine starts on June 30th. I’m still super busy with finals. Ugh. I also just want to make cards. Lol.

  18. You are such a HOot! Laura…first of all, I love these cards. Your CAS designs make my heart jump. Maybe I’m complicated. haha I’m a clutter bug, but I know where everything is, so I have organized clutter. I feel like it translates to my cards too! So, I follow a ton of CAS crafters, just hoping some of that simplicity will imbed itself in me. I love your robots and hand drawn balloon, it’s perfect! Those snuggling bears, how cute! One day at a time. I used to think things would slow down for summer break. No. I would think things will slow down when school starts. No. My kids are 4 years apart and it was perfect for them. I really enjoyed getting to sleep in during summer. But I did cherish the Snow days, maybe because I loved them so much as a kid myself. Getting cold and wet, having hot coco while our clothes dried in the dryer and missing school! Have a Great Summer.

  19. Laura, your cards are adorable… as always! I know it will be a good summer for the whole Bassen family! ♡ Maybe you can plan for a daily “Read to Self” or “Read to Someone,” or “Listen to Reading” time. Everyone would be having fun with books! It’s so great to continue the daily, quiet reading time over the summer months. Just set a timer… and enjoy some peaceful card making moments! (I’m a recently retired second grade teacher! Happy to share the gift of reading!♡)

  20. I love your cards Laura but I especially love your commentary. I am glad I am not the only one who has many attempts at cards. Have a great summer.

  21. Stunning cards. Your coloring is beautiful and your hand drawn balloon really makes the first card -it works a lot better than a solid one! Cute stamps. xxx

  22. I love that you can draw your own balloon And have it look like it belongs in the stamp set!
    That’s remarkable to me.

    I’m going on week two of summer break with my 4 boys nadir just sounds all too familiar to your usual summer. Why the fighting? That all I want to know. I ask my kids that every day “why oh why are you fighting!?” Shut up and let me craft!”
    Although we don’t say that “s” word in our house… Or not loud enough to hear anyway 🙂
    Good luck!

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