Introducing Ombre Builder

Hello there! I’m back again with another group post for Papertrey Ink. Today we are featuring the fabulous new Ombre Builder stamp set designed by none other than Nichole Heady. This set is sure to be a staple, and one that I know will get a ton of use.
PTI~Ombre BuilderFor my first card, I created an ombre pattern using one of the images in the stamp set and stamping it in various colors. I added a sentiment using the new Wet Paint Cuts dies. The “birthday” is from the Everyday Happiness stamp set.
PTI~Ombre Builder
For my next card I used one of the solid images to create a base or rug for my kitten to stand on.
PTI~Ombre BuilderI used the new Cat’s Meow stamp set and coordinating dies.
PTI~Ombre BuilderI couldn’t share this card without sharing a photo of our own kitty, Bella. She gets a lot of love around here. Sometimes maybe a little “too” much for her taste, but she always wants to be around despite the noise. She can’t come inside anymore since we found out my daughter Bailey is allergic, but life is treating her just fine outside. She’s made plenty of friends to keep her busy.
14139326564_e62b719a08_zCheck out what the rest of the team has created using this fabulous new Ombre Builder stamp set:
Nichole • Betsy • Dawn • Heather • Melissa • Laurie • Maile • Erin • Danielle • Ashley
Thanks so much for stopping by!


38 thoughts on “Introducing Ombre Builder

  1. Amazing cards! Love the bright ombre on the first card and the cute kitty on the second card. The picture of your daughter and Bella is so cute!

  2. I need this set! Love the ombre effect and that kitty is sooo sweet. Also love that picture of your daughter and Bella, although I don’t think your kitty is exactly a kitten anymore? I was also told by some English friends it’s quite rare to have a female ginger cat. We have two ginger cats, one female that we call Kokkini (kokkino means ‘red’ in Greek, and in Dutch we call ginger cats ‘red’ cats) and a male that we call Vatsiko (as suggested by the vet when we asked if there was a name for ‘cut ears’ in Greek, since some idiot decided to cut the cat’s ears when he was just a kitten, before we found him near the trash containers). They are both very sweet (just like our other 4 cats LOL), but also very expensive. Our Vatsiko came limping home with a broken leg last year in January and now has 2 metal pins in his leg and our Kokkini was hit by a car a few months later and had a broken jaw and torn ligaments in one leg. It’s a miracle she reacted to our calling out her name or she would have died from shock. But I’m digressing…

  3. LOVE your ombre stripes and the bold “wet Cut” sentiment. The kitty card is adorable, but not as much as the sweet picture of your daughter 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness your ombre is awesome, those sketchy stripes are cool and I love how you coloured the kitty. I sympathize with Bailey, I am very allergic to cats. I am can also relate to kids loving their pets a little bit too much, my daughter is 16 and still loves our dog Sam a little TOO much sometimes! xoxo

  5. I really enjoyed both of your cards today. I am loving the clean simplicity that comes from the ombre effect. The kitty is just so very cute…it makes me want to smile. Thanks!

  6. What a coincidence. My puppy is a black and tan doxy who will be 10 months old on June 15 and her name is Bella. My youngest daughter’s name is Bailey too. I raise 4 kids, am an empty nester now and awesome first time grandmother to a beautiful baby boy and I am in the initial planning stages of devising payback. Beautiful picture. It’s a framer.Cool card too! Love your work. I’m glad Bella sticks close to home. My Bella is “hell on paws” and a ball of energy so I send her to puppy daycare twice a week so she can play with her little puppy friends. Then she comes home and sleeps for 3 days. She’s not a morning dog either so I have to wake her up around 10ish or so. It’s weird. However, she has no problem waking me up at 2 a.m. to go outside, which I’m very grateful for. If she sleeps with me, then she generally sleeps through the night and shoves my head off of my pillow with her mug when she has her own pillow. She is long and is going to be a big doxy. She already weighs 17 pounds! Again, I digress.

    Frame Bella and Bailey. it’s a keeper.

    Your card is very cool too. They all are.

  7. I don’t often leave comments because I feel bad that I don’t have time to comment on everybody’s blog. But, I wanted to tell you how much I love your cards and style. Your cards are clean and simple, but they also pack a punch. Some CAS cards are too simple. Your cards are easy to make, clean, yet always have some kind of WOW factor. You are often the reason my credit card and I don’t get along. I’ll see you use a product and I need to have it. Anyway, even if I rarely leave a comment, I’m a big fan of your work.

  8. Love these, the kitty one is really cute, so sorry that yours can’t be in the house anymore. I can relate! However….if Bailey really needs to get a little kitty time….leather gloves. One of my friends in college had the cutest kitten, and I would put gloves on her to pet her.

  9. Really beautiful cards, Laura! I love your crisp, clean designs and of course how you play with the colors! You really know how to ‘Showcase the Goods’…everything is going on to my wishlist!
    Thanks for sharing this sweet photo of Emma and Bella, too!

  10. Your ombre builder is so pretty in the colors and paper you used. The cat’s meow is such an “awww” kind of stamp set, and I like how you applied it to your card.

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