Introducing Bowl of Sunshine

Hello again! Time for our final group post with Papertrey Ink. Today we are featuring the new Berry Basket II die as well as the Bowl of Sunshine stamp set & coordinating dies.PTI~Bowl of SunshineIsn’t this the cutest little basket? It was surprisingly very quick and easy to put together.
PTI~Bowl of SunshineLet’s talk about these muffins and this cute chef below. My son, Boaz, just finished his Freshman year in high school. He decided, when he registered, that he wanted to take Foods Class, mainly because he thought it would be easy, but what he didn’t realize is that he fell completely in love with cooking and baking. I never saw this one coming! I mean, he’s all boy and all about hockey and sports and non-stop ESPN on TV, but he wants to bake some sort of dessert every other day now. So, needless to say, he was so excited when I told him I needed some muffins for my basket. These kids come in handy every now and again. I only have one complaint. This kid makes a mess! Can you see my sink overflowing? That’s all him.
PTI~Bowl of SunshineI thought it would be cute to make a little sign in the basket instead of a traditional tag. I used the Limitless Layers: Labels stamp set and a sentiment from the Bowl of Sunshine set. I used a circle die that fit and glue dot to adhere it to a paper stick.
PTI~Bowl of SunshineI used the Polka Dot Basics II stamp set with versamark ink on kraft for my card front. The sentiment is from the new Friendly Flowers stamp set, and the apples and bowl are both from the Bowl of Sunshine set.
PTI~Bowl of SunshineI wasn’t the only one to fall in love with the Berry Basket full of muffins. The kids marched it right over to the neighbor’s house. I watched through the window and could see their smiles of surprise. These fabulous new stamps and dies are exactly what makes paper crafting so rewarding and worthwhile. It’s the best when you can make someone smile. Make sure and see what the rest of the team created with these new stamps and dies:
Nichole • Betsy • Dawn • Heather • Melissa • Laurie • Maile • Erin • Danielle • Ashley
Thanks so much for stopping by!

28 thoughts on “Introducing Bowl of Sunshine

  1. Awww you have a sous baker too! My son love to help me in the kitchen too! Great presentation for these yummy muffins. I agree with your statement “its best when you can make someone smile!”. Have a wonderful weekend Laura.

  2. I just have to say that 1…
    your project is absolutely fabulous! Who wouldn’t love a basket full of muffins?
    But it was your comment about your son that struck a chord with me…
    my 11 year old…
    who is already bigger than his mama…
    is my football, wrestling guy…
    loves nothing more than than tangling it up anyway he can BUT he LOVES cooking!
    He fell in love with Cake Boss a few years ago…
    I’m sure the sweets have something to do with it…
    but he just thinks baking/cooking is the coolest thing and I can’t keep him out of the kitchen…
    always wanting to make something!
    these guys will make a lucky girl very happy! 🙂

  3. My son is the same age and also took Food & Nutrition… and got a Doctor Who cookbook for his birthday. I told him that he can pick a day of the week for the summer and that will be his day to make supper. 🙂
    Super sweet basket & card, Laura!

  4. That’s so awesome! “These kids come in handy every now and then” made me laugh so hard! I can totally hear your voice in my head saying that. I love that he loves to bake! That is SOOOOO awesome! I love to cook and bake too!

  5. What a handsome Pastry Chef! When I hear of a young man are learning their way in the kitchen, I think of their future and their kitchen skills making their wife a happy lady! ( Along with learning to do laundry). It’s one of the reasons I married my DH…strange how he has “lost” most of his cooking ability over the years… Lovely projects Laura, though they do take a back seat to the true subject of your post 😉

  6. Yes you Boaz is going to make a lucky lady very happy one day. My son loves to get in the kitchen too. These tough sports guys make excellent chefs! 😉 Love your comment about how kids come in handy every now and then–ha ha. Adorable project, wish I was your neighbour!

  7. I have a feeling the girls are knockin’ on your door to hang out with Boaz – he is so handsome! Love that he actually wants to cook. His muffin look delicious and even yummier in your darling basket! Such a fun idea for a die! Beautiful card too, Laura – fun post today! ♥

  8. Love your display, Laura!! So lovely in every way. Now you know the boys can be GREAT bakers…just ask my David (who also makes a MESS when he bakes!!). Glad to hear that the kids “come in handy” some time 🙂 Wishing Boaz many more awesome baking sessions!

  9. What a sweet story (and project). And I so agree that making someone else smile is what it’s all about. Your son is seriously cute!

  10. Just so wonderfully done Laura. Love the photo of your proud son! and what a wonderful basket to make the perfect gift for someone special. PTI continues to amaze and inspire me.

  11. Your card and basket are just beautiful, Laura! But, your greatest accomplishment is that GORGEOUS young man holding the muffin tin! Dirty dishes, you say? I can’t see anything past that handsome face! And, learning his way around the kitchen is such a great way to prepare him for adulthood!
    How fun that your kids were able to make your neighbors smile like that, too…what a great thing we all have going with this hobby!

  12. Awww how adorable (I’m sure your son doesn’t want to hear that, but it is!!!). Good for him though, his future wife will probably love the fact that he can bake 🙂 Love your project!

  13. First of all, Boaz Bassen has to be THEE coolest name, ever! And leave it to PTI to come out with a cool berry basket die! What a fab showcase–muffins and all!

  14. Your Berry Basket project with the card is such an inspiration to me. Using Berry Basket will certainly make my gift-giving look tons better. Thanks.

  15. Cutest muffin basket ever, and those muffins don’t look bad either!
    PS, my nephew loved cooking all his young life, and is now making a living in Napa, Ca, catering! And all boy (man) as well!

  16. I love that your son made those muffins!! My nephew loves cooking and baking as well. He even has dinner done lots of nights by the time she comes home. I love this whole little set and this is definitely on my wish list.

  17. One of my grandsons wants to be a chef. Even at 2 or 3 he watched the Food Network instead of Disney. He’s 16 now and still wants to be a chef. He LOVES to cook and he’s pretty darn good.

  18. Not only is your son handsome, but his muffins look delicious. Fit perfectly in your cute basket with matching card. Wish I was your neighbor to reap the benefits of your craftiness. : )

  19. Another great card! What a happy way to sat “just because!” What a really great presentation of the muffins in the cute little basket…

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