SSS~July Card Kit

This is my second post for today. For my PTI Bowl of Sunshine post scroll down.
Hello! Today I have the great pleasure to be joining Simon Says Stamp as they release their fabulous new July Card Kit. She’s a good one!July-2014-Card-KitI fell in love with the stamp set included in the kit called Sending Happy Thoughts. Look at those adorable envelopes and fun handwritten sentiment.
SSS~July Card KitI used just the stamp set for my card as well as well as some Bazzill Taffy cardstock, which is also included in the kit.
SSS~July Card KitHere’s a quick, and I mean quick, little video to show you how I created it. There’s also a special, and quite entertaining special guest in there, too!

Check out the Simon Says Stamp blog to see more of the July Card Kit. Thanks so much for stopping by!


47 thoughts on “SSS~July Card Kit

  1. Super cute card–love those envies! And I’m so impressed with your narrator Thanks for brightening my Saturday!

  2. Awww, I loved hearing Emma’s sweet,little voice! She did an amazing job explaining what you were doing! Love your adorable envelopes – cute card!

  3. Such a gorgeous card, Laura! I love how all those pretty colors pop against the Taffy cardstock, and of course your design is stunning!
    Thanks for letting Emma entertain us with her darling self…I always enjoy it when she joins you on your videos!

  4. oh so sweet of Emma to narrate – well done, Missy 🙂

    Super cute card, Laura – Thank you. Love how your family “helps” you in your crafting endeavors 🙂

  5. This card is terrific, great idea. Emma is quite the commentator for her age…maybe she’ll be a photojournalist or have her own talk show. Happy Early Birthday, Emma.

  6. Cracks me up that she knows all the supplies at the ripe young age of 3 (almost 4)! WAY TO GO EMMA. Cute care too Laura 😉

  7. Love your card and video, but what makes your videos a lot better is when your kids ‘help’ you, so adorable Emma, she did a great job describing so accurately everything.. TFS

  8. It cracks me up that Emma has all the right crafting vocabulary – “nice neutral color”, “foam tape.” It’s because of comments like that that I can’t miss one of your videos. 🙂 Love the card.

  9. Ok Emma is adorable. I love her description of everything. Mommy is raising her right. Its all worth it when they are 25 and they come over to make cards with Mom. I had so much fun making cards with my daughter yesterday. Thanks for sharing your ideas love your videos. Give Emma big hugs and thank her for her narration.

  10. I can always count on your videos being fun and educational. What a pair you are. The envelopes have lots of potential for all sorts of layouts. Cute cute cute.

  11. oh boy a video…… love them ….. love the card…… toying with the idea of getting the kit……on a spending moratorium …… thank you.

  12. Loved your guest appearance, Laura. Emma is truly delightful with an amazing vocabulary for such a young lady – you must be a very proud mom! Super cute card – I have some sort of strange affection for tiny envelopes, so this really appeals to me. Can’t wait to see more cards created with the kit and I also can’t wait to receive my kit.

  13. What an adorable card and I loved hearing Emma’s voice and her enthusiasm for what you were doing! too cute! Can’t wait to get my hands on that kit….it looks like a great one!


  14. Move over, Laura, I think there’s another video star in your home. She is just so cute the way she explains what you are doing. I love those darling, colorful envelopes.

  15. Laura, such a pretty card!! It was a pleasure hearing little Emma speak on the video today. She tells the story just like you. It was so cute. She should have her guest some more.

  16. Oh that little Emma is quite the character. What a cutie and explaining your process.was just perfect. She definitely stole the show and your card is too cute too. Love those bright colors you used.

  17. Oh wow, amazing card. Love those little envelopes and I think you will be able to have Emma handle the narrative part of your videos very soon. I can tell she watches your video making a lot and she is starting to sound just like you LOL. Amazing she’s not even 4. That girl deserves a lot of pink birthday cards, don’t you think?

  18. I’m so impressed with Emma. She knew the names of everything and what you were doing as well as adding her own thoughts. She is a doll! The envelopes are darling. What a cute stamp set.

  19. Love the narrating….you will have to do one with each of the kids. Can’t wait to hear your hubby, or his alter ego, narrating one. Love the little border of envelopes on this card!

  20. I do have to say that Emma made my day!!! Laura the card is awesome! Gotta love those Simon Says Stamp card kits!!

  21. Great card as usual, but your narrator was fabulous! I can’t believe she did so well! Some adults would not have done so well, even with a script…and she ad libbed it all. So cute to hear her voice! Thanks Emma!

  22. I just watched your tutorial and I must tell you, Emma sounds adorable. I have 5 granddaughters and they love to get into everything in my studio. What a sweetie! Thanks again.

  23. ohmygosh!!! that was the cutest video ever. I always enjoy your vids, but having Emma help out was so sweet. GREAT card, too!

  24. I don’t often see stamp sets that I MUST have, but this is one. I’m on a spending freeze until I use some of the supplies I have, but if I hint around enough I may get it for a birthday gift. 😉 Emma did a great job of narrating. I can’t believe she isn’t even 4 yet. She knew more about the stamps, colors & cardstock than lots of people do. You’re training her well to take over your creative spot one of these days. I’d love to see some of her creations and hear her talk about them. Love the card and it’s a good reminder that we need to buy stamps and send cards instead of emails.

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