PTI~Introducing Superstition

Hi there! I’m back again for another group post with Papertrey Ink. Today we are showcasing the new “cat” themed sets & coordinating dies.PTI~Introducing SuperstitionMy first card uses the new Superstition & Full Moon stamp sets. I stamped my moon with Harvest Gold, Summer Sunrise & a bit of Orange Zest to give it some dimension. Then I die cut a window with my circle dies and popped the black cat silhouette as if it were looking out at the moon. When I was growing up, I had a black cat named October. She was exactly like this cat and exactly like how you’d think a black would be. She would hide under the bed and wait patiently to attack your feet at night.PTI~Introducing SuperstitionFor my next card, I use another one of the Superstition dies and did some partial die cutting to keep the cat silhouette image intact with the pattern paper.PTI~Introducing SuperstitionThis sentiment makes me laugh because it’s so true.
PTI~Introducing SuperstitionI couldn’t leave you without a picture of our cat, Bella. She gets more love than she desires. Her expression tells it all. That’s a doll skirt around her neck, ha ha! Poor thing.UntitledShe doesn’t even fight it anymore. She just goes the entire day with a princess necklace on and doesn’t even care. I guess we’ve worn her right down, lol. Check out the what the rest of the team create with these fun “cat” themed set. Thanks so much for stopping by!
Nichole • Betsy • Dawn • Heather • Melissa • Laurie • Maile • Erin • Danielle • Ashley

43 thoughts on “PTI~Introducing Superstition

  1. Oh what a surprise..a cat dressed up…so sweet of Bella…
    loved the photo’s and the cards!
    You always make me smile..with your videos ..stories and cards….

  2. The cat dies are so cute but Bella in her skirt and necklace are the best! She is sure laid back and goes with the flow.

  3. haha! your cat is hilarious.I don’t know whats funnier, the doll skirt or the shower cap! my son just came in while I was laughing out loud. he doesn’t seem to get the hilarity, cause he’s never owned one. Cats just rock when it comes to personality!
    ok.. the cards.. very very cute. I may just get a cat stamp set, thanks to you!

  4. These are so fun Laura! I love that your cards look CAS, but they always have that “WOW” factor. LOL I guess, it’s all the white space, which I feel I need to fill. LOL I just keep hangin’ out here, hoping that your style will rub off on me. haha

  5. Fabulous cat cards…so CUTE! And, the photos of your cat are priceless…hehehe! Bella is such a pretty cat!:-)

  6. Wow, looks like the cat on your first card is overlooking a super moon! Gorgeous stamping to create the dimension. Bella is so pretty!

  7. I am totally cracking up at the cat photos! Poor cat! These cards are great too! Love the subtle shading on the moon and the partial die cutting.

  8. Ha ha so funny! None of our cats would put up with that! Love your cards
    This set is a must have for a cat lover.

  9. OMG! Hahaha I absolutely love the pictures of Bella, they’re just too cute and hilarious! She looks so unamused by all of this. I love both of your cards, especially the sentiment on the second card. It is so true!

  10. Giggle giggle!! Aww, Laura – you’re killin’ me here! I’m trying to devote less time to cards & scrapbooking (started a new business and I need to give IT more time). But then I see cards like THESE, and it’s SO HARD! lol – the Halloween card just swoons me, and the kitty card is just so stinkin’ cute. Your kitty is PRECIOUS!!

  11. That first card is kind of spooky. Like the cat is communing with the moon. Love it. And the second one is funny and brilliant. Partially die cutting it is exactly perfect. Bella looks resigned to her fate…this adornment thing must have been going on a long time.

  12. Two fabulous cards, Laura! I love how you created your scene on the first one, and your partial die cutting is so cool with the polka dot papers on the 2nd one!
    Bella is so pretty! Bless her heart for putting up with 5 kids and hand-me-downs from a doll! Love it 🙂

  13. Best. Cat. Ever. Clearly, she has as great a sense of humor as you do. Fabulous cards, too! Your creativity is so inspiring. Love it!

  14. Love the partial die cutting and the first card is even better knowing you had a black cat named October. Your cat is awesome. I’m still chuckling from the pictures. What a good sport.

  15. I like both the cards…so clever! I like the way you shaded the moon in the first card as it really adds a special dimension to the look.

  16. Great cat cards! I bet Ms. Kristina Werner would love this collection 🙂
    Bella doesn’t seem to love that pink outfit, but she’s rockin’ the necklace. What a hoot!

  17. The cat photo is priceless. I used to dress my cat like a baby. I bought real baby dresses for her, and made her sit in my stroller. This brought back so many memories! You’ve got a very sweet kitty. LOL Give her a big hug for me! Oh, and I LOVE your cards!!!

  18. If this is not the cutest thing. I’m definitely a cat lover. Lol Such cute dies~ I hope I can find them~ Would have loved to see a video of these being made~ 🙂

  19. Great cards, Laura, but then, I’m a cat lover and I can definitely relate to that sentiment. Your Bella reminds me of our ginger cat, Kokkini, but I don’t think she would allow us to dress her up like that. Maybe we’d have better luck with our ginger tomcat, Vatsiko, but I’m not going to try LOl.

  20. Hi, Laura! I have a neighbor with a 5 year old daughter named Mia. Mia has a dog named Sugar, who also gets way too much love and attention like Bella. Mia dresses Sugar everyday including a headband with a bow. It is too cute and funny. Sugar wears dresses and t-shirts and has her own purse. I joke with Mia when she doesn’t dress up Sugar that she’s asking for trouble letting Sugar run around naked like that. I think Sugar was a diva who found the right home to fit that title. (laugh) Have a great day.

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