Time After Time Challenge

Hello! Today I’m joining Papertrey Ink for a fun Stamp-a-faire challenge. Today we are taking a look back at one of our “older” projects and doing a “make-over” version of it. I called my Mom and she had quite a stash for me to choose from. I chose this old gem:)LauraThere’s so many things I could say about this card, but the most painful thing about it for me is my sentiment placement. I mean, it almost makes drop to my knees and cry, it’s that bad. Less is more with the stapler, Laura. PTI~SAF Time After Time ProjectObviously I was in the mood for some sewing, too! Wowzers. I knew this poor thing needed a “make-over”.
PTI~SAF Time After Time ProjectI never really realized how much my style has changed over time, but white space has become the air I breathe. I wanted to draw from the old card, but maintain my current loves: tone on tone backgrounds, layered die cuts, loosie goosie thread, and glossy accent dots.
PTI~SAF Time After Time ProjectI layered the Life is Beautiful butterfly dies as well as the “you” using the Wet Paint cuts. The tone on tone background was created using the Polka Dot Parade alpha dies. The heart embellishment came from an old Studio Calico card kit.
PTI~SAF Time After Time ProjectI’m excited to see what the rest of the design team has created for this challenge, and what old projects they have dug up for it. Thanks so much for stopping by!
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31 thoughts on “Time After Time Challenge

  1. You are brave digging up cards from the past! I dread to think what lurks at the beginning of mine. I really love your card makeover – what a breath of fresh air and loving all that white space Laura! You are a true inspiration.

  2. Is there something wrong with me if I say I like the first one too? ok I agree about the sentiment part, and the stitching….and the staples, but other than that, it’s really still quite lovely!

  3. Oh, how fun to see how your style evolved! I love “white space” Laura, but I agree with Wida that your older card is quite lovely! 🙂

  4. How sweet that your mom keeps your old cards, and honestly Laura, it’s not so terrible! I do love your current CAS style the ‘mostest’, though! All that beautiful white space with a pop of color just makes me smile 🙂 An awesome makeover!!!

  5. Isn’t it fun (read: scary) to look at old cards, especially the really early ones? lol I still have a few and now and then I look at them, at which time two things come to mind: 1. Wow, I’ve come a long way in my abilities; and 2. Thank goodness I never gave this to anyone!

    Thanks for showing us your growth and, as always, inspiring me!

  6. Such an interesting challenge! I love it. What a GREAT idea. It is encouraging to all us newbies to see how you have grown as an artist.

  7. As a new stamper I ADORED this challenge. It really illustrates to me the details that make the cards current and polished. Such a fun project.

  8. Fabulous “make-over” – I do think your original is lovely too, and I would never have noticed the sentiment placement , had you not mentioned it – my eyes were focused on the main panel!

  9. I don’t know, that first one is pretty amazing too! I had to laugh because one of the cards I’m thinking of redoing has these same SU butterflies and I’m going to replace them with the Life is Beautiful ones! I love this challenge!

  10. I can’t miss your splendid post no matter where I am….each card is beautiful, Laura! Ciao! PS: you are very critical of your first card…but then it’s because you have become an amazing card maker! That is all 🙂

  11. I have become VERY fond of white on white lately (seriously, Kari, it has been noticed) and truly love the way you did the negative die cut white on white. AND what is NOT to love about Life is Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your evolution from one ‘distress-eduged’ woman to another.

  12. I’ve been stamping for years and my style is still the same – although my colouring is better. lol Your style may have changed but you definitely made beautiful cards “back then” too. Your latest card is absolutely divine!

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