SSS~Hey Teacher treat boxes

Hi there! Today I wanted to share with you some cute little teacher treat boxes that I made using my Envelope Punch Board and the Hey Teacher stamp set by Simon Says Stamp.SSS~Hey Teacher treat boxesHow cute are these little chocolate boxes? The are made to fit three Ghirardelli chocolates like a glove. I found this blog named The Crafty Owl with the coolest Box Buster converter. All you have to do is enter the measurements of whatever you want to box, and it will give you the size of paper you need as well as the score & punch measurements to use with your punch board. It’s fantastic!
SSS~Hey Teacher treat boxesThe other day I made a similar box to hold a few of my handmade cards to give as a gift. I saw this on Jennifer McGuire’s blog. This little chocolate box is basically just a scaled down version of Jennifer’s box. Jennifer used to be an engineer,so it was probably a piece of cake for her to find the measurements for her card box…Me on the other hand? Are you kidding? ha ha….I needed the Box Buster, baby:) Here’s a little video to show you how I made it.

Just want to give you the information again for these treat boxes:
Paper size: 5 1/2″—Score & punch at: 1 7/8 and 2 7/8″
Wrap size: 2 3/4 x 6 1/2″—Score at: 1, 1 3/4, 3 7/8, 4 5/8″

So, that’s all for today…the last day of August…wow, that month went by like a flash, eh? Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by!

44 thoughts on “SSS~Hey Teacher treat boxes

  1. I love, love, love your videos!!! Thank you for all the links. I’m going to make up a bunch of these and send them to my daughter who teaches 4th grade. She can pass them out to all of the staff at her school. BTW – I live in Lincoln, IL. Come and meet me at our local coffee shop sometime and I’ll buy you something to drink!!!!

  2. What is the size of your box paper? You gave the wrap dimensions but not the box square size unless I missed but I tried to search. Just thought i’d ask you. Thanks, it such a cool box and I love boxes.

  3. Definitely a cute box and useful for all occasions. However, I didn’t see a notation for the size of the box you wanted to make. Being lazy and really bad at measuring it would be helpful to have it!

  4. There are no teachers in my life now, but this is a fantastic box for anyone chocolate lover. I love the wrap you made for it. Thanks for the video.

  5. Sooo cute!! Thanks for sharing this idea! May I ask, how did you determine wrap score lines & size?? I always struggle with this! Thx!!!

  6. Darn girl…this is awesome. So happy about this Box Buster website. Geez, you can even measure in centimeters. But the best part are those adorable wraps you’ve made. Clever.

  7. Your treat boxes are so pretty, Laura! I love your Copic coloring on the sleeve and that the boxes are perfect for 3 Ghirardelli chocolates…so FUN!
    Thanks so much for the video and the link!

  8. OH MY! These are the cutest things ever! What a great idea for a teacher! Or anyone for that matter. I will be stealing this idea and using it for my kids teachers. And yes, I’m sure any teacher of 5th graders needs an emergency stash of chocolate in their desk!
    PS – I’m with you on the rulers! They are so fun to have! Along with a new box of #2 pencils – almost don’t want to sharpen them!

  9. Thanks again Laura! In NZ we aren’t as festive as you Americans! We may give a card or gift to the teacher at the end of the school yr (Nov-Dec) but it’s not promoted. Fairly low key down here! 🙂 but thank you for putting those links up. Shall be fairly handy. I love your videos and your humour.

  10. I just love your narrative style, your fun voice , your happy videos. AND love your projects. These boxes rock!

  11. Love your videos, you are just too cute!! Great site for the box sizes, thank you for sharing the link! Love your adorable treat boxes!

  12. Laura once again, you crack me up. I do however, think there is a 12 step program for ruler addiction!!! Or maybe it’s a 12″ program!!!! I know that I just started following you a day ago, and you don’t know me, but our personalities are so alike, I think you will know who I am soon!!!! I love the little box and of course the wrap is adorable. I just get the biggest kick out of your creations!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the crafting world. And don’t worry, I have a paper addiction, a bling addiction, an embellishment addiction, an ice cream addiction,….. the list goes on and on!!!! Have a happy day!!!

  13. These are so cute! I love them. I always forget about teachers… Is that horrible? Love the little boxes and great coloring as always 😉
    I love stopping by your blog, it always makes me feel inspired once again! Thanks!

  14. I almost wish I was a teacher… 🙂 this is a great idea, I must try it! Thanks for sharing and have a good one Laura!

  15. These are adorable and just the ticket for the new school year. Just a note: I understand your addiction to rulers. I am strangely drawn to the paint chip fans used by professional painters. I just feel so happy spreading out the fan and looking at all the colors!! Hey, whatever it takes to feel that tingle, right?

  16. Fun project, Laura. But the real reason for my visit today is to tell you that you need to get out that paper crimper of yours and join the challenge over at Believe it or not, they are challenging their players to use their paper crimper! I thought that was hilarious after having watched the PTI designers showing off their paper crimpers in front of the camera! Have fun LOL!
    Marianne x

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