Mama Elephant~Rewind

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a project on the Mama Elephant blog featuring the new Rewind stamp set.
Mama Elephant~Rewind
This set brings back a lot of fun memories of the good ol’ days, crankin’ my cassettes in the car. I still have my old Joan Jett & the Blackhearts tape as well as my old favorite, wait for it, don’t split your pants over this one, but I used to love my Vanilla Ice tape…true story. I’m not one to toot my own horn or anything, but I was, at one time, voted best dancer in my high school. I owe it all to Ice, Ice Baby. I kid you not.
I found this colorful inspiration photo above and knew I wanted to do something similar.
I used some post-it notes to mask the cassette images to stamp them overlapping. Then after coloring them with Copics, I trimmed off the right side and popped it up on a neutral gray card base. I love how you can use the title on the cassettes as a place for your sentiment.
Mama Elephant~Rewind
That’s all for now. Thanks so much for stopping by! Rock on, girlfriends:)


42 thoughts on “Mama Elephant~Rewind

  1. ROFL! Oh I think I still have my copy of Ice, Ice Baby around here somewhere (along with my New Kids on the Block LP *cringe*!) 😉
    This card is simply awesome! 😀

  2. Oh Em Gee!!! Ice, Ice, Baby????? I can just see you out there on the dance floor, Laura…and, I have no doubt you were the best dancer in your high school, too 🙂
    You totally inspire me with your Copic coloring and how you designed this card…I really love it! Of course, now this set is going on to my wishlist…Geez!

  3. Uh oh, I”m feeling old here but at least you remember cassette tapes. I love what you did with them, cutting out the edge. Great sentiment, too.

  4. You crack me up!! Love this fun card, Laura! So cool how you colored the tape images! And by the way, Happy Birthday to you! I hope your hubby and kids spoil you rotten today! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Great card! How can you share the dance story and not have a video of you dancing to Ice, Ice Baby? 🙂 I remember my Adam Ant cassettes especially. I worked in a record store and had quite a cassette collection at one time. And they almost always got eaten by my car’s cassette player!

  6. oh my! This is so fun! I LOVED my cassettes too and recording all my favourite songs! I had a tape with I love Rock n Roll recorded 5 times in a row! I kid you not! LOL Great blast from the past!

  7. I love these cassette stamps and the coloring is fantastic! I’m waiting for you to do a video with ice ice baby in the background….. 😉

  8. Loved Vanilla Ice and Beastie Boys too, though my real obsession was Rick Springfield 😀 I totally love the card… I think its perfect for both friends and hubbies as we’re all in the same age bracket. I love that you could use the images for almost any sentiment too, except sympathy… that would just be so wrong! 🙂

  9. Great card! Love the neon colors!! Your comment about Vanilla Ice is hilarious! Isn’t it depressing that the younger generation has never even come into contact with a cassette tape?!?! I feel so old!!!

  10. You are so funny. love the card. Do you think they will ever make a stamp set of 8 track’s? LOL Very few people would know what the heck they are.

  11. OMG OMG OMG!! I KNEW IT!! =) Not only can you ROCK your cards, but you can ROCK some moves!! =) I have a feeling you poses several more hidden talents as well “Girlfriend”!!?? =) LOVING this Bright N Happy card!! THANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!! =)

  12. Oh my gosh, how fun is this card!!! I remember when cassettes came out. They made my collection of 45’s obsolete along with the eight tracks. Guess I’ll have to get rid of my 33 1/3’s too. I think I might even have some old 78’s in the attic and believe it or not, I have some blue vinyl tubes that go on an RCA player back in the earlier 1900’s. This card is fantastic. Love the bright colors and cute labels you made.

  13. You cracked me up, Laura! I just knew Vanilla Ice was about to be mentioned. If anyone denies jamming out to “Ice,Ice Baby” that is a big fat lie. My childhood friend Raymond and I had a great laugh a couple of years ago (we’re 44, by the way) when he found his Vanilla Ice singles cassette tape (remember those?) and we sat in his car and jammed along. We looked at each other and just laughed hysterically. Thanks for such a great blog and making me smile. And yes, I do believe that you were voted best dancer in high school because I was voted best dancer in elementary school. =)

  14. Lovely Card, yes cannot forget those days of getting customised tapes made with songs of choice. Those were lovely days, I had a drawer full of cassette, just discarded them a few years ago. Now its only CD & DVD. But the stamp set is so cool to relive the memories.

  15. Very fun card! Those colorful cassettes are certainly a trip down memory lane. You are so orginal and very talented!

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