SSS~November blog feature

Hello there! Just poppin’ in to share a sneaky peeky of my project that’s over on the Simon Says Stamp blog today.SSS~VillageYou can head over there to see more, including a video with more special guest appearances made by my kiddos, some pathetic attempts at Christmas caroling and oh yes, stuff about the card, too, ha ha!

33 thoughts on “SSS~November blog feature

  1. Laura, your card is the perfect picture of a “picture perfect” Christmas. So beautiful and quiet with the snowfall. Thank you for the teaching you do as you talk about the making of your cards. YOU are an inspiration. Tell the children that I loved their singing. Please do it again.

  2. Truly enjoyed the video!Stunning card….now too what you say about being a CAS card maker..sure is hard to know when to stop!
    loved the singing!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness! That is gorgeous! I will be CASEing this one for my cards this year. I love the video, and the new lyrics for Jungle Bells that your adorable kids came up with…hahaha. I think the little pop of color on the poinsettias is perfect.

  4. Beautiful the touch of red…fun video…entertaining Christmas carols…thanks to you and the kids for a good giggle.

  5. I haven’t even watched the video yet, but I can tell you I CAN;T WAIT! Always look forward to your videos for the creative inspiration and the inevitable entertainment.

  6. GORGEOUS card, Laura…WOW!!! I love the added pop of color with the flowers, and of course how you inked the background…it’s just beautiful!
    Loved hearing your Christmas Carolers today! So what if they don’t know all the words…Emma filled it in with her own! I thought I would fall off my chair laughing…Thanks for making me smile, Laura!!!

  7. What a peaceful card and can your kids be any cuter singing those wonderful Christmas songs? Love to hear them and you’ve got to let them be in your videos more often. It really made my day.

  8. Best rendition of Jingle Bells ever… So glad to see someone use those village dies. I ordered the tags & tinsel kit from PTI but it took so long to arrive my deadline for using it past and I returned the kit!! Now I wish I’d kept it but I did buy the SSS village and now I know how to use it!
    You are a lifesaver.

  9. You make those layers look so easy – I’ve struggled with the little die-cut village thing – now I see that I just needed more room to each side, so I could make adjustments before I tape it down, then trim the edges – duh!
    Also, I gotta say – great concert from your children! I love those sweet voices stumbling through unfamiliar words – OMG, I’m still smiling and chuckling to myself, and I’ll bet it lasts all day! Don’t you dare tell ’em they’re singing it wrong, Mom!
    I always enjoy your video tutorials – thanks for all you do!

  10. Can’t wait to see this beauty…and I’m equally excited for the video. I get the biggest kick out of them. They always make me smile and laugh, and you can never do too much of that, right?

  11. Saw this at SSS. IMO, this is another of your never-to-be-forgotten designs (right up there with the big orange flower and the ombre stacked triangles). That sky blue. I feel myself transported to that place thanks to the dimension. And then the touch of red, but not in-your-face red. I love this card.

  12. Love the card and video and especially the children sing. I have a question. You mention in the video that you got your inspiration from someone else, but I cannot quite hear whose name you say. Could you please let me know – I would love to go see her cards too. Thank you – Julie

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