DieCember™ 2014 Blog Hop

diecemberhopWelcome to the DieCember™ blog hop with Simon Says Stamp. This is a fabulous new release with 15 brand new wafer thin dies. Today I have a couple of cards featuring the new Balloon Bouquet die.SSS~Balloon BouquetI love how these balloons look as if they are in motion. I wanted to try a really loose look behind the dies using watercolors.
SSS~Balloon BouquetMy next card uses various colors of Simon Says Stamp cardstock and a ton of glossy accents.
SSS~Balloon BouquetYou can see how cool the glossy accents look here. I added a sentiment from the More Sketchy Banners Greeting set.
SSS~Balloon BouquetHere’s a little video to show you how I created my cards.

Simon Says Stamp has also added a sale category for dies that are 50% off with the coupon code DIES. You can check that out HERE.

Simon Says Stamp is giving away a prize package to one randomly selected winner on each stop of the hop. Leave a comment by December 4th for your chance to win!

Your next stop on the hop is the very lovely & talented Lucy Abrams.
Thanks so much for hopping by!

DieCember™ release:

What I used:

551 thoughts on “DieCember™ 2014 Blog Hop

  1. Laura, I am always so amazed and what you come up with. I am glad you showed these balloons as they caught my eye when looking at the dies. I love the water color card.

  2. Laura!! Love both of your very creative uses for this die… now, tell me, why didn’t I order this one????!!!! Oh well, there’s always nest time!
    About the Glossy Accents…. YES, mine gets clogged, too.. I resorted to putting a pin in the top, but then that rusted and made a big mess. I really wish they’d re-invent the container to have a top like the old Elmer’s, that you swivel shut!! You would probably have enough clout to get that done, Laura!! I’ll NEVER stop using it regardless!! Thank you, I’ll hop off of your platform now…
    =] Michele

  3. Happy to hear that others get the glossy accents clog too. Love your cards and airways enjoy your videos. Thanks.

  4. These cards are super gorgeous Laura in fact didn’t realise you had a video to watch when they popped into my inbox … treat for later! Love your videos and inspiration. Thanks so much xx

  5. I love getting to see 2 different looks and yes, no matter what you do Glossy Accents always seems to be clogged when you go to use it.

  6. Love both cards, but the watercolor one is my most fav with those brilliant colors! And yes, I, too, suffer from GA clog!!

  7. I love how you put the watercolors behind the die Laura! The result is beautiful! I thought the same thing with that single balloon… it would look adorable with a little animal/character to be “holding” the balloon in the air… they’d look like they were floating away! 🙂

  8. What great insight! I love the watercolor effect. You always amaze me with your creativity and the way you think outside the box!!

  9. What beautiful cards I love the glossy accents on the second card and I would like to try it myself. I hope soon!

  10. yay a card video……oh boy……. Glossy accents always clogs up…..they suggest after every use tap the glue down and then cover…….. works sometimes. Love the cards…… your unique design ,,,,,,, thank you

  11. Laura I love your cards!!! I always like what you make and watching your videos!!! They are so real and make me laugh while I learn!! Great work!

  12. Beautiful!!! I just ordered the larger water color set for my kids to give me for Christmas! Found a great deal on them and could not pass it up. Love this balloon die!!!

  13. I would never have thought of leaving the splotchy looking colors under the die cut balloons but I really like that look? What a great fun die too.

  14. Great examples of the new SSS balloon die. Thanks for both the watercoloring and Glossy Accents techniques. If it’s helpful, I store my GA bottle upside down.

  15. Love your cards and techniques. I too have tried the pin in the bottle of Glossy Accents that rusted. I found this on Simon Says Stamps – Quilled Creations PRECISION TIP Empty Applicator Bottle. It is similar to an applicator (different brand) I recently bought in my local Scrapbooking store. I have been using it with my Glossy Accents successfully for a few weeks. Only time will tell on how it will perform in the long run. Puts down a nice fine line and no clogging so far.

  16. I just KNEW you were going to use this die. I said to myself the second I saw the die….”that is a Laura Bassen die”. It’s bright, happy and fun….just like you! 🙂 Absolutely LOVE what you did with them.

  17. I love the card, you guys are so talented… I just start making cards a month ago and i love it, it’s really fun.. so i definitely gonna try to do this card.😃

  18. I love the two ways you demonstrated!!! I too have issues with my glossy accents at times. I use my paper piercer to unclog mine on a regular basis.

  19. I love this die . Your cards are so playful Laura . TFS . My glossy accents clogs as well and I have no real solution.

  20. Yes I have clogged glossy accent bottle every time but I love the stuff so much. I love balloons almost as much and your card has it all. Love them both.

  21. I love your watercolored balloons! Thanks for the video, too. Those watercolors are definitely on my wish list.

  22. How cool…not sure which I love the best…love the openness of the water coloring or the vibrant color of the pieced balloons. Both AWESOME!

  23. OMGosh, Laura, I bought this die this morning even before I saw your cards and video. they are so stinking cute. I am doing the happy dance and can’t wait to get them.

  24. The watercoloring really makes this a distinctive card, love it! My glossy accents clog too, I have to stick a pin in the nozzle every, single time!! 🙂 Great cards!!

  25. That is a GREAT idea of how to add color to your balloons. I love the watercolor splash, but the glossy accents one is cool too.

  26. Love your cards! I Always look forward to your videos. Have you tried storing your Glossy Accents upside down. Seems to work okay for me.

  27. Wonderful cards. Coloring out of the lines is fantastic and I think balloons and glossy accents were meant for each other. Perfect.

  28. Love how different your card is compared to all the Christmas stuff that is out right now (not that I don’t love Christmas…but sometimes it’s nice to take a break!)

  29. Those are gorgeous! I love the Glossy Accents on the balloons, and mine gets clogged a lot, too. It’s very annoying. I’ve tried everyone’s tips. The smaller bottles seem to be less prone to clogging, for some reason.

  30. Love the two variations of the card! The water colour effect bleeding out of the die outline is very cool and placing the inside coloured pieces of die cuts back into the balloon is a clever way to add colour without actually colouring! Thank you for sharing

  31. I love the simple but lovely card you have created with this die and watercolour. I also got the precision tip bottle and put glossy accents in it. So far so good, but not sure if it will be too difficult to squeeze out if the glossy accents gets any thicker with time.

  32. Well of course your balloons had to be rainbow ones. LOVE the loose, watercolor look! And there is no solution to the clogged Glossy Accents nozzle. They want you to keep buying new bottles…

  33. Ohh these cards are gorgeous! Love the bright watercolor on the first one, and all that glossy accent on the second one… This die is one of my favorite in this release… Thanks for sharing 🙂

  34. The watercolor balloons are my favorite, though I also always like your rainbows. The way you pronounce Kuretake is: Coo (pigeons coo) – Re (as in red) – Ta (as in talk) – Ke (as in Keds)

  35. love your cards – very fun – and I do not have problems with me glossy accents – in fact I am surprised that it works so well!
    Sandra ltb

  36. OMG Your cards are so Fabulous and Fun!! I love how you chose to do your balloons on each card and you are so clever and creative with what you came up with. GIRL YOU so ROCK!!

  37. I really love the watercolor card. Who knew that “coloring outside the lines” would look so gorgeous? That balloon die is fabulous.

  38. I love these dies. I just ordered a bunch of dies and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive. However I am already getting quite a “wish list” of more dies from watching these videos!! Thankyou

  39. Appreciate the side by side comparison. Fun to see the versatility of a die set illustrated in such a way. Love the placement of the escaping balloon slightly off the page.

  40. Love both cards but I’m really excited to try the watercolor version. I wanted the balloon dies when I saw them but now I really, really have to get them.

  41. Your cards are so bright and cheery. Love the balloon bouquet dies. I’m with you, my glossy accents always plug up also.

  42. Colorful cards. I enjoy your play by play on your videos; your relaxed and casual comments make your videos fun to listen to.

  43. What fun cards. I like the water colored one slightly more than the glossy accented one but they are both awesome.

  44. Beautiful cards, Laura! I also have trouble with my Glossy Accents clogging up in the tip. If you find the solution please share it! = ^ )

  45. No surprise you chose the balloons. And the color combo. And watercolor. Perfect trifecta. I think we are kindred spirits.

  46. LOVE LOVE both cards!!! I really like this die when I saw it now its a gotta have 🙂 And really how can you go wrong with a rainbow of balloons 🙂 Leslie at The Crooked Stamper puts the plastic thing from price tags in her glossy accents – haven’t try it yet but it seems free and easy.

  47. Ha ha ha ha, how come I’m not surprised that you picked the balloon die to use?!?! Adorable cards. So festive!
    Here’s my tip for keeping the Glossy Accents from clogging. You know those little plastic things that hold price tags onto clothes? I cut the ‘fat’ end off so it is like a T, the long part goes into the squirter part of the bottle and the top of the T keeps it from going down in. When I take the top off it is usually stuck to the inside of the top and pulls out, nozzle is nice and clear. Just pull it out of the cap and replace it when you are done. Works for me.
    Thanks for another fun video.

  48. Love your balloon ideas, Laura. I saw the balloon die yesterday, but now I have to have it. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Laura, I always love your videos, and this one is no exception! You crack me up with your side commentary. LOL I am glad to know that I’m not the only one who has that trouble with Glossy Accents. I agree with Cheryl–I wish Ranger would do something like include a needle tip in the lid to help keep the nozzle from clogging. Anyway… Love both your cards, but especially the watercolored one! I don’t know what it is about the loose watercolor look, but it just appeals to me. I guess the colors just look more vibrant than the cardstock piecing–at least on the video. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful artistry, and for lifting my spirits!

  50. I loved both of your cards and the colors! I always have a problem with the bottle. No matter what you do it clogs. I saw on another channel a company came out with a clog proof tip. Ranger needs that tip. Thank you for all your great videos!

  51. Super idea – love how this balloon technique turned out! Thanks for the hop and a chance to win a prize – very generous of Simon Says – have a blessed week!

  52. Laura, I am Wowed by the freehand watercolor card! I love the ease of this technic. I will be getting the
    Balloon die for sure. Thanks so much for your work!!

  53. Love the watercolor technique. I saw someone comment on Jennifer McGuire technique for glossy accents, she calls it burping the bottle, you may want to ask her.

  54. Love the first card the best, the watercolor loose look like you said. There is just something wonderful about it. It really catches the eye.

  55. Wonderful die! Both
    cards are lovely but
    I love the first one
    with the blotches of
    color behind the
    Carla from Utah

  56. Laura!!! OMG!! You watercolored outside the lines!! One day I’m going to be brave enough to do that!!! Love the technique and layering dies for depth. I have to remember, very nice and whimiscal. Then I had to laugh on the second card you put the rainbow in order!!! I would have too!

  57. Wow! Love the water coloring behind the balloons and how you added glossy accents on the second card and created two different looks.

  58. I like something different about a each one: on the first I like how you stacked three of the die cuts for dimension. On the second I love how you pieced the colors in and then made them pop with glossy accents. I found that putting a large headed stainless steel needle (must be stainless so it doesn’t rust) in the top of my glues & glossy accents keeps them from stopping up.

  59. Laura, you have no idea that we ordinary crafters are in awe of your beautiful projects. Your designs and composition are so beautiful and the execution is flawless. I love everything you create.

  60. I KNEW you’d be doing the balloons. I love them both. My tip for keeping Glossy Accents unclogged is to put a stickpin in the nozzle – which means I can’t put the cap on, but that’s OK for me. Seems to work.

  61. Perfect die selection for your bubbly personality, Laura. I love the happy way you colored them and assembled the piece. Very fun video, too!

  62. Laura, did you use “hot lips” ink? Now when I watch your videos I think of that and just laugh myself off the chair. Thanks for your sharing your cards.

  63. Love the water colors behind the die, fab! I am also in love with the glossy ones, and that you changed the colors where they overlapped. So smart!

  64. just love your cards. so very happy with the floating balloons. i just must have this die. thank you for sharing.

  65. I’ve already ordered this balloon die(loved it as soon as I saw it) and I’m so happy to see cards created from it! Both cards are “simply” great…love both water color and using glossy accents. I’ve tried lots of different suggestions to keep the glossy accents from getting clogged and nothing has been totally satisfactory yet. I hope someone comes up with a super idea! 🙂

  66. YESSS,,, Laura, your too funny, my glossy accents too, sometimes yes, sometimes no, I try to keep the bottle straight up, after I squeeze and use a baby wipe….great video !!!!

  67. Love the watercolor balloons, such a natural look for wispy balloons flying away. The glossy accents really enhances your beautiful balloons as well!

  68. WOW!! I love how you created two fabulous cards with just one die cut. LOVE the watercolored look and the way you used the glossy accents on the card stock is so cool!!

  69. Just love you’re cards and you’re ideas with the balloon set. Really like the watercolor look behind the balloons. So sweet.

  70. Always love a visit to your blog. The watercolor balloons are just awesome! I really struggle to get Glossy Accents to go on smoothly, so I’m very impressed with your balloons!

  71. Love love love this die!! I am with you, I can think of so many ways to use it. I have trouble with my glossy accents too. I have tried pushing the air out onto a baby wipe, everything and I still have to unclog it. I just keep a needle on my bulletin board just for this reason. Thanks again for another great card!!

  72. The balloons is my favorite die here. Like how you used them on both cards, but all the shine on the 2nd one really does it for me.

  73. I love both of your cards Laura–you always do such a wonderful and creative job with the your *rainbow* colors!!

  74. Happy Diecember!!!

    Papercrafting is my new favorite hobby. I really hope I win- these dies are awesome and would be a great starter. I could make awesome cards and such like you! Thanks for this hop 🙂

    Emerald Tidwell

  75. The balloons are my favorite!!!! I never would have thought to do watercoloring with them like that…..sooooo cool!!!

  76. The balloon die is one my favorites out of the 15 offered. Your watercoloring and die cutting totally made these cards really pop. Thanks Laura.

  77. Love ’em both but the watercolor one just really grabbed me. Also like to stack the dies for some dimension. Must have taken forever for the glossy accents to dry!

  78. omg… love your cards… and yes, my glossy accents is out to get me, it clogs no matter what. And can i just say, i am so happy to see that I am not the only one who use glossy accents like you. I love to add nice thick layers on everything… lol

  79. Very fun card & I have to tell you that your videos are always so entertaining…your personality really comes through. Love when your kids narrate, they do a great job! =)

  80. Which card do I favor? I favor…………….BOTH! Love the color combo. The smudges of watercolors behind the balloons are clever. Who would have thought?

  81. Love both of your Laura versions! The water-coloring one is so fun and perfect! I love the glossy one, too! As for the GA, mine gets clogged up all the time, I simply give up on un-clogging…as long as it still comes out (eventually), that’s A-OK (wink)!

  82. Love these cards! These balloon dies look awesome! I just got my first Die cutting machine and now I’m looking for some Dies! Thank you for the video because I see these Dies and have no clue what to do with them and, well, now I do- lol!

  83. Very original! The die is sooo great, really like there is a motion. I am seriously thing with getting that watercolor set, thanks for sharing.

  84. Stunning cards! I adore the watercolour one… So pretty! I keep my Glossy Accents bottle upside down, I always make sure after using it to wait until the next drop almost comes out before closing…and I keep a pin handy:-) it’s not perfect but it works most days….

  85. Love love your balloon cards. so colorful. And yes, i still have problems with my glossy accents. I keep cutting bits of the tip but that is not the solution…..

  86. I do love that balloon die, and the water colour behind it. This has me thinking of other dies to do this technique with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  87. Hold onto the strings; these balloons ate ready to fly off the paper! I love both cards but find the watercolor one especially appealing.

  88. As always, another fabulous set of cards from Laura! Love the video and your artistic talent – thanks so much!

  89. GORGEOUS cards Laura!!!
    I already LOVE the FABULOUS Balloon Bouquet, after seeing your cards I have moved it from my WISHLIST to my MUST-HAVE LIST 🙂 I am excited at the thought of trying out your clever watercolor technique with them – LOVE IT … LOVE the glossy ones too => THANK YOU for sharing your FUN tutorial & INSPIRATION 🙂

  90. I love your card! The watercolor balloons is striking. I think your are fun and your kids are so funny! Thanks for sharing!

  91. Both cards are really cute! But the watercolor one is calling my name–I don’t have the balloon dies yet, but they’re on my list!

  92. Both cards are fun and beautiful (rainbow!). Love the effect of the watercolour wash behind the white die…

  93. Fun cards, I love both options, they definitely look like they are floating. The only thing that worked for me with the glossy accents is to buy the tiny bottle. Not sure why it doesn’t clog like the big one, but the little one is always ready to go.

  94. What a great idea to use the watercolors behind the balloons, a wonderful look. Your use of the thick Glossy Accents is fab!

  95. Love the idea of using the water colors or the glossy accent technique, Awesome job or fun I will let u decide, Merry Christmas to everyone.

  96. OMG!!! I absolutely love the watercolour balloon card. That’s one if the best cards I’ve seen, it is so loose yet structured, colourful and fun. I have those watercolours and so need that balloon die, you just sold me, I have to make that card.

  97. Love the balloons! I’m usually a color in the lines kind of girl, so I’m really surprised and how much I love your water color balloons. Great idea!

  98. FABULOUS CARDS LAURA!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I LOVE the way you talk during your video too! You’ve made me laugh several times! 😉

  99. So absolutely gorgeous for both cards!!! They are super cute and I am in love with this die as well. The balloons are one sure way to add celebration to any image.

  100. I love the rainbow colors as well, and your watercolor techniques. These simple cards are so pretty and doable by an amateur. Thank you for the ideas.

  101. Oh My Gosh I just love the Balloon die. Your cards both with the watercolor and the glossy accents is simply gorgeous.

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