SSS~Shake It Up!

shake itHave you seen the new release over at Simon Says Stamp? Oh my word…totally awesome! I love shaker cards and these are so retro and fabulous! I could not wait to play with these dies. My first card features the TV Shaker die.
SSS-TV Shaker dieI mean, how cool is this? I added some of the beads that come in the Shaker Shack Bead pack. Lately, I’ve been going around saying “Shaker Shack Bead pack” over and over until my kids roll their eyes:) Good times.
SSS-TV Shaker dieNext is the Gumball Shaker die. Oh my lovely rainbow gumballs! This is so fun. I kid you not. I cranked that gumball die 24 times to get all those pretty colors….24! I was in the zone.
SSS-Gumball Shaker dieEmma ALWAYS begs for a quarter to get a gumball. Of course she cries if she doesn’t get the pink one, but then she finally calms down and chews her white one. Seriously, who wants a white gumball? Anyways, I wish they made gumballs that didn’t turn into cement within 30 seconds after chewing them.
SSS-Gumball Shaker dieBe sure and check out the entire Shake It Up release. It’s fun for all ages! Thanks so much for shaking by, I mean, stopping:)

Shake It Up release:

What I used:

38 thoughts on “SSS~Shake It Up!

  1. Oh, how fun is this!!! Your shaker TV is so cute, and I love all those gumballs! So glad you were ‘in the zone’ when you were cranking them all out! They’re perfect, Laura 🙂

  2. You are a lean mean die-cutting Queen for cranking out these dies!! I adore these shaker cards!!! That shaker shack is something else…say “shaker shack” x3—fast! Hah!

  3. “Shaker Shack Bead pack”…is that sorta like HOT LIPS??!! LOL…love ’em both, love the old retro TV, but all the colors of the gumballs….well it’s a total toss up if I had to pick a fav. Dang it woman, you are gonna cost me a fortune! The wish list gets longer and longer……

  4. This are so fun. I chuckled throughout this entire post….one of the reasons I read all your posts even when I really have other things I need to be doing. 🙂

  5. OKAY AWESOME!! LOVE these and the fact that you LOVE to annoy/tease your Kiddos with the FUN Crafty Sayings!! HAHAHAHAHHA!! My dad was that way growing up and at the time we Laughed under our breath as to NOT give him the satisfaction that he was “ACTUALLY FUNNY”!! =) Now that I’m all grown up though and have Kiddos of my own that he LOVES to treat the same way I LAUGH ALL THE TIME!! =) He really is a ONE OF A KIND DAD/GRANDPA and we could not LOVE/CHERISH him more!! I’m thinking that your kiddos are the same way and some day they will let you know just how AWESOME of a MOM you really are!! Even if they don’t want to admit it “ALL” of the time right now!! LOL!! =) THANKS SO MUCH for ALWAYS Sharing and for being your SUPER AWESOME AMAZING SELF!! =) Have a Fabulous Week!! =)

  6. Been meaning to come by and tell you how awesome that gumball card is! And am I really THAT old? I only needed a PENNY for the gumball machine. Not that I did it that often, I was more of a cinammon or original flavor Trident girl 😉

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