Mama Elephant-Photo Bomb

Hi there! I’m back again with Mama Elephant highlighting the new Photo Bomb stamp set.Mama Elephant-Photo BombThis is another super fun set. I love that the Polaroid Fun dies coordinate perfectly. I used both of the smaller selfie images and cropped the larger one.ย Let me ask you a question. Do you love your selfie? LOL! Do you? You wanna know who I’d be if I were in these photos. I’d be the person in the aqua shirt in the middle photo. Yeah, that one, hiding behind the “hi” word bubble. That’s me, right there. That’s how much I love my selfie:)
Mama Elephant-Photo BombCheck out the Mama Elephant blog to see more Photo Bomb inspiration.
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28 thoughts on “Mama Elephant-Photo Bomb

  1. We would be the same person in the photos. I have always hated myselfie in pictures. (I guess I am selfie conscious!)

  2. Super cute!
    i would be that person too..!so we would be both there hiddng..actually don’t do selfies since I don’t have a cell phone..Yes I still live under a rock!

  3. Your card is bright and beautiful as usual. Please don’t be the little girl under the speech bubble. She looks unsure and is hiding. I only see you from the other side of cyberspace, but to me you are a person I would like to know. You are witty, always smiling, loving your children, designing powerful cards, being respected by your cardmaking peers, and loving bright colors. Get some Windex. Clean off the mirror. Take a good look at how awesome you are. I cannot control your selfie, but I think you are THE BEST.

  4. I prefer to be behind the camera, too, Laura. But when it comes time to scrapbook our life, it looks like I’m not in it!? ๐Ÿ˜› Very fun card. The crazy angles of the Polaroids add to the zaniness.

  5. I don’t do selfies, either. I prefer to be the one behind the camera. I love your card, it’s so adorable. The angles of the images and the coloring – fabulous!

  6. Such a fun card…your selfie love made me laugh. I am just like you…not a fan. But a total fan of this ME set!

  7. BTW you may not like your selfie, but I do ( even met you in person, LOL) …because you are easy, breezy and beautiful!

  8. You crack me up! Why would you hide behind someone else when you have that gorgeous face. Bah! Anyway, you’ve made this selfie card terrific.

  9. You are too funny! This card is soooooo cuute…and colorful….and so playful…..and soooo YOU! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing w/us.

  10. You are such a talented person. Love you style, personality not to mention your love of all things crafts and family. Thank you for sharing this passion with us.

  11. Fabulous card, Laura! Beautiful Copic coloring, as always, and I love how you arranged the Polaroids…so fun!

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