Happy Easter

Hi there! Just popping in to wish you a wonderful Easter!SSS-Happy EasterI made a very quick, clean & simple card before we head out to church and then off to Grandma’s house for dinner. If only my morning could have been this quick, clean & simple, eh? Ha!
SSS-Happy EasterIt was a miracle, and we’ll most likely be late for church, but here’s a quick pic of my sweet, well sometimes sweet, Easter peeps!
easter 2015Hope you have a wonderful day!

65 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. What a beautiful family you have! Happy Easter to you all! Your card is gorgeous! Beautiful CAS design!

  2. Your Easter peeps are beautiful! Prettier than a huge Easter basket. Say a prayer of thanks for each of them. God bless your lovely family.

  3. Once again, gorgeous card. Love all that white space with just a hint of color & one single flower. Great design. By the way, you make terrific looking kids.

  4. Wow! Great picture of the kids. All smiling at the same time is amazing in my family(sometimes it something to even get them in the same room. LOL). Love the card too. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

  5. Did you ask the kids to dress to coordinate with your card?? πŸ™‚ no bunny ears, and all eyes open – fabulous picture!

  6. Such a pretty CAS card, Laura! Thanks for sharing this great pic of your children…they are beautiful! And, Charlie’s hat is to die for! Have a Happy Easter!!!

  7. The clean & simple ones are my favorites. And yours is lovely! Your peeps are darling, handsome and beautiful. Happy Easter

  8. Love your gorgeous card, Laura! Beautiful pic of your kiddos too – you are so blessed! Happy Easter to you and your family! β™₯

  9. Loved that you included a pic of your peeps. They are an attractive group. They take after you! Happy Easter!

  10. The kids’ photo matches with your gorgeous CAS design! What can be more perfect?! Happy Easter to you and family, Laura!

  11. Happy Easter, Laura! Obviously you didn’t get the snow that we got – we were bundled up for church this morning! lol!

  12. oh Laura! what a beautiful card. I love the idea of the die cut flower tucked behind the die cut sentiment! I have been eyeing some poppy flowers and was tempted to hack off (I mean gently trim) the top and just use it. yay, another card idea is born. so many ideas!

  13. Happy Easter to you, Laura. What a lucky lady you are – such a delightful family! Wow – I’m impressed that you managed to make a lovely card on such a busy day.

  14. WOWOW! First….absolutely wonderful photo of your “peeps”….they are all so cute, handsome and beautiful. Second….stunningly classy Easter card. Thank you ever so much for sharing your family, yourself and your creations with us.

  15. Beautiful card! I absolutely love your style. Thanks so much for sharing, especially the photo of your kids. You talk about them a lot in your videos and it is nice to have a face to match. You have a lovely family.

  16. What a great family photo! You should feel so proud. And, he card as one of the prettiest “simple” cards I have ever seen.

  17. Beautiful Easter card! Cherish these moments…can’t seem to get my kids home all at the same time for a family photo anymore…and…having them sit on a quarter to keep them still for a moment doesn’t work anymore either!

  18. What a sweet card and a great photo of the kiddos! Totally worth being a teensy bit late for church.

  19. Beautiful children, beautiful card! You’re kiddos look darling all dressed up. We had a crying fit in our home and a child who refused to wear his new Easter shirt from Grandma. Easter #3 in a row that Easter clothes weren’t worn on Easter. You’d think we’d learn. Fingers crossed he’ll wear them tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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