National Scrapbook Day Blog Hop

11117691_10153296150619680_433301741_nHello there! Today I have the honor of joining several incredibly talented ladies for a blog hop celebrating National Scrapbooking Day. The lovely and extremely talented Wilna Furstenberg put together this hop, and she came up with some fun things to share. First up is a little questionnaire about ourselves.


1. Favorite youtube clip: ←cracks me up
2. Listening to: Budapest by George Ezra ←love. it.
3. Watching: hello, American Idol ←been addicted since day one and I’m not ashamed
4. Reading: never been a big reader, but I will mention this, because she’s my fave:
5. I can eat this everyday: absolutely no contest, french fries
6. Favorite drink at 4pm: not very exciting…water
7. On my Wishlist: a vacation
8. Enjoying: watching my kids play soccer, track, tennis, basketball, volleyball and on and on…
9. Favourite quote right now: “You can’t please everyone. You’re not pizza.”
10. Smiling about: that quote ↑

So, obviously I’m not a scrapbooker. I’ve always wanted to try scrapbooking. The layouts that these ladies create are truly inspiring to me and greatly influence my cardmaking in so many ways.
iHeartStudio-I Love Art freebie cut fileWilna created a gorgeous cut file for today as well, and that is what I’ve used on my card. I did some loose watercoloring behind it and a bit of splattering and let the gorgeous cut file take center stage.
iHeartStudio-I Love Art freebie cut fileWilna has so generously offered this cut file to everyone as a freebie in honor of National Scrapbook Day. You can download the free cut file/printable HERE.
NSD giveawayI have a little giveaway of my own as well. I have four fun stamp sets including: Incognito, We Adore YouA Magical Spring & the adorable new Baby Party Animals from Simon Says Stamps new Falling For You release.
Leave me a comment for your chance to win all four…woot!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Here’s the blog hop order:
Laura Craigie
Jen Gallacher
Jill Sprott
Wilna Furstenberg
Paige Evans
Shimelle Laine
Nancy Damiano
Danielle Flanders
Aly Dosdall
Laura Bassen←you are here:)
Amy Heller
Stephanie Bryan


375 thoughts on “National Scrapbook Day Blog Hop

  1. Love all your card designs, specially the rainbow color combination, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. You’re the one of the best Laura! Not only do I come here to check out your gorgeous artwork, but as an added bonus you bring a smile or chuckle to me. Thank you!

  3. Your card looks just GORGEOUS! I love the loose watercoloring you have done on the background. It looks so cool. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laura Can I just say I love following you. You totally crack me up. I recently had some surgery on my ankle and just about the time I was walking again I got an infection and spent another week in the hospital. Upon arriving home I watched a video with you in it and laughed so much that I think you healed me more than all the drugs they gave me in the hospital. Anyway I want to thank you for the opportunity to win a great collection of stamps. For the first time in 10 years I am unable to attend s NSD crop ( although I signed up and paid for one ) due to the issues with my ankle and Im so sad. So to see your post this morning made me happy and a give away makes me even happier. So I thank you, for being you!!!

  5. I don’t scrapbook either but love seeing everyone else’s layouts, they are so creative!! Fantastic card, love the die-cut and thank you for the chance to win such a generous prize! Will have to remember that quote too, hilarious!

  6. I love how effortless you make watercolor look and the softly curled edges of the die cut are perfect!

  7. Fabulous… oh what I wouldn’t give for the ability to do cut files… sigh… but I CAN stamp, and do, and would have so much fun with these goodies, Laura… thanks!
    =] Michele

  8. love the watercolor background and the die cut looks lovey, such an apt sentiment too !! thank you for the generous giveaway!!

  9. Beautiful card. Happy National Scrapbook Day to all….I’m only 7 years behind in scrapbooking :o)…every day I say I will start back scrapbooking, but end up making cards (graduation) or teacher’s end of year treats.

  10. Haha, such a fun video, didn’t know that one:)) I would love to scrapbook also, but for the moment I enjoy card making so much! That’s on my To Learn project list, though:) Thank you for the giveaway, the stamp sets are all sooo amazing!!

  11. That quote has to be the best… ever!!! :)))
    Thanks for a great giveaway. Love the card you made 🙂

  12. Super excited to see your take on the Wilna’s cut file …completely in love with Art! Die hard American Idol fan too 🙂

  13. I used to scrap a long time ago, but when I got into cardmaking, that was it! I bought into the cardmaking hobby… hook, line and sink’er baby! So though I no longer scrap, i do enjoy seeing others amazing scrapbook creations and admire them. Your card is just darling Laura, and I love following you; you’re so fun and cheerful and you make me laugh when i listen to you videos. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love YOUR art, Laura, you inspire me so much, and i must say we definitely have 2 things in common: the love of rainbow colours and the love of french fries 😉 big hugs from Budapest 🙂

  15. I loved reading your comments this morning…French Fries! Amazing! Mexican food or pizza for me. I look forward to your blog every day. Love your style!

  16. I am a cardmaker and not much of a scrapbook person but I LOVE all the elements & layouts that are used in scrapbooking! Love the inspiration from your cards and your great sense of humor ~ have a wonderful NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY 🙂

  17. I am not much of a scrapbooker, but I adore your card (as always). Thanks the the chance to win cool prizes!

  18. Woohoo, I love your questionnaire responses…American Idol (me too). Your card is so fun, love the background against the white die cut! Thanks for a chance to win these awesome stamps, such fun ones!

  19. That video with Jimmy Fallon gave me quite a chuckle!!! Thanks for sharing! Love your card- always such a beautiful job. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. That card is gorgeous! LOVE the cut file against the background, thanks so much for the chance to win those goodies!

  21. I enjoyed your favorite things list. You’re not pizza … brilliant. And your card is fabulous.

  22. Love your blog, your sense of humor and your creations!!! Have a wonderful day!!! thanks for the chance to win the fun set of stamps!!!!!

  23. Thank you for sharing your beautiful card. I too am not a scrapbook dr so I appreciate you making a card for the hop!

  24. Wilna’s cut file is so pretty, and you gave it a wonderful background. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Gorgeous card with lovely background and beautiful cut file! Love your list…made me smile!:-)

  26. What a beautiful card! You crack me up daily with your posts. Love your singing as well as your husbands – made me laugh. And your funny self. But your cards are amazing – great talent there!

  27. Beautiful card! I think you should frame it and hang it on the wall. It’s so crisp and fresh.

  28. I love your artistic style and visit your blog every day because I get so much inspiration from your cards. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a generous giveaway. : )

  29. I love your cards and this one is no exception. You would make a great Scrapbooker especially the your children as your subject!!

  30. Such a fun hop, lovin’ it! I think it’s wonderful how you get inspiration for cards from layouts and that’s a wonderful tip for card makers. Your card is lovely, the die cut is beautiful all on it’s own, and the subtle water coloring kicks it up a notch, beautifully done! Since you shared your favorite YouTube clip, here’s mine – Liam’s older brother Chris and Jimmy Fallon. Ladies, check this out, you will not be disappointed, just sayin’:

  31. Such a fun day for all, the blog hop always keeps me inspired Laura 😘 P.S. I spent my Friday night coloring in my own Hex Chart , it makes my small collection look like it has real blending possibilities 😂

  32. Love those clear stamps! Hello cuteness! And I think we may be long lost friends! I love that Budapest song, and American Idol is still my favorite too! I am rooting for Clark and Jax. They are both so good! And I love most everything about Jimmy Fallon! What a silly man!

  33. Ooo. That cut file is lovely. I have the Cricut Air. You can do so much with it. I need to take a class or something. I want to figure it out so I can add to my creative arsenal.

  34. Love that bright pop of color on your card! Also, thank you for sharing that Jimmy Fallon video- a good laugh this morning!

  35. I love that the little critters are so cute, and aren’t tough to fussy cut! Thanks for the work you do!

  36. That quote is the funniest thing I have heard lately. It has been some time since I scrapbooked, maybe I should retake it. Your card is very nice. That cut file is fabulous.

  37. I adore all of your cards! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful creations and fun videos.

  38. I love the soft feel to your card and the water coloring you did. It was also fun to read your answers.

  39. Happy National Scrapbook Day!!! Love your card and your current fav quote-made me grin. Thanks for all that you share.

  40. I love scrapbooking…I use Project Life and I do it on my phone, quick and easy and I love the results. Love your card…and thanks for the chance to win too.

  41. LOVE your card, Laura! The cut file is perfection combined with your awesome watercolor! I don’t scrapbook these days, although I did a lot of it when my kids were young. All of the stamps you’re giving away are on my wish list, thanks for a chance to win them!

  42. I have to admit I don’t do much scrapbooking anymore. Mostly into card making, but many of the techniques are the same. I watch many of the scrapbooking trends/projects/designs to inspire my card making. Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaway.

  43. You could definetely scrapbook! Plus you are such a joy to listen to! Beautiful card, thanks!

  44. This is such a fun hop! I love the questionnaire and the beautiful cut file that Wilna created, and is so generously offering for free! 🙂 Your card is amazing – love the watercoloring behind the cut file! I just have to say, that video of Jimmy Fallon and Liam Hemsworth in high heels was HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing it. Also, thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize package!

  45. Laura, love your work. Your videos are so inspirational and I learn so much. And the best part of the videos is that you and your family are so funny. You all make me smile and laugh.

  46. I enjoyed laughing, and following your list. Your card is truly amazing, in spite of not being a scrapbook page! Love the watercolor. Thanks for your generosity in sharing with us.

  47. I wondering about turning your quote into a cute and artistic sign and posting it at work. Or maybe in the entrance to our office. I feel like my manager is going to veto that idea 🙂 Thanks for a smile, as always! And thanks for a fun giveaway!

  48. Your card is gorgeous! Love it! I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. The YouTube clip is hilarious! TFS! Thanks for the awesome giveaway too – would be so happy to win! Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

  49. Your card is lovely! You are truly an inspiration to me because of your style, your humor makes my day, and your videos teach and bring us smiles. Thank you for everything and for the chance to win this great prize package.

  50. I love your card…all your cards actually :)!!! Your videos are so fun to watch! Thanks for the chance to win some great sets!

  51. Can I just tell you how much I love your videos…they are a highlight for me! I especially love the video you did of the card with the Baby Party Animals…my daughters ask me the same thing as far as doing their hair with braids from here to there, so I just laughed and laughed!! 🙂 Thank you for this incredibly generous giveaway….I’d be over the moon to win these darling stamp sets! 🙂 Happy NSD (or cardmaking ;))!

  52. I love this card with all the watercoloing. I am a scrap booker and a card maker so I love to incorporate stamps in my pages. I would love to win this great prize package you have here.

  53. I loved reading your facts….pizza indeed, lol. You always bring a bright spot and have to be the most entertaining artist out there. Beautiful card too.

  54. Your beautiful card is a layout inspiration for the use of any word or expression die cuts! So fresh and airy! Love it! Thank you.

  55. Such a beautiful card and cut file! I had fun reading your little snippets–That quote is so funny! 🙂

  56. Such a beautiful card. I love your designs and all your videos especially all your musings on life & card making 😉

  57. You’re cards are always amazing and this is no exception. I just love how simple you make them and yet they have so much going on at the same time. Love the colors. Also by the way, that you tube video really is hilarious. THANKS!

  58. Gorgeous Project with the free art file! 🙂 Yummy, love, love, love clear stamps! 🙂 So fun! Happy NSD!

  59. Lovely use of Wilna’s file- beautiful card! The background is wonderful and I love the paperclipped bow.

  60. I am always so excited to see what you have created! You amaze me. Thanks for another awesome project!!

  61. Thank you for the chance to win such fun sets! Seeing the bits with your family in the videos is so entertaining and your cheerful voice so adds to the wonderful instructions. Will use the pizza quote!

  62. Great card. Love your list – especially the pizza quote. I am so going to use that in a page.

  63. Your card is so pretty. I love the yellow and green and the “I love art”. I really need to look into getting a cricut so I can do these cut files. I’m behind the times. Thank you for the chance to win such wonderful stamp sets.

  64. In spite of how much I love your videos and cards, that youtube clip of Liam and Jimmie. . . too funny! Might be my new favorite.

  65. I love scrapbooking…from afar! I have kids and grandkids, and it makes sense to scrapbook, but I hardly ever do…Girls Just Wanna Make Cards…am I right? 😉

  66. Loving the giveaways! Thanks for sharing! I am a true fan or your work and don’t live that far away–Central Illinois!!

  67. You have the best giveaway and the best quote. I enjoyed reading the answers to the “about me” for all the team members. You are all different and yet all artistic and we are blessed that you want to share your talents with us.

  68. Beautiful file cut. I watched the youtube. Oh my, that was a hoot! Thanks for a chance for the giveaway. It’s a great one.

  69. I like the way you used the scrapbooking techniques for your card! The flowing ribbon down the side really goes well with the cut file. Lots of fun today! Thank you.

  70. So, I’m dying to know… is that a Laura Bassen quote? I love it and I’m smiling about it now too.

    Gorgeous card and I love the watercoloring effect behind the die cut!

  71. Anyway, your cards are beautiful & full of inspiration. LOL, really enjoyed Liam/Jimmy video =)

  72. I’m smiling about that quote top! So funny! Definitely going in my bank of life quotes, lol. Loving all of those stamp sets!!

  73. Love the background – wish I could let go of my ever-so-slight OCD and do that! Love the pizza quote, too – “chocolate” would also fit the saying!

  74. I like cards, too, as I don’t have children to make scrapbooks for. Always enjoy your cards!

  75. Love the eye candy that you share today, Laura! It’s always fun to know more about you (never enough ,really)! I just signed up Wilna’s class today and I’m so looking forward to see the entire thing! I think I am addicted to the Craftsy classes (yours included)! Happy NSD to you!

  76. I don’t have big chunks of time for crafting now, so I love your cardmaking take on being creative. Thanks for keeping it fun!

  77. I am in agreement with everything on your list! Lol. Jimmy Fallon is awesome. Love your card and thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Actually, my plan was to be a scrapbooker but some stamps crossed my way 😀
    I really enjoy cardmaking and you are such an inspiration, Laura ♡ Love watching your videos, they always make me giggle!
    Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!

  79. Your videos brighten my day as well as educating me with different techniques and design ideas. Wish I had your mind as it fascinates me to watch you work! I would LOVE to win these stamp sets as my budget is small and my ideas are endless, thanks to you!

  80. hey laurafadora… its “glow”ing … you think you even want another comment? lol… u r so my style:) i am not a scrapbooker either and i know i am better off staying out of that… but a born cardmaker…k thanks for all your efforts tho.. the questions must have been the hardest lol…and by the way good thing you cant be good in every way… and knowing you well, me, of course, would end up being something like road pizza… NOthing good:( 🙂 LoL,,, btw,,, you are good at cheering me up by being you with your blunt honesty:) 🙂 haha …sending love from.sincerely “glow”ing… take care now;)

  81. Another winner!!! You know exactly how to make everything blend so beautifully on your creations. The cut out, plus the background colors and even the little colored dots in the flower centers….all coordinated so smoothly. You are my hero and a master of your craft. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  82. Love your work! You of course would make beautiful scrapbook pages. Everything you do is amazingly amazing!💖

  83. I never, never miss your videos. They are great and up lifting…if you know what I mean….

  84. That’s a beautiful card! Love how your watercoloring always looks so vibrant. Thanks for the chance to win some great stamp sets!

  85. I love NSD, my local scrapbook store has closed its doors as so many have done. A bunch of us girls meet and scrap together. I scrap for my two grandchildren. So far, I have created 19 albums for them. A treasure they will have long after im gone.

  86. Was telling my trainer today that I can’t help joining you in laughter … Your stories are so fun and your cards so happy as well!

  87. Your cards are ALWAYS so amazing. And your videos – they make everything look so easy. Thank you so much for all your inspiration. When I’m feeling a bit out of ideas I take another look at your blog posts and bam! I’m full of ideas.

  88. Absolutely love everything you do! You are so personable and you make me laugh! Since my husband has Alzheimer’s, anytime I can snatch some time to watch videos or scrapbook a page or make a card, it helps relieve some stress and especially to be able to laugh! Thanks so much!!

  89. Laura beautiful card. Love the watercoloring behind it. I’m not a scrapbook person either but would like to get started in it.

  90. Great card, love the cut file and the water colored background. I always love your videos…you just crack me up and make everything look so easy and no worries. Thanks for the chance at some prime goodies!

  91. Beautiful card as always Laura! I can honestly say I don’t own any stamp sets from any of those companies, I have ordered from Simon Says Stamp twice, the first time for an envelope die, and the second time was when they just came out with their ink pads. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I love following your blog, you’re so creative and happy, and you’re so funny!

  92. Your cards are always gorgeous and an inspiration. I loved the class you did for Craftsy! Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. Ha ha love the fun questions and your gorgeous loose water colouring. I have the Gansais on my wishlist – they always look so beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win these cute sets.

  94. Love the bright colors on this card – as with all of your cards. And you’re starting to make think that I need to get a digital cutting machine. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. I always love your style- so fresh & fun! Thanks for the chance at some great sets too! Happy NSD!

  96. Beautiful card! You are such a talented lady and you have been such an inspiration to me! I signed up for your Crafty class and can’t wait to get started. Thank you for sharing your amazing projects and fantastic video’s. You always make us laugh and smile.

  97. love the card moreover love the give away and would have loved one of your amazing videos…… thank you

  98. Ooops Sorry Laura I didn’t check the spelling of your name before I clicked publish! So excited at the chance to win such great stamps. Love your colours and style! Thqanks.

  99. Lovely card, thanks for the free file but no cutting machine and it looks to complicated for manual cutting.

  100. Great card! and a freebie 🙂 yay! he he Thank you Laura, for sharing these with us…and of course a BIG thank you for a chance to win those stamps, fingers crossed 😉

  101. You always make me smile, Laura! Thank you for sharing your creativity & sense of humor with us!

  102. Don’t know how I missed this yesterday…Great post and GORGEOUS card, Laura! Thanks for being part of the hop 🙂

  103. I love your work and your sense of humor that comes through. Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. Beautiful card, Laura! Love how the watercolors really make that white cut file pop. I am always in awe of these beautiful scrapbook layouts I see popping up on Pinterest and so on. scrapbooking is something I’ve never gotten into, but I love trying to incorporate some of the ideas and techniques I see these talented ladies using, into my card making & other creative projects 🙂

  105. Stamp set give away is great. Thank you for sharing all your ideas using different stamps with your followers. Always interesting to see your cards and what I have that I can copy your idea 🙂

  106. I always love checking your blog. Wonderful creations and you are so funny! Loved hearing your daughter in old videos. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  107. Always so much fun to see what creative ideas you share! Thanks for all your inspiration-love your work!

  108. Beautiful card Laura! Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself, and thanks for the chance to win!

  109. Reading your post about scrapbook ink took me by surprise because I didn’t think I’d ever seen any page layouts created by you before. Then I saw your beautiful card. You rock, Laura!

  110. Gorgeous card with the diecut. I so enjoy your videos – great inspiration and very entertaining. Thanks for the chance to win that generous prize.

  111. As usual a lovely and colorful card! Thank you for providing so much inspiration everyday!

  112. I am not a scrapbooker either… all that work for one or two photos? I’d rather make cards… if only they looked like yours!

  113. I am a cardmaker, too, but also gain a lot of inspiration from LOs. Love your pretty card using the wonderful cut file!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win these sweet sets!!!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  114. Watching your videos is sooo much fun! You crack me up!!!! keep em coming and send me them stamps!!! lol!

  115. Great card. Yep scrapbooking is harder to me than making cards. I always enjoy your commentary whether it is in print or video. Have a great day.

  116. I love your card–I can totally see the perfect fusion of you and Wilna in it! Thanks for the chance to win those adorable stamps!

  117. I’m not much of a scrapbooker either, so it was fun to see how you used the cut file. Your cards are always so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for the chance at the lovely giveaway too!

  118. What a beautiful card–such great background colors! I don’t scrapbook either but enjoy seeing what people have made. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  119. LOVE your card – the colours are so lovely and lively; thank you for generously offering the gift of stamp sets.

  120. Laura you are one amazing crafter and I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you share your videos!!!

  121. Enjoyed reading your favorites list…kinda helps get a sense of ” who you are” instead of just a blog. Love your card. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  122. This card is oh-so-gorgeous, Donna. I love your answers to the questionnaire too. Makes me want to think of my faves. How i wish i had cameo to utalize this amazing freebie. One day, soon.

  123. I am a cardmaker too and not a scrapbooker! Love to look at other people’s inspiring pages though and I find so many wonderful ideas that carry over into making cards! Your card is so pretty with that watercolor background and awesome cut out!

  124. Listening to George Ezra as I type. Great sound – I forgot how much I LOVE this song. Although I had to just look up some of the lyrics as I have been making my own up for the past year!!! It’s one of those tracks that stays with you ALL day – good job I like it 🙂

    And stunning card, by the way! Really enjoy your videos and blog posts – thank you.

  125. Such a beautiful card Laura but then I love everything you do 🙂 Awesome giveaway too! Such cute stamp sets, crossing my fingers (and toes!)

  126. You’re so funny. I loved reading your questionnaire answers. I always love your use of beautiful colors.

  127. As most everyone has said before me, I love your card designs, but even more I love listening to you. You always brighten my day and leave me with a smile. Thanks so much for that.

  128. It doesn’t matter to me that you don’t scrapbook because I always love seeing your cards and this one is no exception.

  129. I’m not a scrapbooker either. Your work is so great, no doubt you give inspiration to many who keep scrapbooks.

  130. Hope I’m not too late! Love your work. I mean *really* love. But not in a creepy weird way. I hope.

  131. Beautiful card! I was making cards today too! And, I will most likely be scrapbooking on National Cardmaking Day. I never seem to get it right. Lol!

  132. Pingback: SSS-Full Card Hexagons die | Doublestick Heaven

  133. Good morning! Laura, I love your videos and joie de vivre in your videos! I love the card you made with the 3 animals and the monkey story!

  134. Hope I’m not too late to enter. Finally had time to peruse my favorite blogs (does flattery help my odds?). I’d love to win the most adorable stamp set ever – Baby Party Animals…

  135. gorgeous art as always!! I would love to get into cut files someday….haven’t invested my time and effort into it…

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