Mama Elephant-Small Talk

Hello there! I’m back with Mama Elephant highlighting the new Small Talk stamp set.Mama Elephant-Small TalkFor my first card I combined the Woodland Gifts critters with the cute Small Talk set. That bear…he cracks me up every time with his stone face. He’s actually a “softy” but you wouldn’t know it just by lookin’ at him:) I masked the critters so the bunny could perch on the mushroom and I added a hilly ground with my multiliner pen and then masked it as well so I could add some subtle background ink blending. I have no good reason for adding the heart garland at the top. Not sure what compelled me to do that other than sneaking in a rainbow, lol.
Mama Elephant-Small TalkMy next card combines Photo Bomb with Small Talk.
Mama Elephant-Small TalkOk, I might have gotten a little bit carried away with the Small Talk word bubbles here, but this card would really make somebody smile, don’t you think? I don’t normally like to overkill on things, especially word bubbles, hearts, enamel dots, sequins, etc. I usually go with a less is more approach. Clearly I threw that out the window on this one, but oh well, it’s ok once in a while to just go with what makes you smile, even if it is overkill, right? That’s my story anyways.
Mama Elephant-Small TalkCheck out the Mama Elephant blog to see what the rest of the team created with this fun new Small Talk stamp set.
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32 thoughts on “Mama Elephant-Small Talk

  1. You have been totally blowing me away with your cards each day, but both of today’s cards today are just over the top – really, can they get any cuter??? Your talent is just beyond amazing!!! Thank you for all you do to give your admirers all of this eye candy!!

  2. Love that small talk set and you made the cutest cards with it. I love coming to visit you every day and your great sense of humor.

  3. Just when I thought I didn’t need that set, there you go making adorable cards with it. These are so cute!

  4. Ya know Laura….with that many kids photo-bombing….ya know their all sayin ‘ something!

  5. Both cards are in your gorgeous signature style and the additions of those little talk bubbles is the perfect touch. Clever of you to use it on the photo bomb card, a match made in heaven.

  6. I think it’s the perfect amount of talk bubbles for that particular “selfie”. I love the bear and the rainbow heart garland. Great job!

  7. Laura, Laura, you are over the top amazing! That bear makes me smile and your coloring looks so perfect every time.

  8. Adorable! I love that the garland appeared, it is so YOU! I also love all the kids in that second one – too fun.

  9. You can just hear all the chatter from the kids in the photo bomb getting louder and louder….LOL. So ya think the bear is an ol’ softie…huh??!!!

  10. Don’t think you really have enough speech bubbles there (I kid, I kid, lol). Anyway, love ’em both!! Always love your stories behind the cards.

  11. love both cards totally. Every card should have a rainbow somewhere and yes I can see the bear is very……there is a smile brewing I reckon. And the second card, never too much. Totally works

  12. Impeccable masking on thee 1st one (that is why you are teaching the OCC)!
    It’s not an overkill on the 2nd card….I actually want to be in that selfie!! LOL It slays me!

  13. Every time I stop by your blog, it puts a smile on my face! Both cards are so adorable, Laura! And I happen to love all those speech bubbles! ♥

  14. Awww…the first card is so sweet and adorable. You captured the moment in prime time. And the second card made me chuckle as I could just see and hear those kids in real life! Totally awesome creations. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the cards Laura, so beautifully designed and executed. Your masking in the first card is perfect – I could never get mine looking as professional as this!

  16. I absolutely LOVE both of your cards! I especially love how you used the new “Small Talk” set with the “Photobomb” set!

  17. That first scene is adorable and I LOVE all the little speech bubbles from the kids in the photo, too fun!

  18. I think your “from the gang” card was spot on. SUPER CUTE and just the right amount of word bubbles. Awesome job, Laura.

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