Mama Elephant-Bella Letters

Hi there! I’m back with Mama Elephant highlighting the new Bella Letters stamp set. I love alphabet sets. I think they are so fun for personalizing cards as well as creating your own custom sentiment.Mama Elephant-Bella LettersSo here’s the thing. In the beginning it looked to me like this cute little puppy was tired and exhausted so I added a funny sentiment to go with him. Then I showed it to my hubby, and he was like, “Um, I hate to break it to ya, hot stuff, but he’s not tired. He’s ready to play.” So there you have it. Clearly I understand bear & monkey nonverbal communication better than puppies. I don’t know how I missed that one…ha ha. Maybe I was just looking for a reason to put this saying on a card. I just relate to it so much, don’t you?
Mama Elephant-Bella LettersI snapped a quick pic to show you my high-falutin’ way of keeping my letters straight. I used some post-it tape. Check out the Mama Elephant blog to see more fun projects using the new Bella Letters stamp set. Thanks for looking!


31 thoughts on “Mama Elephant-Bella Letters

  1. I think he has just finished playing with the ball and ready for his nap! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It is a cute card. Thanks for the great tip on using the tape for straight letters.

  2. Adorable card, love the sentiment – even if hubby doesn’t think it fits! I have to agree tho, my #110 pound/4 year old Rottweiler looks like this when he’s ready to play ball :o)

  3. You are so cute, Laura. It’s anyone’s guess what that puppy is thinking and if you want to line up all those letters to put that sentiment on the card then so be it. It’s darling.

  4. LOVE your custom sentiment, and your Copic coloring is amazing, Laura! I would love to CASE your background on a card sometime, if that’s ok with you 🙂

  5. I think you’re more of a cat person that’s why the misunderstanding. Cute card anyway.
    You brighten up our days and we love you!

  6. This card is adorable. I like the saying with the picture. I can be interpreted as the puppy so excited about playing that he is already aware of how tired he will be tomorrow. Either this card is soooooooo cute.

  7. If I take up Post-It note as my BFF, doesn’t that mean I can stamp like you? I guess it’s worth a try! 🙂

  8. And btw, hot stuff, tell that hubby of yours that: “This Laura can interpret it however she likes it because she is the Card-making Queen. Period.” But then again,… I see his point…being the hockey star/hot shot himself !!!

  9. Ohhhh…….now I get it! HAHA! That’s an oh-so-cute card anyway! Your coloring is so amazing. You are such an inspiration to me when I practice coloring. Thanks so much for sharing your comical, cute and creative card.

  10. Cute card and I like your high-falutin’ way of keeping letters straight-it works. Post-it tape doesn’t move, rulers tend to always move for me.

  11. Hola, Laura! Your puppy card is very cute and let me just add that after playing catch for a long time, my beagle named Monster would lay on the floor with the ball in front of him and rest (like on your card) so it is possible that the puppy is tired and just catching his breath. =) Cute card and my little boy Monster had to be put to sleep 2 months ago. Heart-broken in San Antonio, Marisela

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