SSS-August Card Kit

1_328046_ZMHello there! Today I’m sharing a project created using the August card kit by Simon Says Stamp. This kit is chock full of summery-shimmery goodness.SSS-August Card kitI couldn’t resist a shaker to show off that delicious “Magic Fairy Dust” glitter that comes in the kit. I used one of the Nested Circle dies and a little partial die cutting to create my half-circle window. I stamped the hello sentiment & flip flops using the Flip Flop Season set. Then I masked off the letters to blend in a bit of Duckling & Apricot. Look at that textured Tropical Bay shimmer cardstock for the front panel. Isn’t she pretty?
SSS-August Card kitDon’t you love that Sunshine die? With my ink blenders, I added some Twirling Tutu & Teeny Bikini to give it some ombre love. Here’s the good news…I happen to have an extra Sunshine die. Are you interested? Leave me a comment for your chance to win it. Woot! Thanks for stopping by!


150 thoughts on “SSS-August Card Kit

  1. Awesome card love the blending and how you created the shaker card. Thank you for a chance to win the card kit for August.

  2. Hi Laura! Wow, love the close up details of your Sunshine card! Yes, that paper is so pretty with the bit of sparkle, and how cute is the magic fairy dust?! Very nice inking on the sunshine die…looks like a sunrise or sunset! Is there a trick to partial die cutting that I’m missing, or do you just literally out the die through the machine part way and then stop?! Thanks for sharing your cute card!

  3. Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy…John Denver. Sunshine on my craft table would make me happy. Thanks for the opportunity to win it. Love your work.

  4. Laura, Your cards are always so clever and beautiful. I would love to own that sunshine die, for year round use. Thank you for a chance to win it.

  5. Oh my goodness Laura. I love this card! The inking on the sunshine diecut, the cute glitter and the flip flops…just a perfect summer card! Thanks for the chance to win the die. 🙂

  6. Love, love, love this card! It’s just gorgeous!! What a happy card someone will receive. Thanks so much for the chance to win the fun sunshine die.

  7. I always love your Fabulous color choice. We must have the same retinas or something. This is a very cute card kit.

  8. As usual, I’m drooling over your card, ink blending, and masking skills. And you should know that I’m singing (badly) You Are My SUNSHINE as I type this, lol! 😀

  9. I love your talent and your ink blending skills. Everytime I try to figure it out I fail miserably. Lol. Thanks for spreading the sunshine!

  10. Your beautiful cd certainly brought sunshine to my morning! You always do such a beautiful job with the blending…always an inspiration to me! Many thanks…

  11. Soooo shimmery! Love the glitter, partial die cutting, ombre coloring…. Well I LOVE EVERYTHING about your card. What a sweet ray of sunshine for summer 🙂

  12. I’ve learned a lot about ink blending from you. Thanks for that. I love this card. I have my flip flops on and I’m waiting for the sunshine to appear, I think it’s going to be a cloudy day in NC today.

  13. ooh, we are in the middle of Winter here, just dreaming about ‘flip flop’ season. Although we actually call them ‘thongs’ here lol. sssssh don’t tell anyone.

  14. Your card is so pretty with all of the blended colors! Thank you for the chance to win that wonderful “Sunshine” die!

  15. Who couldn’t use some extra Sunshine in their lives! I love the way you use color, your cards are always so happy and bring a smile to my face. Love your work!

  16. Your creativeness just amazes me. Another really-really cute card. I love the bold colors, and yes I love the sunshine die! You are the ombre queen.

  17. Your videos always make me LOL and your cards bring a smile to my face. Your ink blending is over the top. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. I always love your cards! I can hear you describing each little detail, especially when there are cute little characters involved. Thank you for sharing!

  19. The partial die cutting is such a neat addition to this well done card. Also like the ombre effect on the sunshine die.

  20. Nice card, Laura! I love the “Magic Fairy Dust”! Your cards are always so neat even if they don’t have a rainbow on them!

  21. Love your card. I have to practice the ink blending. I haven’t done much of it but I love the look. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Sunshine die. It would be a great addition to the few die words I now own.

  22. Of all the items in the August kit, the sunshine die and sparkly star mix were the ones that caught my eye. Your card is just so fabulous with the half circle window. That’s a great design idea and one I would never have thought of.

  23. This is beautiful, Laura. Those colors are gorgeous and the half-circle shaker is a brilliant idea!

  24. What a great card! Love your partial die cutting and you are totally the queen of ink!

  25. I really enjoy your videos…you are so funny… and your cards are beautimous!!! They bring ‘sunshine’ into my life!

  26. Those colors are just yummy!! I will have to add them to my collection soon!! Partial die cutting is so fun- thanks for sharing your ideas- they make me smile!!

  27. This is SO PRETTY!!!! Is there a DIE for the “flip-flops” themselves? I think this is a LOVELY card with all the SPARKLE!!! 😉 GORGEOUS PAPER, GORGEOUS OMBRE, & GORGEOUS SPARKLE!!!!

  28. This is the best shaker card I’ve seen so far and that shimmery paper and everything you did is perfect, AS USUAL! TFS a die with us. Hope I win!!

  29. This is so beyond awesome!! I really love your cards and style, plus you are just really funny!! 🙂

  30. Wow..beautiful card as always….I’m practicing my blending skills…hope to be half as good as you! Thanks for sharing. Rocio

  31. Love your shaker card. I really like the half circle idea. Always look forward to seeing what you’ve created.

  32. You’ve done it again. Fabulous card. Love the design, colors, die cuts, shaker, the whole shebang. Can’t wait for my kit to arrive. Thanks for a chance to win that delicious sunshine die.

  33. Beautiful card, as usual! Love the idea of using the circle die to create a half moon shape, yet another great way to use our dies in an unexpected way. 🙂

  34. LOVE this card and would be thrilled to win a Sunshine die!! Your blog and inspiration always inspires me:)

  35. What an awesome design! And I love the colors that you added to each element – wonderful! And, yes, the cardstock and the die are awesome.

  36. What a great card. Love the ombre effect your did on the Sunshine die. Everything about this card is just wonderful.

  37. Adorable card, love it! That ‘sunshine’ die is so sweet just like you are, thanks for the chance to win!

  38. “Sunshine” is already in my cart at SSS, but I wouldn’t mind winning it! There are tons of other things on my wish list (if you know what I mean…) Thanks for your continued inspiration for those of us who need a few suggestions.

  39. Love the way the word “Hello” pops and the pretty way you colored the word sunshine! Such a fun shaker! 🙂

  40. What a wonderful card. The color combinations of the blended word against the card stock and the combination of sequins inside the shaker window are mind-blowing! WOWOW! I was hoping for a video. I am Laura-video-deprived! HEHE! Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your creations with us.

  41. Such a great card Laura – thanks for sharing. I love that you used a bright coloured cardstock – I have some on hand but (as a beginner card maker) I haven’t yet seen a lot of cards using it other than as backing pieces. It’s winter here in Australia but am still loving the summer theme of the cards!

  42. hello there… laura bassen… u r a sunshine indeed.. thanks for goin to the work of spreading and showcasing it:) lol…. luv sincerely “glow”ing…

  43. Who doesn´t love sunshine? Laura, you made my day! This outstanding card put a smile on my face which lasted for hours . Wonderful color choice and a great shaker card. Thanks for showing and thanks for the chance to win this beautiful “sunshine” die.
    …Here comes the sun…. lalalala…

  44. What a cute card! Love your shaker card.

    Thank you for the chance to win that ‘Sunshine’ die in such a pretty font!

  45. Yes, I do love that sunshine die & would love winning it even more. Also gotta have some of that Magic Fairy Dust. This is such a fun card, Laura, & your ink blending- awesome, as always. Thanks for a chance to win.

  46. I always love your posts (love ’em even more if there’s a video, since you ALWAYS make me smile) I’d dearly, dearly love to win the sunshine die. I’m in love with word dies and don’t have that one! Thanks for all the smiles, inspiration and the chance at the die.

  47. Yes!! And your ink blending is lovely as always. I just love these kits and what you do with them, Laura Bassen! Thanks for sharing your creativity with me.

  48. I’m always a sucker for shaker cards and this one is gorgeous. You probably don’t read all of these but I must tell you that I tried the Press n Seal trick the other night with a big faceted die-cut and it worked a treat, so thank you for showing it in one of your videos. I’m totally hooked on the stuff now!!

  49. Oh my gosh it shows off the sweet sparkly goodness perfectly. Love the masked hello too. Have a fab weekend Laura!

  50. As always, your card is absolutely amazing, Laura! I love how you placed the sandals…sort of by the water, and your ombre technique on the sunshine die is just beautiful!


  51. Beautiful card Laura! Love the little shaker bits. They are so pretty. As usual, your coloring is awesome!! Thanks for the chance to win a little “sunshine” ;).

  52. Your ink blending is gorgeous! I can’t ever seem to blend mine very well, I always have dark blobs here and there… Laura, you have such a magnificent talent, the Lord blessed you well!

  53. You do give me plenty of sunshine with your bright and cheerful cards…but you can never have enough sunshine! Thanks for the chance to add a sunshine die to my collection!

  54. Laura, this card is simply stunning and full of sunshine! Love the partial die cutting of the circle for a shaker. Ink blending us definitely your forte. Thanks for the chance to add “sunshine” to my life!

  55. Great card!!!! I love your color blending. I’m going to try that soon. I really enjoy your videos.

  56. Thanks for sharing! I love watching your videos the most just because of your zest for life. I love the fact you go off on a tanget about something random while making a card. Always makes me laugh. Tell your husband, us crazy canucks need to stick together eh? Lol

  57. Love your special zest for life –always makes me laugh 🙂 wouldn’t mind a little more sunshine in my life w/that die:-)

  58. I do love that sunshine die and your shaker card. I always smile when I see shakers on your blog, as I remember your first shaker video which involved several members of your family doing the shaker card dance. Thanks for all the smiles and fun each week.

  59. Love this! I usually get the card kits but because of our falling Canadian dollar, I haven’t bought the last couple. I sure do miss them but I’ll be back!

  60. Love, love, love the card! You are a master at ink blending. I just keep practicing!! Thanks for the chance to win some sunshine!

  61. I love the whimsical element of your creation. I would love to send this card to loved ones by mail. This would warm their hearts and put a smile on their faces. That is why I love creating my own cards……just wanna send that love! 😉

  62. Do you stamp in your sleep? Blend ink in your sleep? Get ideas while in dreamland? You sure know how to inspire! Keep on singing…..

  63. omg what an absolutely gorgeous card… Am heading off now to attempt my very first shaker card!!! thank you so much for your inspiration!!! xxx

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