Neat & Tangled 3rd Birthday Blog Hop

3rdbirthdaybloghop-01Hello there! I’m so excited to be joining Neat & Tangled for a blog hop celebrating their 3rd birthday! The beautiful & talented Danielle sent me a few goodies to play with and I’ve created a couple of cards to share with you.
Neat & Tangled-Heart of GoldThis first card features the gorgeous new Heart of Gold stamp set with coordinating die. I blended some Hot Mama, Teeny Bikini & Apricot ink behind the white heart die cut which was popped up with foam tape. Yes, I cut little slivers of foam tape to fit behind each little piece of that heart & used Press’n Sealย to keep all the pieces aligned.
Neat & Tangled-Heart of GoldMy nest card showcases the new Seeing Stars die as well as the Happiest Birthday stamp set.
Neat & Tangled-Happiest BirthdayIย blended in some Hot Mama(you know how I love me some Hot Mama), Blue Jay & Jellybean ink before die cutting the stars and then colored in the monkey with Copics. I put a party hat on the monkey & a sparkler in his hand. That is a monkey right? I guess it could be a bear with big ears, too, but I’m going with monkey. I’m just in monkey heaven with all these amazing monkey stamp sets that are coming out from several different companies. I love them all, and am a firm believer that you can never have too many monkeys. Now I’m having second thoughts. It’s a bear, isn’t it?
Neat & Tangled-Happiest BirthdayLeave me a comment for your chance to win a $50 or even a $100 gift certificate to Neat & Tangled…hot diggity dog!!
Your next stop on the hop is my all-time, forever and ever, never to be outdone favorite card maker in the history of ever…..Cristina Kowalczyk!!!
Thank you so much for hopping by & happiest of birthday wishes to you, Neat & Tangled!


268 thoughts on “Neat & Tangled 3rd Birthday Blog Hop

  1. You’re back! Hooraay! I missed you SO MUCH! Can you see me doing the HAPPY dance? On top of which your two cards are so creative. The heart card and the stars card are so “YOU”….very grounded, great ink blending, perfect sentiment….spot ON! I’m so glad you’re back! Thanks for coming back with a BANG!

  2. Ok Laura, you had me laughing out loud! That is a bear not a monkey! But if you want it to be a monkey…I suppose it could be!!!! LOL!!!

  3. Love your cards ! Love the colors you pick and love your sense of humor. Every time I watch one of your videos or read your blog , I say to myself : I would really love to meet you .

  4. Neat cards using awesome release stamps/dies. Beautiful cards and as always love your blending of colors on your cards.

  5. How pretty~the background behind the gem is so soft and delicate. Love how you left the outline of the gem out. Then the stars are dreamy beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am a fan of the Monkeys also… The blending is really nice… but the piecing together of the heart although gorgeous is a bit too much work for me! LOL!!

  7. Love the beautiful colors of the stars. But whew, I would never have the patience to piece that heart back together. Great job! Both cards are wonderful.

  8. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS cards Laura!!!
    LOVE the warm colours and ELEGANT design – WOW – I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED with how you POPPED each piece of the faceted heart – 2 thumbs up!!! … the bonus is having the “positive” heart piece to use on another project ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your birthday card is ADORABLE, LOVE the star-filled background … ANOTHER MUST-HAVE die!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION!!!

  9. Love the cards. Your ink blending skills are amazing. You have much more patience than me to mount foam tape on each individual piece – although I love the effect.

  10. Swooning over your heart card and crushing over the stars and monkey! Both are fabulous! Press and Seal? I’m going to check that out!

  11. Both cards are just lovely, Laura! You created magic with the Seeing Stars die. I recently discovered Neat & Tangled and my first order arrived last week. Love, love, love their amazing sentiment stamps! โ™ก

  12. Lovely cards. I just love the star card. The litle bear is so cute and those stars look so cool behind him.

  13. Love these cards! Wow, the heart is amazing! Love the way you color, and the star die is so nice the way it fills the card space.

  14. You do the most beautiful ink blending!! Such patience you have – going to have to try the press and seal!

  15. Laura, like always you create a beautiful and awesome card! Both are so amazing, but I love your first card!

  16. Both cards amazing as usual Laura. It is funny I thought the stamp was a Bear, but now you are saying a Monkey…now I am going to have to give this some thought….is it a Bear…is it a Monkey? It really doesn’t matter as it is the cutest thing ever and you made such a cute card with it! I love how excited you get over Hot Mama ink…you always make me laugh!

  17. Hi Laura. As always your cards are so sweet! ( FYI, I think he’s a monkey too! LOL)
    I really love that set and that star die. Actually, I love it ALL? How do we decide our favs???

  18. Oh, drat! I saved you for last hoping for a video! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh, well… The cards are pretty and I love the colors you picked. Would love to see the press-and-seal in action, as I am having a hard time picturing it! (HINT, HINT: use that technique on a video soon, ok?)

  19. Laura, I love your cards and enjoy your videos very much also! You are a true Hot Mama! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful inspirtation!

  20. These are gorgeous! I love your ink blending, it’s always so perfect. And yes, I think he is a bear but you can call him a monkey ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Wow! Love the colors you used on both cards. And giving dimension on the card with all those little pieces. You must have a steady hand and patience…woo hoo…stunning. The darling little monkey and all the stars is so cute. I love those stars. Great designs…..TFS

  22. Laura you are a total inspiration……..that heart of gold card is just astonishing! Your use of the color inks is amazing. Thank you for your ingenuity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Looks like a monkey to me! You have definitely perfected the art of ink blending and you inspire me to do my best. Cute cards and awesome talent.

  24. Super awesome cards! I hope you plan on giving that heart card to someone well deserving…that was a lot of work!

  25. bwahahah… how did I know when I saw that heart die earlier in the week that you would be putting little slivers of foam tape behind all that?!?! It looks amazing, but you’re nuts!

  26. Both cards are gorgeous. Could you have die cut the heart from fun foam? Maybe with Xyron on it? I don’t know, just thought maybe. Your result is really beautiful. I love the monkey-bear. He’s just too cute with his party hat. I agree that one can’t have too many monkeys (stamps, I mean)

  27. Great job on both these cards. I love how you created the heart with the cut out pieces and trimming it on the side gives it an interesting look. I never think of doing that with my die cuts but I am certainly going to put that idea into my grab bag of tricks. I love the delicate coloring you achieved with the stars on the second card and the dimension you achieved with the die cuts. Looks wonderful.

  28. Why would I ever think you’d make a card that would be easy to CASE? LOL Love the heart! I was thinking that it would look cute with the insides only – and I’m right. But to cut foam for each of those little pieces? Surely you jest! lol Gorgeous cards, my dear. Thank you for always stretching us beyond our comfort zones.

  29. Love the variety of colors on the stars.
    that heart die is great.
    Both are on my shopping list.
    thanks for sharing two cute cards.

  30. Love the cards you made – especially the one with the stars! You crack me up as well. I, too, thought it was a monkey at first glance…but now I think it’s a bear!

  31. Laura you have such a sweet flair for your cards, always cheered when I look at your works! ๐Ÿ˜˜ Tracy from IL. IG littlesavedgirl

  32. Laura I absolutely adore your blending. I had to get the new colors from SSS just to try and achieve your look. Gorgeous…. Thank you

  33. Wonderful cards! I think if you slap a monkey tail on the bear it can be a monkey ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe it’s a “bearkey.”

  34. Welcome home, Laura…I missed you! Your heart is amazing, and I love how you blended your inks on both cards! Monkey or bear…he’s adorable, and you’ve colored him beautifully! Two fabulous cards, as always!!!

  35. Who wouldn’t “love” that first card with your signature blending. Then you do it again for the second card. Personally, I don’t care whether it’s a bear or a monkey, it’s adorable.

  36. If you added a tail, the bear could become a monkey. LOL Great cards. Thanks for the tip of using press and seal to hold all those little pieces together. You have a lot of patience to cut all those pieces of foam tape, but that is what makes the card so special.

  37. I am with you on the monkey vote, but it is a bear but when I first saw it I thought monkey. And I am not surprised to see you used Hot Mama on both of your cards. I love it too.

  38. Both your cards are great as always. I love that star die and I love the soft rainbow colors on that cards. Your cards are usually so much brighter, but I love the softness.on this one.

  39. Be still my heart…that is such a cool card requiring lots of patience adhering those small pieces. It’s okay because a bear can also wear a party hat and carry a sparkler…as you’ve shown here. Glad to see you creating again, Laura!

  40. Love your cards always and adore your commentary along the way- is it a bear or a monkey??? Hot mama- awesome!

  41. Thanks for the great ideas. I especially appreciated the suggestion of using Press and Seal when doing a die cut like the heart with lots of pieces. I hadn’t thought of that.

  42. I so want to reach for ice cream after seeing your creations… creamy, yummy, sweet and lovely, just like your cards (and you!)!

  43. I SO love that Seeing Stars die!! Your blended colors are beautiful. The bear actually looks like a mouse to me!!

  44. This was the last little push I needed to comment on your blog. I LOVE your cards and very much enjoy the videos with your special names for inks and tools, and even the monkeys and bananas digressions :-D. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and laughs.

  45. All of your cards are wonderfully exceptional. These two are so pretty! Love your soft blended colors and the cute monkey die is perfectly colored.

  46. Yes, it’s a bear–but what the heck–call it a monkey if you want! Cannot believe how you made the first card–so worth your efforts & the stars card is wonderful!

  47. Wow I love that heart card, it may have taken you some time but it was worth it, I thought you had used the heart part as a stencil. Just awesome!

  48. Whether it’s a monkey or a bear, Laura, it’s definitely all kinds of cute ๐Ÿ™‚ great to see you back, and with such beautiful cards – I love that heart die, and the gorgeous ink blending on the backgrounds!

  49. I’d go with bear just because of his feet, but if you added a nice curly tail, no one would even notice the feet! Just love your soft color blending and CAS style!

  50. Wow! What patience it must have taken to do that heart!! Never heard of the Press & Seal stuff but will look for it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Fantastic cards!! Love that seeing stars die!!!

  51. You made the dies shine! LOVE the time you took to pop up all those heart pieces, it looks AMAZING!!!

  52. I’m over here ROFL, as usual! Your cards are awesome! Your blending skills have the most wonderful effect!
    And, yes, at first glance I thought this was a monkey, but I didn’t see a monkey tail so I began to accept that it was a bear with amazing hearing.
    Thanks for always making me smile!

  53. Hey there Hot Mama…hope you had a great vacation…nice to see you back…ummm…I think it’s a bear, but for you it can be a monkey…LOL…always love to see what you make and really like to watch your videos…

  54. FABULOUS as always Laura! Love the Heart of Gold die, I need to get one soon!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ TFS your amazing cards!

  55. What would we do without press ‘n seal?! And fabulous ink blending, as always! I’m going to keep practicing. I decided after your lesson for Background Check that I’m just overly excited… gotta start light and be patient!

  56. Press ‘n seal to keep all those pieces aligned??? How in the world……??? Anyway, a fabulous job you did on this fabulous card. Cristina said you’re her hero, and you are absolutely one of mine too (I’m C’s mom). Thank you also for your kind words about her.

  57. Wowsers! Love BOTH of your fabulous cards, Laura! Can’t get enough of that “Hot Mama” ink and how well it goes with Jelly Bean and Blue Jay. I thought it was a bear not a monkey but I don’t know. Love the Heart especially!! Great cards and oh, I am loving this blog hop!

  58. You managed to get Hot Mama into both cards! Love that star die…but I’ll bet you were muttering cutting all those little bits of foam tape to make your amazing heart card!!

  59. Love those colored stars and the heart–really neat dies. Great cards, as always. PressNSeal–what a clever idea. Never would’ve thought of it, which is why I follow you!

  60. I love how you colored the stars. To bad the real stars in the sky don’t look like that. Really nice job!

  61. I’m loving the star die. I didn’t give it much thought or attention when I viewed the different items in the release. But, wow! Such inspiration an will add it to my wish list. Thank you.

  62. Yay! You’re back! Just love your’s a treat. I think it can be BOTH— a bear n a monkey! LOL. Thanks for this opportunity and for sharing, rocio

  63. Gorgeous heart card, you definitely have more patience then me to pop up all the little bits. Whether your critter is a bear or monkey it is cute and his pose lends itself to all sorts of accessorising and sentiments.

  64. Love your cards, I sure hope its a Bear I’ve been calling him a bear all along this hop!! Its just cute what ever it is! Thanks for sharing but miss a video from you.

  65. It must be a monkey! If it is a bear, he just came out of hibernation to be so thin and would NOT be smiling! Love your cards!

  66. Amazing & fabulous cards! I really like how you used the negatives of the heart! super pretty! Press&seal really does seem amazing! Bear or monkey, he is just too cute!

  67. Itยดs a BEAR, and he is sooo cute! Love your coloring and of course I have to get me this pack nยดseal thing. Great cards and a really good release.

  68. Such adorable cards-I can’t believe that
    you put all of those pieces of the heart
    on with foam tape! I think the image is a
    bear, but I see that it kind of looks like a monkey ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Beautiful cards! I love the blending you did on both cards, and who doesn’t love monkeys?! Don’t tell, but I thought it was a bear, because I didn’t see a tail. *blush*

  70. Very cute and possibly tedious…I think it’s a bear. Monkeys have tails; apes do not. Really like that arrangement of stars and your wonderful color blending. Which do you like most about “Hot Mama”–the color or the name?

  71. I love both of your cards. I remember your video on using Press N’ Seal. Sure wish you have a video on your cards…On your second card, I went in panic when mentioned it’s a monkey when I’ve always called it a bear with all my comments on this card. I guess, to each his own. It is always in the eye of the beholder how one interprets the art.

  72. Wow – what patience you have Laura to pop up all those heart pieces. Better gal than me. I would say it’s a bear but only because it doesn’t have the long monkey tail. He’s so cute though. Your ink blending skills are so fabulous. I would love to be able to do it as well as you do. I love watching your videos. You always make me laugh. Thanks for sharing the great cards.

  73. Again a couple of awesome cards as always Laura I so love your style. That bear is so cute with all those stars and that heart card is beautiful. TFS.

  74. I bet the Press N Seal came out to help you with the heart die!!! This looks so good with those beautiful colours behind it. And love that you blended different inks before die-cutting the stars. Both cards look amazing!

  75. Another vote for the press and seal trick, please. I could probably just google it, but no one else would have such fun commentary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. I absolutely adore the Heart of Gold Die! You make it look so easy to create a perfect card every time. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  77. What amazing cards! How in the world did you get that heart to be perfectly placed? I love the colors you used – everything blends together so beautifully!

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