Paper Smooches projects

Hi there! Today I have a couple of Paper Smooches projects to share with you. It’s been awhile since my last post. I suppose it was a combination of being busy behind the scenes working on upcoming projects and needing a little blogging break. Either way, it’s nice to post again!Paper Smooches-Comforting HugsHow adorable is this little kitty cat hug from Comforting Hugs. I created a little lunchbox note size using the Notebook Basic die and the Comforting Hugs coordinating dies. For the background, I blended in some Salty Ocean and then splattered a bit of water.
Paper Smooches-Mason Jar diesThis next card is a triple shaker using the Mason Jar dies. Gotta love a triple shaker, right? It was the perfect way to show off these gorgeous sequin mixes by Lucy. Here’s a little video to show you how I created my triple shaker wonder:)I also have a winner to announce from my Sparkling Clear Sequin Mix giveaway from my last post. Congrats, Liz McAllister!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


51 thoughts on “Paper Smooches projects

  1. Love, Love, Love this card. To bad it is out of stock already. Will have to get on notify list. I just love your humor and creative talent. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this. You can put anything in a Mason jar, so this is very versatile. The sequins are beautiful. Glad you’re back!

  3. So much fun! As I was watching your video I was wondering what you were going to do with those edges. LOL! I thought perhaps there was a disaster coming up:) You come up with the greatest ideas…just love your videos and your sense of humor!

  4. You were MISSED, Laura! I have been wondering what you are working on…..these beauties explains why! Can’t wait to see more awesomeness from you!

  5. I’ve been missing you, too, Laura! I always look forward to your videos! What a triple amazing shaker card today! Happy Autumn days, dear Laura! ♡

  6. Glad your back, missed all your witty repartee. Fell off my chair when I saw this shaker. Great tips for adhering acetate & framing the openings on the card borders. As always, a pleasure to visit your blog.

  7. LOVE those shaker mason jars! I have the spray glue in my stash but never thought to use it that way –thanks for sharing it!

  8. I think you are just brilliant! As I was watching you put the shaker card together I had no idea how you would keep the sequins inside the jars. Your solution was perfect and your card is super cute!

  9. You out did yourself on this one. What a great idea…love the spray adhesive idea. Must try. Love shakers so this is one that I must try. Great card. Great design. Love it.

  10. Awwww…..the “Hug Me” notebook card is so adorable…so cuddly and soft w/the beautiful color blending.
    Then the 3-jar shaker card shakes us all AWAKE! OMG! What a fun and colorful card…three-colors no less! Both are wonderful and awesome cards.

  11. Loved your video. Thanks for the spray adhesive idea (sorry, I’ve forgotten her name). I will definitely try that. I’ve got four smallish grandchildren. Although, shaker cards are fun at any age…right? Love your wonderful card design. Thanks so much for the ideas.

  12. I missed you. Came and checked on your blog a couple of times and was going to send a comment to check on you but then didn’t want to hassle you in case you were just needing a break:) Love love love that shaker card and seeing how it all came together. Keeping it real Laura in your videos showing the process and I love that. Take care!

  13. Wonderful card! No one, I mean no one else would have thought of cutting those dies along the edge like that when making a shaker card. You are amazing!

  14. Awesome cards, Laura! Your kitty hug mini card is adorable, and as always you coloring is amazing! Love your ‘Triple Shaker’ card, too! I think I’m gonna get some spray adhesive…love the ‘clean’ look 🙂

  15. good for you Laura.. stunning us all again arent you… by the way… i am going to make you a card for snail-mail shortly… i wanted to thank you from my heart for the win win which blew me away… quite much knocked me over backwards of course! i am still only on day one cuz i want to make a card each class.. and so… haha..i am late and i am so glad you cant literally see how crazy busy i am over it.. but yes, kristina werner, jen macguire and you are the ones i have on my list for cards.. i cant forget such awesome generosity as yours… so… LOVe your card and so… just dont hold your breath.. THese cards will have to pass uNreaL inspection before sending.. so i will be after your addresses in a few months from now?! hmmmm… depends on if i am back on my feet after all the hard studying…. LoL… k take care and keep shining on!:0)

  16. So glad you’re back! You make shaker cards look so easy. I always end up with a tiny gap & sequins & microbeads go everywhere! Adorable card.

  17. Loooove this mason shaker card! ! You mentioned in your video, you need a “designated” spot for spraying. So what I use in my craftroom is just a plain old cardboard box. I use it for my misting and such. I just keep mine on the floor. You could also use a shoebox as well. Keep up the gorgeous designs my friend!

  18. This card is amazing. I love the sequin mixes you used. I may have to CAS this one. My niece is doing the whole rustic, shabby chic, I don’t know what to call it, but burlap and lace and mason jars wedding.. haha I think this would be an awesome card for her, in her colors. ^_^ Thanks so much for sharing, and taking the time to do a video.

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