Right at Home-Holiday Release

downloadHi there! Today I have a couple of project to share with you featuring some new stamps by Right at Home. Nicole was so kind to send me a few from her new Holiday Release and here’s what I came up with.Right at Home-Christmas CrittersI used a bit of masking on the snowman from the Christmas Critters stamp set and did some bokeh stamping using the solid circle images from the Poinsettia set. The sentiment is from the Christmas Sentiments set. Such fun sets that all work so well together.
Right at Home-Christmas CrittersThis next one-layer wonder uses the same subtle color scheme and more of that gorgeous generation stamping.Right at Home-Christmas CrittersHere’s a video to show you how I created my cards.
You can see more of these stamps over at the Right at Home shop. Thanks so much for stopping by!

40 thoughts on “Right at Home-Holiday Release

  1. Laura – you never cease to amaze me! Love your videos…they are the best and I get the “momnesia” – not TMI – just keeping it real! Thanks for your inspiration…can’t wait to try these techniques and color combinations!

  2. Laura,
    Love your video!! I’m frugal as well and broke down and purchased a MISTI…love it. Your cards are just beautiful. Love the bokeh and all the colors (and design).

  3. Your cards are gorgeous – I like the bokeh/second-generation stamping technique and now I want to try it! And you always crack me up! I love your videos – thanks for the chuckle!

  4. I get “momnesia” all the time! Ha! Love the bokeh effect on these cards. Oh and I share your black sock/sock battles too…hee hee!

  5. Beautiful cards. Thanks. You just crack me up. I love the input of family stories. I share the laundry story with you. Just drives me crazy. Thanks for the entertainment and card ideas.

  6. Gorgeous cards, Laura. Your snowman card really put a smile on my face.
    And guess what: I got a MISTI for my birthday and it arrived from the US exactly 1 day before my birthday (my DH was so relieved). I have only used it a few times so far, but I love it!
    Marianne x

  7. A subtle rainbow is great too! Awesome card Laura! You scare with with the block under the lid of your MISTI, if it happens to be because you don’t want the hinges going all the way down when you ink, I heard the suggestion of a foam sheet under the door side of you MISTI, I do that, I just keep it with my MISTI and watch where you keep your magnets, I got only one…and I don’t know what it stuck to but I haven’t seen it for MONTHs LOL so I suggested to my frend to stick them to something metal you keep at your desk and you will always know they are there.
    Anyway….Yep got the Momnesia! I so do that! but I will tell YOU something I do know….You make awesome cards my friend…just awesome! 😀

  8. You might have Momnesia, but some of us are just old and forgetful. 🙂
    Also, first year I was in college, my roommate and I showed up with the same clothes. Granted, there were only two of us, but we used safety pins to distinguish them. For socks, I pinned the toes and she pinned the tops. We always knew whose was whose. They actually make sock clips, in colors, so you could have your kids pair their own socks before they go into the wash. In theory.

    Oh, love your cards!

  9. So sweet, Laura! Thank you for introducing me to another new stamp company. I look to Betsy Veldman… and YOU for inspiration so often! Wishing you happy family days! ♡

  10. I think at one time or another we all get momnesia! Love your cards. Love bokah too! Love your designs and your color choices. TFS

  11. Loved the video. (Better late than never for the birdy and the snowman’s face) Beautiful cards. Thanks for the second generation stamping tips and project ideas.

  12. oh, i just love your clean and simple but awesome cards!!! and i’m not even gonna talk about the momnesia thing, lol!! i’ve been suffering from that for a while now 🙂 thanks for sharing your process and your always bubbly personality!!!

  13. Gave up trying to remember ANYTHING a long time ago, so I hear you. As for the cards…can I just say “shut the front door”. That bokeh makes the perfect background…why didn’t I think of that. Oh, I know…because I’ve lost my mind.

  14. Laura–totally get the laundry issue, you have me laughing! Love this cute card and all your humor, makes my day happy!

  15. “Baddaboom Baddabing” (hehe) and two marvelously beautiful cards were born! ….and a video on top of that! Whoohoo! I LOVE the cards….so soothing and masterfully colored! Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. OMG, your video was so funny I laughed out loud and nearly had an accident (just kidding)! Totally get the momnesia, too.

  17. Laura Laura Laura,… Hilarious ,I love the Bokeh card And the colors in both.. And by the way it’s not TMI when you’re keeping it real !!! Truth is truth…. Keep me laughing keep me Stampin .. Yours in Christ and ink Anne

  18. Momnesia – hilarious!!! Thank you for this diagnosis (I suffer from it too, I think)
    And I LOVE your TMI, LOL
    I appreciate your honesty, and thank you for these gorgeous inspiration-cards!!

  19. Beautiful card, Laura!!

    Hint for marking dark clothing items – pick a color for each family member, put one small fabric paint dot on each clothing item, in a place that won’t show to the rest of the world. It makes sorting the items out of the dryer easy peasy.

  20. I don’t know what I love more, your cards or your commentary. You make me feel like I’m visiting with a great friend!

    The sorting laundry talk reminded me of how my mom used to mark clothes. I have 3 brothers, each one year from the next, and clothes were passed down. Luckily the sizes were largest to smallest in the same order as age. To make things easier when we sorted the laundry the oldest had 1 dot of ink on the size tags (when they existed). When it no longer fit him or if it was for the second brother another dot was added so it now it had 2 dots. Three dots were for the youngest brother. Thanks for bringing back that memory, it added to my smiles at the start of the day.

  21. Welcome to the wonderful work of MISTI! Hint turn the MISTI so it opens left to right, much easier to ink up. You don’t have to reach across in order to stamp. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  22. Hee Hee!! My son is looking at me like I’m cuckoo as I’m laughing with you while watching the videos!!! Love how you showcased Nicole s stamps! I’m currently playing with them too! Love the softer color choices!

  23. Just so you know, I’m using the Momnesia reference–’cause I need an excuse. I was laughing at the TMI on your underwear commentary. You crack me up!

  24. Well, Laura, it never gets better, this forgetfulness! Lol!!! I am about to be 65 and I had the same problem at 21 and I only have 1 daughter. I just say I have a forgetter and it kicks in at times. HeHe!! Now to the card—it is awesome and you are so right about Betsy Veldman. She does know her stuff!! Very creative lady and so are you! Thanks for sharing!!!

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