Seasons Givings Blog Hop

SeasonsGivingsimageHello there! Today I’m joining a whole lotta fabulous companies & designers in a blog hop for giving thanks and giving back. I have a Paper Smooches project to share because it says exactly what I want to say to all of you. You are all so nice and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you♥Paper Smooches-Criss Cross dieHere is my giveaway: 3 Artplorations stencils, Basic Stripes stamp set & a pack of Suzy’s Watercolor Doodle cards.
Leave me a comment answering this very simple question for your chance to win: “What it your favorite color?” I know it’s a silly question, but I’d love to see what the consensus is.
IMG_2920Here is the full blog hop order. Thanks so much for stopping by & Happy New Year!!!
Scrapbook Cards & Today Magazine
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Reverse Confetti
Technique Tuesday
CAS-ual Friday Stamps
Verve Stamps
Donna Salazar
Richard Garay
Stamp Simply Ribbon Store
Inchie Arts
Avocado Arts
OHscrap (Bossy Joscie)
Rubbermoon Stamps
Latina Crafter
A Jillian Vance Design
Your Everyday Stamps
Latisha Yoast
AJ Otto
Kimberly Crawford
Julia Stainton
Laurie Willison
Teri Anderson
Jennifer Gallacher
Vera Yates
Wanda Guess
Nichol Magouirk
Kelly Klapstein
Anabelle O’Malley
Kim Watson
Chari Moss
Laura Bassen
Lydia Fiedler
Lisa Adametz
Alice Wertz
Daniela Dobson
Jenn Shurkus
Lori Craig
Amy Tsuruta
Lisa Henke
Margie Higuchi
Lee Murphy
Lori Tecler
Dina Kowal
Loretta Lock
Darsie Bruno
Marcie Sharp
Veronica Zalis
Barbara Anders
Maria Levine
Dana Joy
Melody Rupple
Keri Sereika
Asia King
Jennifer Ingle
Yvonne Van de Grijp
Beth Pingry
Erica Houghton
Mary-Ann Maldonado
Piali Biswas
Ashley Newell
Nicole Maki
Julee Tilman
Leigh Penner
Christina Griffiths
Lindsay Amrhein
Laura Williams
Debbie Seyer
Christine Emberson
Kerry Urbatch
Linda Lucas
Tosha Leyendekker
Giovana Smith
Bunny Vance
Stacey Schafer
Lee Ann Barrett
Ruby Naz
Julie Dinn
Jill Hawkins
Christiana Reulling
Jodi Collins
Gracie Chavez
Michelle Woerner
Tania Willis
Karisse Schilling
Lori McAree
Ashley Harris
Emily Leiphart
Heidi Blankenship
Coralynn Murray
Tenia Nelson
Pretty Philosophie
Jillian Vance
Misti Oblander
Ceal Pritchett


557 thoughts on “Seasons Givings Blog Hop

  1. My favourite colour is a peachy orange colour like distress ink Abandoned Coral. Hope 2016 is good for you and can’t wait to see what you make.

  2. I don’t really have a favorite. I love all colors, except mauve. lol My kitchen walls are a dark raspberry, everything else in there is all different colors.

  3. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE the die you used on your card. So fun! My favorite color…Well, it may seem to be a simple question but it’s not that easy…LOL…I love color and as I gravitate to the darker tones of pinks and blues, I love almost all colors!

  4. Awesome prizes! I just cannot narrow it down to one color. I have a favorite color palette though, it’s Aqua, hot pink, and lime green. If it’s one of those colors and/or polka dots I’m sold! 🙂

  5. Love the soft colours on that card. My favourite colour is turquoise. Thanks for the chance to win Laura.

  6. Surely you jest. My favorite color? The one in my hand at the moment. Not really. I love rich shades of green. But I also love blue, red, teal, deep yellows. I’m not too keen on pinks or purples….don’t know why….just is. Happy 2016…keep the goodness going.

  7. Brilliant card as usual, always know I am going to see a winner here. Love the die you used, its in my shopping cart waiting for me and I just hope I can make it look as good as you have. Love the colours you used.

  8. My favourite colour is blue.
    Hope the new year brings you much happiness and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  9. Just can’t choose. Always like your rainbows. You are by far the most entertaining video crafter I follow! Don’t change!

  10. My favorite color is purple but I don’t create with it much; my favorite colors to create with tend toward the bright and bold of red and yellow! Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

  11. I tell my six kids my favorite color is rainbow! That way they can like whatever color cause it is still Moms favorite color too! I tend towards the blues in reality! 😉

  12. My fav color is green. I’m a crafter and a gardener so when I’m out putzin’ in the flower beds I’m surrounded by my fav color!

  13. For stamping, my favorite color is blue. For wearing, it is purple. And thank you for all of your wonderful creations and your fun videos.

  14. Love your card and I love all colors (except maybe brown.) I guess my favorite color is purple, but orange is a close second. Thanks for all your cards and your Craftsy class. I have learned so much from you.

  15. I have favorite colors for different things, like clothing, decorating, cards, pictures (wall art). It also depends on my moods and what I have seen and loved recently. My favorite colors for decorating right now are a muted aqua, white and a warm taupe. My favorites for accents right now are dark, rich brown and red. My favorite for clothing is denim blue-I live in blue jeans! But I love all colors and I have gained a new love of rainbows through your work, Laura.

  16. This question always stumps me. I love colour and my favourite is anything in rainbow colours (like many of your cards!) I always tell my children that my favourite colour is rainbow

  17. I kind of like all the clean, bright colors in the warm family, but if I have to pick just one, it would have to be red. Love it with yellows and greens, with a very tiny touch of blue. I usually like the same colors you use. I don’t like purple at all, but your Hot Mama is beginning to grow on me. We appreciate you, too, and are grateful for your sharing with us.

  18. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your talent and humour with us. I am looking forward to another year inspiration (and entertainment) from you. My favorite color is royal blue.

  19. My favorite color is royal blue. Maybe you can make a video of a card featuring royal blue soon. What is your favorite color?

  20. My favorite color has always been blue with all its various shades. Happy New Year, and thanks for a chance to win!

  21. My favorite color is blue…has been since 1st grade when my dad told me it was his favorite color. It varies a bit (depending on card making, clothes, or home decor/paint), but my favorite shade of blue tends to be closer to PTI’s Aqua Mist.

  22. I love blues! Royal blue, turquoise blue, all blues. Happy New Year. Looking forward to more blog reads from you and videos. So fun and informative!

  23. OMG I have to pick…it’s teal, no it’s blue, oh but today it’s red. Just can’t choose guess I’ll just go with rainbow as each color has a place in my heart.

  24. What a wonderful way to start the New Year. Many thanks for the chance to win some crafting goodies. My favorite colour is turquoise blue. Carol

  25. My favourite colour depends on what it is for, but my favourite colour for card making seems to be yellow (I say, it seems, because I hadn’t really thought about it much, but I’m always drawn towards cards that contain a nice, bright yellow). I think it looks so cheery! Thank you for the inspiration during 2015 and I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! Have a great 2016! Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  26. Love all colors, but if I have to pick one its going to be orange! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  27. So funny, my favorite color changes like the wind! Makes life interesting I guess! Right now I would say coral!

  28. Happy New Year! Love your sweet and simple card. My favorite color is green. Wishing you nothing but the best for 2016!

  29. I always smile when I see “laurafadora” in the URL section. But better yet, your work makes me smile! Fave color? Today? Deep red–but I have a cold, LOL.

  30. Laura, I think my favorite color would have to be yellow. It’s such a happy color! Thanks for your hard work for us.

  31. When I saw your name on the list, I HAD TO come over, Laura! SUPER CARD!!! 😉 The ombre, rainbow design you’ve done is FABULOUS!!! 😉 What is my FAVORITE COLOR???? Well, I like COLOR, so I like JEWEL TONES!!!! Pretty much ALL OF THEM! LOL But, to narrow it down, I’ve ALWAYS LOOOOOVED RED!!! Over the years, it has changed to more muted tones! 😉

  32. HNY…fave color is easy….pink, lite pink, pale pink, rose pink, tulip pink, raspberry pink, dark pink, dusty pink, coral pink, hot pink….

  33. My favorite color is rainbow plus black and white. How could I pick just one since each has a personality and feel and expression in a myriad of shades and tints. Not possible. Like picking my favorite child. Can’t!

  34. Purple is my all time favorite color with teal coming in a close second! Thank you for the chance to win! Happy New Year

  35. Favorite color: Red Love the pop it gives. Happy New Year to you and looking forward to another year of enjoying your creativity and motivation!

  36. I love all colors for different things. To wear, my favorite colors are pink or peach. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2016 Laurafadora!

  37. Happy New Year to you and yours! Thank you for all of the beautiful cards and projects you shared with us in 2015.

    My favorite colour is aqua / blue.

    Have a fabulous evening,

  38. Even though it changes all the time, right now I’m loving anything aqua 😃
    Thanks for all your amazing inspiration, Laura and Happy New Year!

  39. I love Red! Thanks for all of the inspiration last year – I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us! I hope you and your family had a great 2015 and have a wonderful new year!

  40. My favorite color or color family is anything in the aqua/teal family. Living in Florida it is always in style.

  41. I love your card with those beautifully blended colors. Although a lighter shade of pink is my favorite, I love bright and cheery colors in most any hue. Happy New Year!

  42. Turquoise, or the light aqua/mint green colors. Any of those shades of blue. Thanks for your blog, and the giveaway!

  43. It’s a tie between blue and green. That’s why I like aqua. Your videos are the best. They always make me smile. I would watch paint dry with you talking in the background!

  44. My favorite color is orange. I have always loved orange pumpkins has a kid and still do now. I don’t know why but for some reason it’s orange (pumpkin).

  45. I love so many colors it’s always hard to narrow it down to just one favorite, but I do love turquoise. It’s such a pretty shade of blue and my favorite kind of jewelry is southwestern jewelry with turquoise stones.

  46. That is not a silly question! Red. That is and always has been my favorite color. It’s not always my most worn or my most used, but it is till my favorite. And my kitchen aid mixer proves it. HAHAHA!

  47. Rainbow is my favorite color as I simply can’t leave any behind. I’ve been this way with color even as a kid.

  48. What a fabulous card! Question: How do you pop up your delicate die? I love to do that with these type too but the pop dots are always so big! Thanks! Oh and …………… PINK!!! lol Happy, Happy 2016!

  49. My favorite color(s) are Purple and Pink. But my favs for a card are blues 🙂 What’s your favorite color Laura?

  50. Great card…absolutely love it when there is a video with your cards!! Can’t really say that I have a specific favorite color.

  51. Not a silly question, at all. Yellow is my favorite color…it always seems such a happy, hopeful color. Btw, You’re so nice, too. Happy and Prosperous 2016.

  52. Great Card – I have a hard time choosing just one color, I guess I would have to say Greens and Blues and any combination of the two are my go-to colors. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  53. Wow, thank you for your generosity! Gosh, I don’t know if I can pick A favorite color — I love so many. But I seem to gravitate a lot to greens, especially bright, happy greens (think Twisted Citron.) I was sort of expecting you to ask about resolutions, as so many others have; I would have said “to learn to sponge like you!” 🙂 Happy new year!

  54. happy new year to you! thanks for all the inspiration! my favorite color is actually black. my favorite color color is teal!

  55. I don’t have a favorite color because they are are wonderful – even the “ugly” ones look great in combo with the right shades. Happy New Year!

  56. Laura you always add sunshine to my day – although it’s usually rainbows right?
    My favourite colour is rich, deep, wine red

  57. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful card with us, Laura! I love the soft color palette with your design! My favorite color is aqua 🙂
    Thank ‘You’ for all the beautiful blog posts you share with us all year long! I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!!!

  58. BLACK is my favorite color. It may seem weird, but I love what it does for other colors. I use pops of it in my sewing, cards, clothing and our home. (We have a black wall and a black front door) Happy New Year.

  59. First of all, we love YOU Laura, and are grateful to you for sharing your humor and talent. Second, my fave color is green (unless we’re talking about hunter green).

  60. Happy 2016 Laura! Your cards always bring a smile to my face! In crafting I literally can’t choose a favorite color but for clothes and because I live in Nebraska my favorite color is red! (Go Big Red!)

  61. Happy New Year! Thank you for this wonderful blog hop! So much fun and so many amazing prizes and inspiration. Favorite color is blue!

  62. blue, obviously! been following you for a while on YT and i laugh so hard every time you say “first kick of the cat.” i have never heard anyone say that before! 🙂

  63. In clothing, it would be pink/green (not separable) in summer, red/black/grey or orange /blue if going to Illini games, and in papercrafting it’s currently that lime color. Sure did overthink that one!

  64. Great card… well you did get me started on rainbow colours but if I just have to choose one, it would have to be blue.

  65. Blue was always my favorite color, but I love bright colors, too. Oh, how can anyone pick just one? Bet you can’t 🙂

  66. Hi Laura,

    Favorites are Red, Earth tones and turquoise. Thanks for the chance to win, I have my eye on that stamp for a while now,would love to have it!

    María Alba

  67. A perfect card, Laura. You’re pretty nice yourself. My favorite color is teal or almost anything in the aqua, turquoise, blue-green range. Thanks for a chance to win.

  68. Rainbow is my favorite color! LOL! I love purple the most 🙂
    Laura, I’d like to thank you for all the inspirations in 2015!
    Thank You for a chance to win your giveaway prize.
    Happy New Year!

  69. Hi Laura. First I have to tell you that every time I watch one of your videos I have a smile on my face. I can just feel your positive disposition right through my computer screen 🙂 And, my favorite color is GREEN. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  70. Blue blue and blue! Almost any shade but not muddy colors 😉
    I’ve been struggling with how to use this die so Thx for the inspiration!!!

  71. I love “fall” or “jewel tone” colors. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway. Happy New Year!

  72. Well I for one think you are sooo nice to us! I love your style and all the crafty inspiration you share with us! Thanks for the opportunity to win ! Oh and I almost forgot…my favorite color is turquoise!

  73. Pink. Light pink, dark pink, pink with everything. I even have pink chocolate that I put in shoe molds and then I have my 2 favorite things, shoes and chocolate…pink chocolate. I love you because you crack me up!

  74. Hello! My favorite color is pink. I am wearing pink pj’s and a pink fuzzy robe right now! Funny thing, I rarely use it on my cards and I don’t have any pink accented rooms in my house but I love PINK! Wishing you a very a Happy New Year!

  75. I love bright yellows and blues….. followed by purples… but color is just fabulous all around. Happy 2016

  76. Thanks for introducing me to this great blog hop. I am thoroughly enjoying it. My favorite color right now is green.

  77. My favorite color is the color that my name is here on your blog!!!! I LOVE TURQUOISE OR AQUA. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!!!! I love your posts. Such a sense of humor!!!!!

  78. I always find myself coming back to every and any shade of blue, which is reflected in my selection of ink pads!

  79. Laura Bassen…one of my very favorites ❤ LOVE your videos! Said it before but I'll say it again…Wish you would make more of them. Anyways…my favorite color is all shades of blue. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  80. Red. I wear this color a lot. My accessories are red. My purse I carry is red. I decorate my home in red. It’s a powerful color.

  81. My favorite color are blues, but I mostly use pinks on my cards. Mainly because I do a lot for women and shades of pink work well. One thing I hope to learn to do better in 2016 is getting more courageous with patterned paper. I just don’t know how to mix them very well.

    Thanks for being a part of this TERRIFIC blog hop! I look forward to it every year!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and much success to you and yours!

  82. My favorite color is blue. Thanks for all your inspiration this past year. Love your beautiful cards! Wishing you a happy and blessed 2016!

  83. Red-orange… I’d like to play more with the color wheel this year and complimentary colors. Happy New Year…. adore your videos!

  84. My favorite color? All but brown and gray–though I’m starting to learn to play nicely with them these days.

  85. Love the blog you are very creative and nice prize offering thanks for the chance to win. Happy New Year! My Fav color is Tiffany Blue. 🙂

  86. Picking a favorite color is like picking a favorite kid! I like them all (or at least most of them) for different reasons. I’m pretty sure my kids think that my favorite color is “sparkly.” I’m not sure I can disagree….

  87. My favorite color is blue, any blue. 🙂 I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and that the new year brings you all that you desire.

  88. I love your design style. My favorite color? Who can choose? Maybe purple – or maybe that’s just blue and red!

  89. Thanks for being part of this fun blog hop and for your prize package!
    Best wishes for a very blessed 2016!
    My favorite color is probably blue. It’s really tough to choose since I love so many colors and color combinations!

  90. My favorite color varies depending on the day. I usually say apple green, but I also love Tiffany blue and yellow. And mint. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. What a great way to start the year! I love this blog hop and I love your blog in particular!

    My favourite colour (since I was young) is yellow.

    Thanks for offering this prize package! All the best in 2016!

  92. My favorite color is blue….periwinkle actually. Happy New Year and thanks for all of your inspiring, fun cards and videos!!

  93. I really don’t have a favorite color, but if you want me to put one down, I would say red, blue,green , purple, yellow, pink, orange…….

  94. Green is my favorite color… Maybe because there are so many variants and one or more goes so well with pink, red, yellow, purple, kraft,… 🙂 Thank you for participating in the hop. Happy new year to you!

  95. Wow….it’s tough to pick a favorite when the palette is so full of amazing colors! In a pinch…..I’d go for purple! Thanks for your continued inspiration and Happy New Year!

  96. I LOVE watching you….you make me giggle nonstop! And you’re the only crafter my husband says he’ll watch, too, because you’re hilarious!!!!

    Favorite color? That’s a tough one….Maybe red. 🙂

  97. Hey crazy Laura Fadora!! My favorite color is blue, blue, blue!! I love your videos so much…they always make me smile & chuckle!! Your commentary is priceless & I’d probably still tune in just for that even if you made ugly cards…which you never do!!

  98. I love all colors but if I had to pick one it would be yellow. Yellow says HAPPY to me. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks for the chance to win.

  99. I was just organizing my stash of paper in my craft room and I have more green than any other color. I guess green is my favorite.

  100. Ok there are seriously so many blog hops going on right now I may be forced to quit my job so I can keep up with them all! Yikes! Favorite color is green…second is yellow and that isn’t because I live in Green Bay either! Third is pink…I could go on….but will spare you!

  101. Tie for fav color: purple and green! I love your rainbow cards AND I love listening to your videos….always put a smile on my face. : )

  102. I have two favs: red and purple. Thank you for a wonderful 2015 with all your fabulous projects and videos. Looking forward to 2016 and you are starting with a bang! Your card is beautiful and your giveaway amazing.

  103. Its hard for me to answer that question. There are so many beautiful colors and depending on my mood, can decide my fav. But if I had to choose just one……. pink. Any shade or depth. Especially when blended with other colors. Now if I could just blend like you do!!!! Thank you for the great give away! You are so awesome!

  104. One favorite color??? How about “colorful”? Oh my, that’s not a simple question… But if I have to choose one… Teal, no dark green, no wait… Red… But yellow is great as well… Do I need to go on? That’s torture!!! 😀
    Happy new year!

  105. It’s my first time seeing this cool embossing paste, Must be really fun to craft with embossing paste!! My fav color would definitely be Tiffany Blue! Thanks for being a part of this amazing blog hop!

  106. Hello Laura and Happy New Year! I love love love the way you colored the die cut on your PS card. That’s all you needed for this clean and simple but fabulous card! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us and for the chance to win some awesome goodies! I had never heard of Artplorations so thank you for the introduction! At the moment, my favorite color is teal because it reminds me of the ocean….my happy place. I hope 2016 is filled with love and happiness for you. 🙂

  107. So easy —BLUE, BLUE, BLUE! Everyone who comes ino my hoiuse knows that asmy entire house is decorated in some shade of blue! However, just like you, I love all bright colors as well!

  108. I can’t wait to see what another year with you brings us. More fun and laughter and lots of gorgeous cards. Blue, any shade, any hue.

  109. Happy New Year!! Laura, Laura, I love your cards and videos, you always teach my something and make me laugh while doing it. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring. Also for the chance to win. Can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeve this year.

  110. Happy New Year!! Love your blog. I’ll be back. What is my favorite color? I have never been able to answer this question as it changes so much. Most months this year, my favorite color has been Tim Holtz’s newest. And I just got candied apple so I love red today.

  111. Happy 2016! Love your cute card. Thanks for sharing.
    My fav color is blue
    Crafty hugs,
    dmcardmaker at {gmail} dot com

  112. Of course, I love most all colors, but my absolute favorite is purple. Especially, the dark purples. Just love them. 💗💗💗

  113. Laura, your blog and videos are such happy places to visit! My favorite color is yellow. Thanks for all the amazing inspiration! Have a blessed 2016.

  114. Turquoise from a seafoam green to deep Mermaid Lagoon. When I was a kid turquoise was the first crayon to be used up!

  115. Such a fun card! My favorite colors rotate between hot pink, red, teal, royal blue and lime green and my closet reflects this as well. Love yellow for paper crafts too, but unfortunately I look terrible in it. 😉

  116. I’m a pink girl! I must. I must say though that colors of all kind make me happy. That is why I love your blog so much. Happy New Year to you and yours. Thank you for all you gave and shared in 2015! I know 2016 will be even more fun 💖

  117. Laura, I love your two cards. It looks messy to make but it has such great results! My favorite color right now is turquoise. Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. Oohh what a hard question, just to pick one… I would honestly have to say soft pink, soft blue and grey together. Right now I am obsessed with these color combos 😊

  119. Love your cards very inspiring. So, my favorite color would be blue. Thanks for being part of the blog hop. God Bless

  120. Can’t choose just one color. . .gotta have them all! Because you make such beautiful happy cards with all those colors, it’s impossible to choose just one. If I had to, though, it would be blue…no, green…no. purple…no, orange. . . . .Uhhgg, see, I can’t choose!

  121. You are so cheerful & creative! Thanks for the chance to win! It’s hard to choose just one color, so I’ll say blue (and all it’s various shades)!

  122. Happy New Year to you and yours. My favorite color? With so many beautiful colors how do you choose just one? Well maybe pink or maybe purple. Thanks for the chance to win your awesome blog candy.

  123. YOU ARE SO NICE Laura 🙂
    THANK YOU for sharing your sweet card and THANK YOU SO MUCH for being part of this amazing blog hop, giving us the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS!!!
    My favourite colour is green … apart from white & black, it is my most used colour, it goes with everything, especially yellow, pink, orange, blue, purple … YES, it works with all the colours of the rainbow, so it’s no surprise I love it so much 🙂

  124. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing and inspiring! I look forward to following you throughout the new year. A salmon color leaning toward the pink side is my favorite color. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! God Bless you. Eliana from Lakewood

  125. Reflecting the sentiment back to you, Laura! Love that die cut! Favourite colour: blue, any shade and hue! Your creativity is a gift: thank you for sharing it with us! Happy New Year!

  126. My favorite “color” is black (which, from a physics standpoint really isn’t a color….but it’s my FAV!). I am also drawn to deep reds, blues and greens. Happy New Year!

  127. I cannot tell a lie, it changes, but currently I would say my favorite color is probably teal. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway and thanks for participating in the hop. Happy New Year to you.

  128. Lovely card,so beautiful,awesome and fabulous! My favorite color…wow…it’s difficult to select only one but right now:purple.Thanks for sharing!

  129. My favorite color has always been turquoise. And since I met distress inks, it hasn’t changed much. My favorite distress ink color is peacock feathers and picked raspberry. Thank you very much for sharing and participating in this blog hop and Happy New Year!!

  130. Wow, I immediately thought blue, but lately I have been crazy for violet, that would be a lovely prize. I love your cards. Janie. Ladyj711@

  131. Happy New Year, Laura B.! I love all of your fresh and fun cards. Blue is my FAVORITE, but green, pink, orange and red are close seconds. I really love all of the colors, but I gotta keep it interesting. LOL.

  132. Love your card! That die is so unique… Black, I know that’s “weird” to some, but I actually really like black. Plus, it lets me use all the other colors in the rainbow!

  133. PURPLE, girl. All of my life…PURPLE. Every shade. My quinceanera theme color was purple, my prom dress, my bedroom, my eye glasses, my toothbrush. PURPLE.

  134. Hi Laura, love your blog, your videos on YouTube, your happy, happy, comments. AND… favorite color is green.

  135. What a pretty card and I just love that die! I have two favourite colours, scarlet red and royal purple. No wishy washy colours for me! That’s why I love your beautiful bright cards so much.

  136. Laura, your cards are always a delight. May you long continue to inspire and amaze us. My favourite is blue, always…

  137. Beautiful card, Laura! You are the queen of abstract and color. Favorite color to wear is lime green, but stamping color would be bright pinks.

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