Mama Elephant-January Stampede

Welcome to the Mama Elephant Design Team blog hop!

Our newest release is now live and available for purchase in the store!12509428_10154221763577289_5980385469701559210_n

Mama Elephant-New FamilyHow about these adorable fox images? I know exactly what that mama fox is thinking. She looks like she can barely keep herself from tipping over. She probably hasn’t slept a wink and the baby is ready to play with blocks and tear the house up and party like it’s 1999. Oh the joys of motherhood, ha ha.
Mama Elephant-New FamilyCan you see my fancy schmancy Copic flicking going on here? I only pull that out for the special images. The Framed Tags-Madison Avenue creative cuts are the perfect dies to add subtle details without being distracting.Mama Elephant-New Family

To celebrate the new release, Mama Elephant is picking 3 winners to win their choice of stamp set! Winners will be chosen at random from the collective blogs in the Stampede. You have up to 4 chances to qualify to win!

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Each action qualifies for one entry, max 4 entries per stampeder please!

Now let’s get on with the Stampede with our amazing designers!
Anna Kossakovskaya


242 thoughts on “Mama Elephant-January Stampede

  1. New Family has got to be one of the cutest, sweetest sets to come out in a while. Love it, and love what you did with it.

  2. These stamps are adorable. My workplace has experienced a baby boom the last year with more babies on the way so I am looking to create many new baby cards, tags and gifts.

  3. I enjoyed your sweet foxy card and the little story too! Amazing coloring and layering. I look forward to your fabulous creations every day!

  4. This card is so so cute. I love what you did with the tag on the front of the card. I absolutely love this card!

  5. Oh Laura, such a lovely little scene you created there! That’s really gorgeous, and the tag could even be taken off and re-used, I supose…

  6. I love the card. Those little foxes are sooo cute. I DID notice the Copic flicking…very impressive….it really does make a difference. Perfect coloring, as always. You’re an inspiration to me that I must practice my coloring. Thanks for another charming post. (And a chance to win some fabulous Mama Elephant sets…please pick me)

  7. Love your card Laura (as always) and can even “hear” your voice in the write up. I love the new set with the little bunnies.

  8. Such a darling card, Laura! I really love how you played with the new dies, and your Copic coloring (flicking) is amazing, as always! Your comment about the mommy fox is so true 🙂

  9. Gosh that cute. The mother fox looking lovingly at her pup is adorable. The whole layered card is lovely as a base for any occasion.

  10. Precious card! Beautiful coloring and the polka dot paper is perfect in the background. I agree with you about the momma fox being so tired 🙂

  11. Love your comments about motherhood, and the fancy-schmancy Copic-flicking. You should do stand-up comedy, Laura. And your card is super-duper cute, too 🙂

  12. This is a darling card, Laura; like your commentary on motherhood. Can see your flickering on the foxes; nice job.

  13. Very cute card! Every time I see a fox card, that popular song pops into my head, “What does the fox say?” Thanks for the earworm! LOL

  14. I love how you shaded the foxes! The colors are spot on. I also love how you used the other colors on the balloons and the rest of the card. Perfect for a baby. It is so cool how the paper looks like it was sewn when it hasn’t been. That is so cool! Wish I could do that but I don’t have any machines that do that. Boo Hoo! I never would have thought to make a tag for the front of a card. I like that idea. I may have to steal that idea! LOL

  15. What a charming image! The “watchfulness” of the mother fox and the playfulness of the baby fox are so well conveyed.

  16. Ha! I love your description in the beginning of this post! Made me smile 🙂 the card is beautiful and the dotted background really compliments the overall look!

  17. LMHO – very witty post, and adorable card 🙂 I am looking for some sweet animal style images, looks like the ME has arrived just in time!

  18. Adorable! And you are exactly right…I’m sure that is what that poor mama fox is thinking. I’m just wondering why I still feel like this and my baby is 15 months old! 🙂

  19. Your card is, just like your “fancy schmancy Copic flicking” (giggled at that one!) quite outstanding! Love it! 😀

  20. Adorable card!! Like the new release, but I’m thinking numbers would be the most useful for me. Strange cause it is normally animals.

  21. That poor, exhausted mam fox! Well, at least you made her hair look nice with your fancy shmancy Copic flicking! lol

  22. Laura, I love the copic coloring on this piece, & even though I know all about flicking, I wish I could see it in action. In fact, I enjoy you & your personality so much, I honestly wish that every entry to your blog came with a video, b/c I love listening to you just as much as I enjoy watching you & learning from you! I know that definitely would be too demanding for you, making videos all the time… but I wouldn’t need any fancy editing, I could just watch you make a card in real-time, even if it takes 2 hrs., lol! I’m obviously exaggerating, but I just want you to know how much you & your talent are appreciated. Thank you!

  23. Too funny. Totally sweet card that any new mom would sigh over. We won’t tell her what the mama fox is really thinking.

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