SSS-February Card Kit

Hello there! Today I have a project to share using the Simon Says Stamp February card kit To You With Love.
SSS-February Card Kit
I feel like the February card kits are always my favorites. I love the pattern papers, the coordinating sequins and most of all the epoxy stickers are fantastic.
SSS-February Card KitI made a quick and easy shaker by stitching a piece of acetate over one of the pattern papers and filling it with the sequins. The epoxy stickers are perfect for adhering over a shaker window.
SSS-February Card Kit
And if it couldn’t get any better, the Hello Beautiful stamp set is perfection. I stamped one of the sentiments on the inside of my card along with another epoxy sticker.

I have a long over-due winner to announce from the Season’s Givings blog hop.
Congratulations to Kim Smart!

Not sure if you remember or not, but I asked everyone to leave me a comment telling me what their favorite color was. Well, my daughter and I went through over 500 comments and came up with a pie chart for the most popular colors. I, for one, find this extremely fascinating (obviously, lol).
As you can see BLUE is the winner by a mile. Isn’t that interesting? I for one, would have voted green. Some of you crazy cats said rainbow. I included it because there were 7 of you rebels out there:) There were also a few who said that glitter was their favorite color, and one person even said that their favorite color was Hot Lips. This made me laugh out loud! You guys interest me, you know that? You really do. I’m glad we had this talk, aren’t you?

Hope you have a wonderful and colorful day♥


34 thoughts on “SSS-February Card Kit

  1. This is a very pretty card. I miss seeing your videos. As for the color, I had no idea blue would win. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Beautiful card, as usual and I loved your analysis of our favorite colors. I said blue. After seeing the results I wish I had been more specific and said royal blue. 🙂

  3. Fabulous shaker card. Love the bold “Love”.
    I would have thought green too – LOL
    Great post – very funny!!

  4. Oh wow! i would’ve thought the color yellow would have been more popular! oh well! and thanks again for your generosity! i can’t wait to receive it ❤

  5. Lovin’ that pie chart! It really is interesting but I’m not surprised blue is the most loved – I think I use it the most on my cards. Your card using the kit is so fun, Laura! Love it! ♥

  6. I love that you went through all the 500 entries to get that pie chart. You rock!! LOVE the card you created. So pretty!!

  7. That color chart was real dedication! I’m shocked to see there are so many purple lovers out there. Your card is awesome–Loving the sentiment and touch of red on the inside too! 🙂

  8. Awesome shaker card, Laura! I love how you filled it with your goodies, and the epoxy stickers are so fun!
    Thanks for sharing the pie chart with us! I love how you got a few unusual answers…”Rainbow’? Too funny!

  9. Such a busy person to take the time to read everyone’s comment. I think that comments on how special you are and how special you treat everyone else! Thank you. Oh and I do love your cards and videos. They are just Sunshine, especially in this snow covered land!

  10. Obviously, you know what to do with a kit. LOVE this card. It’s darn near perfect for a Valentine. As for your pie chart…blue, really. I would have thought red. Hmmm. It really is fascinating. The talk was good.

  11. You have almost inspired me to use my sewing machine, which is neatly tucked away in a cute table which doubles as my craft table. Which would require me to clean off that table. I said almost, beautiful card as ever. I cant wiat to get my card kit, her in Cali we have to wait forever, not really, but it seems that way…. thanks again for sharing, and I do too enjoy seeing what everyone’s favorite color is, thanks!!!

  12. Color survey results were very interesting! I wish I had taken the time to vote but I don’t even remember seeing the initial post. So interesting that there was not one vote for brown… And, for the record, blue is my fav also.
    Love your shaker card!!

  13. Love your card and another vote for missing your video’s! I knew yellow would not come out ahead and not surprised that blue did as many around me love blue.

  14. Love your card and your humor it’s allways bring a smile one my face, thanks :o)
    I have studiet your color-chart and i am sitting here and wondering am I the only one who likes White!!!!! :o) I think it is super interesting, thanks again and have a nice day

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