SSS-January Feature & giveaway

Hi there! Today I’m sharing this project over on the Simon Says Stamp blog featuring the Stacking Animals stamp set.SSS-Stacking AnimalsYou can see the full project and video over on the Simon Says Stamp blog.

Also wanted to mention that the Watercolor for card makers has started. Dawn Woleslagle is the instructor and she will absolutely knock your socks off with her amazing talents & lessons! You can check out more information HERE.OCC-WCIT
I have a free spot to giveaway….woot!!! Leave me a comment for your chance to win….tell me what your favorite card style is: clean & simple, cute & fun, elegant, layered, bold & bright, soft & subtle…just tell me whatever and I’ll tally the votes with an awesome pie chart, ha ha! (I’m getting into this stuff)


279 thoughts on “SSS-January Feature & giveaway

  1. Love your card Laura. I’m sort of a combo type card maker–I make elegant for weddings, Mom’s day, cute and fun for Birthday’s and anniversaries, sometimes layered. I tend to make the card in a style I know the receiver loves and don’t have a style that I always do. I’m a “mix-er-up” card style person.

  2. This card is absolutely ADORABLE! Love it! My favorite card style is cute and fun. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  3. Your card is adorable. And honestly, I tend to layer at least one or two layers on most cards. Whether it’s elegant or rustic or a shaker or anything else depends on the recipient. 😄
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my, I think I’ve made cards that fall into ALL of those categories. It really depends on the occasion and the person to whom I am sending. If I HAVE to choose (don’t want to mess up your pie chart!) I choose elegant.

  5. My card style is CAS.
    Love your stack of animals! Better than a stack of pancakes which goes straight to my hips!

  6. I’m learning to make CAS cards from you, Laura! I tend to use more of the softer colors that remind me of the flowers in my garden. Watercolors are my newest love! ♡

  7. Thanks for a great giveaway. I love the stacking animals card. I lean towards fun and cute along with bright and bold cards.

  8. I am inspired by every style, and have tried most. CAS probably turns out the best for me. Love your stacked animals, so cute!

  9. I love experimenting with all different styles of cards, but mostly I lean towards CAS or elegant. You really are getting a hang of pie charts, aren’t you ? 🙂 thanks for sharing another cute card and a chance to win 🙂

  10. Ooh I love all card styles, but I’d have to say I make more layered cards than anything else. Wonderful cute card Laura, I love your style.

  11. Soooo stinkin’ cute!! Right now I really enjoy CAS cards but am trying to convince myself that I can do layered cards, too. Thanks for always giving us great inspiration and the chance to win a spot in the class!

  12. Love your cards and the watercolor look you are able to achieve. This class would be a big help for me because practice as I may – I have not yet conquered this technique. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  13. I love clean and simple, bold and bright and not-too-fussy cards. (Now I’m messing with your pie chart!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Oh my, your card is soooo adorable and cute.
    I lean towards clean and simple, sometimes clean and layered and I like to add some cuteness every now and then. Thanks for the chance to win a free spot in this class. From what I’ve seen and read so far, IT IS AWESOME…

  15. Hi,
    My card style has always been clean and simple. Bright colors to stand out. Love card making.
    Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  16. Hard to put my finger on my style, exactly. I design for the recipient, so each card is a little different. 🙂
    Laura, your cards are an inspiration to me. 🙂

  17. I will head over to SSS to take a look at your card and video! My favourite card style is cute and fun! I would love to learn about watercolour – thank you so much!

  18. Elegant would be my first choice. I so enjoy watercoloring! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! God bless you…

  19. I usually like come kind of layering, for two reasons. I think it gives the card a hand-made touch that most store-bought cards don’t have. The added bonus is, I have less chance of messing up the whole card with one mistake. In fact, some of my CAS cards end up a layered, to fix boo-boos.

  20. Hi, I am usually into bolder colors and clean and simple cards. Sometimes too much on the card takes away from the message of the card, plus it is way more expensive to mail. I would greatly appreciate the chance to take the watercolor class. I learn so much every day from your posts. Thank you.

  21. Your cards are always colourfully “happy”, Laura – simply adorable! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this fabulous prize! I lean towards the “elegant, layered” category but am trying my best to try styles outside my comfort zone (like CAS).

  22. I lean towards florals, and love clean and simple cards. Although I do the odd “cute” one for my granddaughters.

  23. This is such a cute card, Laura! Of course your Copic coloring is amazing, too! Thanks so much for sharing your “Emma Story” with us…she is such a sweetie 🙂
    My fave card design is CAS…it can be cute or elegant, but must be CAS!

  24. I know this is kindof a cop-out but I love all styles of cards. Lately I’ve been making cute ones with little cute animals. 😀 Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  25. What a fun card! I tend to make clean and simple cards the most but am trying to branch out. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about watercoloring!

  26. I have no idea what my style is!! It all depends on the person I am making the card for, the new stamps/dies that I have purchased, the new technique that I want to try and the amount of time I have to make the card (or how clean my craft is because that can be very inspiring!!). So I guess usually my style is cute and fun. Whew!

  27. Love your card (of course) Laura – rushing over to get the deets. Just had to stop long enough to get on the latest pie chart: my fave is cute and funny but I don’t stop there…

  28. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card and for a chance to win. I like clean and simple for a watercolor card, but that’s probably because I’m just a beginner in that medium.

  29. ‘EEK! I love the OCC classes. I don’t have a “favorite” style of card. I make lots of CAS and layered cards though. Thanks for the cahnce to win a spot!!!!!

  30. As always your card is fabulous! I like to try all different styles when making cards – it always depends on who I am giving it to!

  31. Clean & simple, and if it includes watercolor, all the better! I took the first Watercolor for Card Makers class, and I loved it! Can’t wait to take this one too!

  32. Love ’em all depending on how much time I have and who the card is going to….clean & simple probably at the top of my list.

  33. Hi Laura – I’m really into cute & fun at this moment. I’m looking for a birthday card for a man and this latest creation of yours is just the ticket. I admire your style and look forward to your videos, they are most entertaining. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. What an adorable card. . .my favorite style card is funky with a meaningful sentiment – but enjoy all flavors, distressed, vintage, clean & simple, . . .

  35. I love your fun card! Just watched your video over at SSS!
    I don’t know if I have a single “style” of card making, it depends on my mood! I usually do layers, but I like clean and simple too! I rarely do a ton of embellishments, a little twine and/or gems or sequins make me happy!

  36. Hi Laura,
    I tend to like making cute and fun (and punny, if possible) cards, personalizing them for the recipient. Of which your stacking animals is a great example! Thanks for the chance to get in on the Watercolor Class.

  37. CAS is my favorite–and most often used–style. I really want to try water coloring & thanks for the opportunity of winning the class.

  38. I don’t like a lot of frou-frou but I do want some pop to my cards. Use a lot of pop dots.
    I stamp a lot – like to fussy cut. Love the turtles.
    thanks for sharing. Here’s hoping to get a spot in the class.

  39. This might be a cop out but I like all styles of cards. I think the occasion and my mood and my abilities determine which kind of card I am going to create. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I’m off to the Simon Says Stamp blog to see another one of your amazing videos!

  40. Loved your video and stacked animals, Laura … there again, I love all your videos and cards!! I tend towards CAS … it so appeals to the neat freak in me! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in class! Anita 🙂

  41. Clean and simple is my favorite. Can’t help thinking that the complicated cards don’t last any longer at the recipient’s home than quick simple ones. (Unless it’s going to Mom!)

  42. Love your card! I always love all your cards and videos. You’re a riot.
    My favorite types of cards would have to be bright and bold. Especially when done with geometric shapes. Kind of like your hexagons cards that you have done.
    Thanks for giveaway! I love water coloring but need some help and Dawn is one of the best!

  43. Such an adorable card! I love clean and layered cards the most, but I like to try other styles. Thanks for the chance!

  44. Clean and simple with a little dimension. Wait is it still clean and simple? Oh well always thinking outside the box.

  45. OK wow I love all the styles just depends on my mood if I want it simple cute or layered. I love to try it all. Specially water coloring…

  46. I used to do layers upon layers with all the ribbons, button, brads etc. now I prefer CAS…these I feel are much more challenging to create a beautiful eye candy card but…..much easier to mail.

  47. This is hard. I like all the types you mentioned but would select clean & simple and bright & bold (rainbow style).

  48. I really get into layers. But, I have to admit that sometimes my cards are cute, sometimes bold and bright. Usually involved and sometimes elegant. I love it all. Also, it depends on the recipient and the occasion. It’s all good, but for your pie chart, put me down for layers.

  49. Well, I pretty much love anything clean and simple – but I have been known to try my hand at other styles, and I love the look of watercolour with pretty layers… thank you Laura for the chance to win 🙂

  50. I think my style is mostly clean and simple, although I have tried others and they mostly turnout like someone stuck some cards rock to a wall and threw everything they could find at it:) That’s one of the reasons I love your cards, they’re not cluttered, are wonderful colors (which I adore), and are so interesting to the eye. Thank you for the chance to win a spot in class and allowing me to be part of the pie charting!

  51. Such a darling card! Cute and fun is my personal style, but I have to say I really gravitate towards your clean and simple style. I’m just not good at coming up with those types of ideas on my own so it’s wonderful seeing what you dream up. 🙂

  52. Your card is one of my favorites. I’ve become a CAS card maker this past year. Please pick me for the class…

  53. This is a cute card and when you said video, I went hooray. Your video always makes my day.
    As for cards, I think you need to put one that says all. I like to change styles of cards depending on the type of occasion. It may be clean and simple with elegance for a birthday, fun for kids with layers or shakers. I am an everything type of girl.

  54. Love your card! I like layered cards, and really all kinds! It really depends k. The occasion and recipient. But layered would be the most fun to make to me!

  55. Hi Laura, love the video and that fun stamp set. I usually do a layered style, once and awhile I mixe it up with something different! thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  56. Hi, Laura. Love this card…I had to buy the set and it just makes me happy to color it. My favorite card style is clean and simple and this is the perfect set to make clean and simple cards with all the stacking. The animals are just so darn cute!

  57. Thanks for a chance to win a spot in the current Watercolor for Card Makers class!! My card-making style is fun/clever/silly/sassy!

  58. Hi, Laura! I came over to thank you for your inspiration for the CASEplorations challenge, and see that you have yet another awesome card today… and a giveaway! My very favourite card style is clean and simple.

  59. Hi Laura,

    Mine are always elegant and layered and almost always they include florals.
    Thanks For the chance to win!

    María Alba

  60. My favorite card style is clean and simple– with a graphic edge. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class

  61. Of those choices my card style is elegant. But I usually try to add humor to my cards with my “Chuckle For The Day!”

  62. This card is adorable.
    I would so love to win a seat in this class! Thanks for the chance.
    My cardmaking style is all over the place. 1 card might be shabby chic & the next card whimsical followed by a clean & simple card. I think that’s that why I enjoy cardmaking so much. I just go with what I’m inspired to do at the time. I also try to make the card match the person that I’m sending it to.

  63. I aspire to create clean and simple cards but sometimes I get carried away!!!!! Since I adore watercolor it would be way too cool to actually take a class to get better. My execution isn’t the best lol. Laura your cards inspire me tremendously TY TY TY

  64. I think I am a clean and simple gal. Thanks for the chance to win the Watercolor class. If you saw my watercoloring attempts, you would just give it to me out of pity!!

  65. What a great stack of animals. Love the OCC’s I have attended – so much to learn from Dawn I’m sure.

  66. Great card, once again 🙂 I lean toward clean and simple but it sometimes depends on the person or the occasion, I may do something fifferent. Love shaker cards.

  67. I do not have a favorite style. Mood is everything. I stamp, I use emboss folders, Cricut, etc. I have lots of watercolor supplies but still do not feel confident. Would love to win a great class. 🙂

  68. You’re on a roll with the pie charts. I generally go with clean and simple. You can go cutesy, elegant… any feel!

  69. Love your way of blending the colors!! The style of the card that I am working on really depends on my mood 🙂 Sometimes I go for clean and simple, others for a layered look or also cute and fun! Sorry for not making it easy to fit in your pie graph!

  70. Love the darling critters card! I always seem to lean to layered cards, as hard as I try to do clean and simple. Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  71. Hi Laura, thanks for the chance to win a spot in the Watercolor for Card Makers class! I like bold and bright best.

  72. I have been focusing more on clean and simple, maybe a max of 3 layers. I mail almost all of my cards, so too much embellishment gets expensive! Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. Adorable card, Laura! Love your videos, always! I would love to win this spot. Thanks for the opportunity. I like clean and simple cards.

  74. I tailor all my cards to the recipients, so I make a wide variety of styles. I usually like that because it means I never get in a rut. I have a sister in law that’s artsy fartsy and I really struggle with her cards. I can do watercolor, but she’s been doing mixed media for 30 years, long before it was trendy. Yup, her cards are tough for me! Would really love to step up my watercolor game 😉

  75. I’m up for anything to do with pie! I love the watercolor style I see at the start of this post!! What does that count as? I really, really like your clean and simple cards; but I also like the other end of the spectrum which perhaps I’ll categorize as collage. Not necessarily shabby chic, but layers of different patterns and textures, with irregular shapes and edges. Have I ruined your pie by saying I like two very different things AND everything in between? Go with C&S to keep it…simple..

  76. Laura, I can’t answer your question since I do ’em all! It all depends on my mood, who the cards for, the stamps I’m using….so I guess I’ll have to go in every section of your pie! Would LOVE to win a spot in that class it sounds awesome and I love watercolor. Thanks for the chance and thanks for the smiles I always get watching one of your videos!

  77. I like to make them cute and fun, but keep them pretty clean and simple as well! Love your card! Made me smile. Thank you!

  78. I’m not sure I have hit on one particular style but my husband thinks my cards are “individualistic with a pop” 🙂

  79. I love CAS cards and layouts, and I’m trying to learn more about watercolour techniques to incorporate them into my cards and other art too. I’d love to do a class like this.

  80. I generally make cards with lots of white space and a clean and simple style although I do admire more ornate cards. Thanks for the opportunity to win access to the class.

  81. I like cards that are cute and sometimes a little eclectic! Usually I have one really detailed element with a background design that is simple :)! Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. I am all over the pie chart, literally, just exclude me from the clean and simple area! Would love lessons in watercolor! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Oh, this is the hardest question to answer! I think it’s Clean & Layered, but fun and pretty, too??
    Maybe…. Okay, that’s what I’m going with! LOL!
    Thanks for the chance to win a spot, Laura!

  84. Cute and fun would be my first choice, clean and simple my second. Thanks for the chance to win! Great card design!

  85. I like many card styles. Among them are clean & simple, elegant, & cut & fun. Also, like watercolor style, so the class would be so great.

  86. I can’t quite get the handle on clean and simple (I always want to add just a little more!) so I’m not sure where that puts me – I do like to do bold and bright too!

  87. I love the look of clean & simple but I also love moving cards.thank you for a chance to win a spot in the watercolor class that everyone is talking about.

  88. I greatly admire others’ clean and simple style. I am more of a lots of layers girl who’s fond of bright colors! I strive for less is more but wind up with more is more!! 😉

  89. I love CAS cards, although they’re the hardest to get right! I’d love to win a class, I loved the first Watercolor for Cardmakers class.

  90. Who would think I would be trying to get back into school? I really will pay attention if I win the class and sharpen my colored pencils.

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