SSS-Love Bouquet

SSS-Love BouquetHello there! Today I’m sharing a project using the Love Bouquet die by Simon Says Stamp, Big U dies and a sentiment from Lila’s Heart.
SSS-Love BouquetHere’s a quick video to show you how I created my card.
Do you remember the other day when I asked you to tell me what your favorite card style was? Well, here’s the pie chart I promised. Clean & Simple wins by a mile! This is probably the reason that you are following my blog because clean & simple card is also what I love and what I, for the most part, create. I guess another blogger might get a different consensus based upon their style and what their followers prefer, but either way, I think it’s pretty darn fascinating, don’t you?
meta-chartI also have a winner to announce for the Online Card Class free spot giveaway.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


41 thoughts on “SSS-Love Bouquet

  1. Lovely. lovely card! Always in awe of your inking. Glad you still have the urge to add sequins, they’re so pretty – I hope this particular embellishment stays around a long time!

    Love your colourful chart, thank ou for d going it – very interesting πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting survey results…I find, however, that a lot of people who say their style is clean and simple is really more clean and crisp. I don’t find your designs to be simple…I love your style and it looks like a lot of effort goes into your cards. This is a compliment in case you didn’t pick up on that. LOL Anyway, so happy I discovered your blog.

  3. Not only is your glittery die-cut amazing, Laura, I absolutely love how you compiled all the replies to your blog question which resulted in this pie chart! I’m not surprised CAS won by a landslide, but I am surprised by how much! Thanks!

  4. Another BEAUTY! LOVE this card….so clean and simple, yet it wasn’t so simple to achieve this look. You are a MASTER! Thanks for sharing! BTW: I’m one of the 125 c/s in the pie chart!

  5. The pie graph is interesting. My fave style has changed over the 20 years I’ve been crafting – used to be vintage, shabby chic but is now CAS. I’m good with that! That’s why I always love your cards of course…and this one has been pinned as many of them often are. Cheers Laura!

  6. Gorgeous background and your sparkly ‘Love Bouquet’ is just beautiful, Laura! I also love how you placed the stamped sentiment on this card…very cool!
    Thanks for sharing the results of your survey with us πŸ™‚

  7. You do such a fabulous job of sharing techniques thru your videos. I am stunned; your card is so, so pretty and so simple and the techniques are really cool. WOW!

  8. Hi Laura, Loving this gorgeous card and I really like the very fine white glitter look to. Yes we all have different tastes and talents…variety makes the world go round! x

  9. WOWzers!! This is stunning. I LOVE your video.. truly amazing card. I need to do more techniques and you have so inspired me to do so. Thank you!

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