The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge Blog Hop

Welcome to “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” Blog Hop!

Kathy Racoosin from the The Daily Marker loves to color and she is hosting her fourth 30 Day Coloring Challenge. The premise of the challenge is to color something everyday even if it’s just for five minutes. It doesn’t matter what you color or what you are coloring with. Today Kathy has assemble a blog hop to give your creativity a jump start with some very talented ladies.

You may be coming from Shari Carroll’s blog if you are following the hop.
SSS-Bramble Heart dieI’ve created a card using the Bramble Heart die by Simon Says Stamp. I colored the die with my Copics and added some clear Wink of Stella for shimmer. I used the Painted Enjoy die for the sentiment and embossed the “your day” in white using the Hello Beautiful stamp set.
SSS-Bramble Heart dieHere is a video to show you how I created my card.
Make sure and stop byΒ Kathy’s blog and leave a comment for your chance to win as awesome giveawayΒ as well as a coupon code for Online Card Classes.
Your next stop on the hop is the very lovely & talented Nichol Spohr Magouirk.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

176 thoughts on “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge Blog Hop

  1. Like the coloring w/ shine on the silhouette look heart. Have a BEE-utiful day!
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  2. It’s been a challenging couple of days, so a video from you was the perfect way to start this morning. Thanks! Oh and I love the card, too, lol!

  3. Didn’t know the name for your blog came from all the adhesives you had back then….cute story and great name!

  4. The colors you used on the die are gorgeous and I love the tip about using spray adhesive. It makes it so much easier to adhere those intricate dies!

  5. SO very pretty Laura!! and here I thought the name of your blog was because your DH was Canadian, I thought it was something to do with double HOCKEYsticks LOL.
    Okay so I’m off and hopping TFS girl!! πŸ˜€

  6. Stunning card Laura, really gorgeous, love those spring colours! I always wondered how you got your blog name! Thanks for the video too

  7. Such a wonderful card….I think I will have to invest in some fun foam! Great idea and seems much easier to do it this way than to glue a ton of layers together! I hope you never change your blog name…Doublestick Heaven just fits you…youj know? πŸ™‚

  8. Fabulous card, fabulous video, fabulous challenge. And an educational bonus – tiddle is new to me! Thanks Laura!!!

  9. what a beautiful card! and thanks for teaching me a new word today, lol!! a tiddle….who knew?? i certainly didn’t!!

  10. Where did you get tiddle from?! That meaning is not in any of my dictionaries!
    I need to try the pre-adhering of fun foam. So much easier than cutting them separately.

  11. I hadn’t considered coloring die cuts in this way. The technique creates a whole new world of possibility. Thank you.

  12. I didn’t know tiddle is the word for the dot above the j and i. Learn something new everyday. Thanks and your card is tiddley winky! I’m showing my age.

  13. Laura, I love your videos! The die cuts with foam idea is a winner! Your card came out beautifully! Thanks for making me smile!!

  14. I love your card. It’s just so pretty. I don’t know how all of you do it. I make cards and they look like five year olds made them out of construction paper, even when I use top quality products.. haha I’ll get it, one day. Good job on the perfect placement of your tittle! You crack me up.. ^_^ πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  15. Nothin’ like a perfectly placed tittle! Lol! Love the gorgeous way you used that die-cut, Laura! Awesome card! β™₯

  16. Love that die cut out of fun foam–awesome! And you are a stitch too–Kathy’s great, but you make me chuckle with every video. Now I’m revived and ready to go to work!

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  18. I’m totally inspired to get started coloring, Laura! Thanks so much for the video…your card is absolutely gorgeous!

  19. So pretty! Thanks for sharing! P.S. If you run out of fun foam you can always use chipboard to pop up your elements…

  20. hey there… as always thanks for cheering everyone up with your delightful tips and gr8 share of a card… LOve it.. πŸ™‚ sending some more hugs…. sincerely “glow”ing;)

  21. YES< love the coloring challenge. I believe it was Kathy's SECOND challenge when I first started watching all you talented ladies and got into card making myself. I'm starting to totally feel at home here.YES, I noticed you switched from multiple glued together pieces for dimension TO fun foam. ABSOLUTELY, much easier, right? LOL Thanks for another fun video and great inspiration.

  22. Always enjoy watching your videos, Laura! Lovely card – I have to give this layering with fun foam a try. It looks terrific.

  23. What a enjoyable video, loved your foam die cut, loved the border accent and how fun was your story about how you named your blog?!

  24. Fabulous card. Love the airy look of the heart and the bright colors you used. I just love to watch your videos and listen to you. You are so funny and what a hoot you must be πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  25. I agree with you about Kathy…I sometimes comment on her postings and she always responds/acknowledges…she seems very sweet and talented.

    Like you, I use the fun foam a lot. You might also try coaster board. I only know of a couple of sources for it, but it does what the foam does, but a little sturdier. I like the spray adhesive, too, but also use a lot of the Stick It products.

    I just received a numbers die set that you used a few days back from Mama Elephant and I’m very impressed with their products and customer service…very quick shipping which pleases me. I will order from them again. I wish they had an alpha die set that coordinated with the numbers I purchased…I love the font style…quite versatile as to what style of card I’m creating…and the size is nice…not too small, thin, etc. Just right….like the three bears porridge. LOL

    Loved your video and card…I’m so into word dies now.

  26. Fun card Laura and I’m so happy you are part of Kathy’s HOP! Love you all and I’m so happy that we met …I was just admiring the card your sent me and feel so lucky to know you all! Great people …Big Hugz

  27. Hey Laura, such a lovely card, thanks so much for this awesome video. I’m just now realizing that I thought your blogname came from enjoying two juicy and delicious chickenlegs right out of the oven in a row. But that would be double drumstick heaven, what guesswork, poor me πŸ™‚ Really, thanks eternally for sharing how that name evolved I had put some thoughts to it. You’re great! Greetings from Bavaria, love Mink

  28. Thanks so much for some beautiful work and inspiration, and for filling us in a little about Kathy! She has come a long way in her videos since I’ve been following her (because of her amazing talent with color), but still sounds so stiff and tentative sometimes. You, on the other hand, have always cracked me up. Can’t wait til Kathy lets go. I have always suspected she’s hiding some more amazing qualities. And you are right, she takes the time to respond to total strangers with kindness and grace! I would love to spend a weekend with a whole bunch of you and see if I can soak up some wonderfulness from you!!!

  29. Well I learned all kinds of things today! The tittle, who knew?! Also the origin of the name of your blog – so funny! I always enjoy your videos! Your card is absolutely gorgeous! Love how you coloured the heart die-cut and the word as well!

  30. this is amazing and I find YOU hilarious!! There is not a single video of yours that I have not laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing your amazing work.

  31. I didn’t know you could die cut the cardstock and foam together! I have a Cuttlebug; I wonder if it will work for me. I’ll definitely try it. Thank you for the idea. Your card is lovely.

  32. A lovely card, as always, Laura. Never even knew there was a word for the dot- talented, funny, & smart too- the complete package.

  33. Very pretty card! Love the floral heart! so glad I took the time to watch your video, I can never get my paper die cut and my foam die cut to match up, the foam always seems to be a little larger than the paper. I never thought to adhere them together and run them through at the same time!

  34. Love your cards and this one is beautiful, too. I am now using fun foam – it is much easier than layers upon layers…Thanks!

  35. Great card! Love the coloring. Laura I just want you to know that I ADORE YOU!!! you are so funny! Every time I get your e-mails I hope it comes with a video, because I love your little stories, you make my day! :). But also I love your cards, your color technique “simple and beautiful”. Thank you for sharing!

  36. Such a dainty heart design, and it completely and solidly offsets and balances the card design w/the painted “enjoy”. I love this card, and am LOVING ALL of your videos! YAYAYAYAY!!!!

  37. Stunning Laura…..I just love the designs of your cards and the beautiful colors you choose! Thx for the smiles too and for participating in this fun and important “30 Day Coloring Challenge”.

  38. BEAUTIFUL card Laura – LOVE your CLEVER colouring of the die cut!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION and FABULOUS tutorial πŸ™‚
    … die cutting the cardstock & foam TOGETHER?!?! I NEED to try that!!!
    PS – YES – Doublestick Heaven IS the PERFECT name – I LOVE LOTS of adhesive too!!!

  39. A tiddle? Are you serious lol? I have always wondered about the name of your blog – I thought a “Doublestick” was maybe an amazing ice-cream that you have in America that was your favourite ha ha. But now I know the truth – thanks! Fabulous card and love that pop of pink on the die cut sentiment and the PP strip down the side always looks so good.

  40. Your card is so beautiful! One of my favorites!! I love your foam cutting like buttah! Mine must be thicker, but it was not a charm!!! What brand do you use? Thanks!!

  41. Even though I love the lacy look of those dies, I would probably rip something before I got it applied to the paper. I expect a man came up with the name of the dot above the I or j, if you think about it long enough. grin! Well, anyway, love your card. You did good!

  42. Oh my.. Laura you crack me up. I have to always watch your videos more than once because I’m laughing and am afraid I missed something.. Hahaha!!thanks for sharing your lovely card. Happy Day!! Pam

  43. Absolutely love the card. Simple, but oh, so elegant. I am with you on the fun foam train….I love how easy it is to get dimension. Great design. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  45. Hi Laura, such a pretty card. I love this heart die, it’s so delicate and the way you coloured it really makes it pop. Thanks for the great tutorial. By the way, watching your videos always puts a smile on my face. You are so cheery and enthusiastic! Janelle x

  46. Laura, I have to tell you how much I enjoy watching & listening to your tutorials. Your happiness, kindness, passion and love of your craft are so apparent in everything you say.
    I didn’t know you could color on fun foam. Great use of the medium.

  47. Tittle…who knew that was a word. I always just called it the dot above the J and the I! πŸ™‚ What did I know? Your card is so pretty and now I have an idea for the already die cut, watercolored heart staring at me from my desk. I’ll have to die cut some more paper to pop it up, but that’s ok! Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. Hi Laura ~ I really love this card and technique. I’ve been using fun foam on my card bases and die cuts so much lately, too. And I actually have a spray can of adhesive and NEVER use it, so I may just go for it now (Can’t even remember why I bought it!). Thanks so much for sharing this card and including the video; I always learn something from each of your videos.

  49. Great card! I love how you used the fun foam for dimension, and the negative die cut for the dot on the j – the tittle!

  50. My day is always made better when it includes one of your videos! Inspiration AND vocabulary words. Ha! And I always wondered where your blog name came from. For some reason I thought it was hockey related.

  51. I love your card but unfortunately, I don’t have a die cutter so I can’t make anything like this. Darn! It’s very pretty and I love the coloring. Someone is going to be very happy to receive this card!

  52. Oh my goodness.. your card is so drop dead gorgeous and thank you for making me laugh. I really needed it today And thank you for letting me know what that dot was called above the I or the J. Boy did that one ever give me a giggle!!!


  54. Back to watch the video and what a joy – you had me laughing out loud. I haven’t used wobblers, so that was new to me. But which PP to choose. And where to put the dang enamel dots… totally on the same page πŸ˜‰

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